14 August 2009

[new baby: Chewing Ice]

Ok ... so I wasn't going to post anything today - but just a moment ago I found something really interesting ... at least for me.

For the last week or so, I've been CRAVING crushed ice. I mean, to the point where I get a little perturbed if I can't have any. Strange, I know.

SO, after I got myself a healthy cup full of crushed ice to munch on, I googled "chewing ice". And you know what came up?? IRON deficiency!!

That is SUPER interesting, because I'm lightheaded and low energy ... craving ice and not eating a lot. I'm going to go take a prenatal vitamin (haven't done that in a couple of weeks ...) and see if the craving goes away.

Have any of you craved chewing ice during pregnancy??? I've never heard of such a thing *shaking head* ...

As for the progression of being 37 weeks ... last night I was woken up by low, groaning pains - that never amounted to much, except stealing my sleep. That's always the way it is, isn't it? When you're supposed to be storing up sleep, you get it taken away from you to prepare for AFTER the baby comes

Ah well ... not long now!


kiwiinidaho said...

The crushed ice craving has been experienced by many an expectant mommy!

Unknown said...

Hey Tania, I also craved and chewed ice through all my pregnancies. Some might even accuse me of still doing it from time to time. It full on is a sign of iron deficiency. My iron got so low while preggo with my third, that my midwife had me do a blood test to confirm my type so they would be prepared to do a blood transfusion during birth if need be. Unfortunately it takes weeks for your levels to rise, so there's no quick fix for this problem. On the bright side, it's usually back to normal soon after the baby is born. So keep on a chewing away on the ice, they say it's bad for your teeth but I say it's good for the waist cause instead of grabbing for your fave snack food you're essentially drinking water. Oh and eat more spinach and red meets, all kinds of beans are good too. Vitamin C also aids in the absorption of iron. Good luck, can't wait to find out what you're having.

Canadian Kristin said...

I remember worrying I wouldn't remember what "real labour" felt like after so many of those low groaning aches for the last few weeks. And then, on the night that the real thing happened, the minute I had that first contraction I *knew* the baby was on its way! Funny, hey?!
Hope your family stays healthy now so that you can concentrate your energies on these last moments before meeting Baby. {hugs}