30 September 2011

[talk: My Fave Posts This Year ... ]

First off - thank you so much for voting HERE  for my image of Katia at the "I Heart Faces" contest.  Voting closes today ... so thank you!

Secondly ... I have failed to keep this blog up-to-date with what's going on at my RedHanded Photography blog HERE ... There are THREE posts on "Mat & Angela's" wedding ... would love to have you check them out, leave a comment - let me know you were there *grin*.

Here's a preview ... 

Ok ... I think that's it.  Now, onto the post *grin*.

So.  It's fall ... and I'm turning into a squirrel.  I actually went out yesterday and bought cold and flu medicine for the family, a half dozen hand soap dispensers, a new cozy blanket for the family room and ... a kettle ball.  *grin*.  For my inside workouts.

I cleaned out two freezers and sorted the pantry ... so now I actually know WHAT I have in there.  Honestly ... I found stuff from 2009 in there.  Blech.

But once the sun sets earlier and the rain clouds become all-to-common, I find myself reading a lot.  Maybe you do too ... maybe that's why you're here *grin*.

So here are a few of my fave posts from 2011.  Grabba java ... or a tea, if you're like me.  Settle in, and enjoy.

I hope.  *grin*.

1. "Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello" : In January, I attended the funeral of a past friend ... his death affected so many of us.

2. "Sliding Doors" : This was a fun post to write ... I'm sure we've all thought of it at one moment  or another; what would've happened "if" ... ??

3. "Little Einstein Rocket Ship Birthday Cake" : pretty self-explanatory.

4. "My Name" : ... a look at nicknames and all that they mean.

5. "She Fell Through the Ceiling" :  Oh, you didn't read this one??  You're missing out *grin*!

6. "It Buds" : After writing a post, and getting some harsh words written back to me ... I wrote this reply.

7.  "Happy Birthday to Me" : Honestly?  It was one of the best birthdays ... ever.

8.  "Words Of Life" : Our pastor challenged me to the absolute core with his message.

9.  "101 Hairstyles" : A walk down memory lane *grin*, regardless of how humiliating it was.

10. "My First Half Marathon" :  So.  This just happened ... and was one of the biggest personal milestones for me.  Definitely in my top 10 posts.  

Ok ... so there you have it.

Did I miss any??

Have a great one!

28 September 2011

[redhandedphotography: Please Vote!!]

Remember this pic?

It has to be one of my all-time faves of Katia.  And so when "I Heart Faces" (a photographer's haven) decided that this week's photo contest was "Best Summer Face of 2011", I leapt at it with this image.

Now, true ... it's not super summery.  But it WAS taken in the summer ... and if you didn't know it was taken in the bath, she could be at the beach ... maybe?  *GRIN*

Whatever the case, this image was chosen as a running contestant against other lovely pics taken by photographers all over the world.  And I am asking my community to come and support this little event and vote.

See ... it's "people's choice", which means YOU can vote for your favourite image.  Only one vote per computer is allowed - any attempts at multiple votes will not be counted.

So ..., would you take a moment and vote for me?  

Simply go HERE ... It's the I Heart Faces voting site.  Scroll down to image #85 (the same image as above) and click "VOTE".

That's it.

Please?  And thank you!!

Have a great one!!

26 September 2011

[running: My First Half Marathon.]

I learned a lot today.

One of the greatest things I learned, is that there is always someone better - always someone worse - than you.  Than me.  And trust me - this is a scathing reality when you're running with a whack-load of people in a half marathon race.

I use the word "race" loosely, however.

Now - I am not trying to downplay my accomplishment.  I feel REALLY great about completing what I did ... I kept saying to myself, "this is MY race" - and tried to not get distracted by those passing me, or by my passing others.  But I'm bummed that I didn't do it in under my goal of 2:30:00 (even though I hadn't been training the way I should have been).  My pulled glute, shin splints ... 3 weeks off to recoup and then being away in 40+degrees ... then back to school and 4 photoshoots in one week - beh.  Training requires so much time, so much sacrifice.  And I went in spurts about how much I was willing to do ... 

So, I ran my first half marathon in 2:40:36.

And when I got home, I saw on CNN that a 38 year old Kenyan man broke the world record for a FULL marathon in 2:03:38.  Gotta say ... kinda watered down my own little hoopla over my halfer ... *grin*.

Yeah.  I'm THAT competitive.  Yuck.

SO ... this is what happened (again - for my own records, sorry if this is boring for you!).

I had a fantastic sleep ... went to bed just after 10pm last night.  Woke up, filled up my water bottles with 1/2 water, 1/2 Gatorade.  I ate half a banana and headed out the door by 7:45am.  I arrived at the athletic park, got my timer chip and met up with a few familiar faces ... 

I started off in the back of the pack ... not a wise choice, but one that I made none-the-less.    I like to run alone ... being with a swarm of people didn't interest me, so I didn't mind being at the back.

The first 3km were a bit stiff ... I got to the 5km mark and started feeling good.  The group that surrounded me at the start were now a bit ahead of me ... but I was playing the mental game of "slow and steady wins the race" ... 

At the 10km mark, I was feeling good - running in under 7min/km ... but then from 10-14km it was pretty much all uphill and my hips and glute began to ache.  I kept going - pretty much by myself (I could see a few ahead, and a few behind).

Then came the 16km mark.  Yuck.

It was a steady hill ... and as I approached the 17km mark, I chose to speed walk.  I figured it would help stretch my aching hips, cramped glute and tight hammys.  But once I started to walk, everything froze up.  I felt like my quads were in the wringer, my calves were on fire, my abs in a knot.  My hammys felt like they shortened an inch and all I wanted was for someone to stretch me out ... not a good feeling.

I got to the 18km mark, and psychologically I knew I was almost done ... my cardio was fine - I felt like I could go forever (which was a good thing ...) but my legs were SCREAMING.  Again, I hadn't run more than 17km - and that was about 6 weeks ago, before I hurt myself.  I knew that I could finish - but it was the first time in my life that I couldn't control my body.  The muscles were tensing up and I thought, "holy crap.  NOT this.  NOT now ... come ON."

I speed walked.  And my time slowed down.

In fact - I ended up taking off my headphones (which, I might say, I had made the BEST songlist ever.  I loved it ... ).  Why did I take them off?  Because, I knew what the last 5 tunes were, and I didn't want to feel disappointment that I wasn't right on task for the 2:30:00.  Honestly - by 19km my body was so done, I felt like I didn't even care if I finished it.  So - if I was going to finish it,  I was going to without any "theme song" ... 

So ... 19km.  That's when I told myself that THIS was it.  There would never be another "first" halfer.  I had to do it ... I was coming up to the final bit ... and I succumbed to the walking again - hoping for a blast of energy as I reached the finish line.  But no such luck ... 

I gave myself one final, "Tawn.  COME ON.  DO IT."

I had hoped to sprint around the track for the final 500m to the finish line.  HA!  What a joke that was - not going to happen ... I was THRILLED to see my hubby and kids, each with their sign cheering me on.  Mattias asked if he could join me for the final lap, which I was definitely in to ... He was full of life, full of energy, and I found myself asking him how church was this morning *GRIN*.

But when I got to the turn in the track, both of my calves seized.  BOTH. I couldn't take a step.  Literally. I turned to Mattias and told him I had to stop and stretch ... even with the finish line in sight.  My calves weren't working ... it was so, so frustrating.  I've never had calve issues before ... but I had no choice.  I stretched.  But in full truth, only 30 seconds or so were taken up - it may have had me in the 2:30:00's - but I'll never know ... 

SO.  I had hoped to finish in 2:30:00.  But ... when I was at the 17km mark, I realized the magnitude of what I was doing ... and all I wanted to do was FINISH.  And I did ... I finished.  And I have the medal to prove it.

Was it exhilarating?  Was it emotional?  Hmm ... yes and no.  I was SO HAPPY to be DONE. But I felt sick.  My body hurt all over, I was nauseous ... and I could feel my hammys and legs tightening up like a dried up piece of leather.  So, it wasn't the best feeling ever.

Out of 181 half marathoners (of the original 250 runners, there were a whole bunch just doing the 5km - which messed with my brain as they sprinted past during the first 5km of my race), I finished 160.  And I find myself proud and embarrassed all at the same time.  This is what I mean by the opening paragraph - there is always someone so much better than you.  In my case, there were 160 runners better than me.  There were people who haven't been running as long as I have; older people; heavier people.  I obviously don't know all of their stories ... BUT I also recognize that I don't know too many people who have ever finished a 21km run ... and that makes me feel like I did, in fact, accomplish a lot.  Yes.  I am THAT competitive *grin*.

Something else, is that learned was that I was simply carrying too much.  It had been cold, but at about the 3km mark, I had taken off my shell and wrapped it around my waist.  A big pain, especially because it was massively windy and I was fighting with it most of the run.   PLUS I had four water containers around myself - and I noticed that many of the runners didn't have anything because there were 5 water stations throughout the run.  I did use 2 of my waters, but I was carrying an extra couple of pounds between them all ... 

SO ... the big question - will I do it again?  I told a friend that's kinda like asking a woman who just gave birth if she'll have another *grin*.  At this point - I don't think so.  I think I'm happy just doing 10km.  And maybe I'll work on improving those times, trying to beat my own times.  The truth is, I LOVE running.  I just don't like feeling how I did after this one ... really?  I felt ... sick.  Dizzy.  ICKY.

But who knows.  

My first race was the 5km last Hallowe'en - not even a year ago.  My 2nd race was the Revolution Run on January 1st.  So ... in one year I've accomplished a lot.

I'm feeling good now ... my legs didn't cramp up and wake me up in the night.  This morning, I feel ... good.  Surprisingly, it's my lower abs that feel like I've been through a war.  I guess they got a 21km workout too *grin*.

It actually all seems a bit surreal now ...

And I was noticing in these pics ... that I think my legs are looking snazzy.  So, that's a bonus.

Can I say that?


Have a great one!!

24 September 2011

[running: Half Marathon Playlist.]

Hey ... ok.  Yup.  Another post ... 

I had some friends ask about my "playlist" for the run tomorrow, and here it is.  It's a mix of pop to get me going, and spiritual to keep me there ... some motivational songs, some songs that have meaning for me.  I have music from relatives, from friends (Geneva, Ben Cantelon, The Left, Ryan McAllister ...) ...  For me, it's a good mix.  And I'm hoping that I've timed it right  ... 

Whatever the case, I intend on making my final km set to "White Ribbon Day".  It's my personal "power song".

Have a great one!

[running: Half Marathon]

Tomorrow, I run my first half marathon.

With the kids filled up with pancakes and my hubby sipping coffee and catching up on the news, I thought that I should take a minute and write about how I'm feeling - as I may want to look back on today and see how I felt.

So.  How am I feeling??


Excited.  Nervous.  Scared.

I'm not sure what to expect.  Am I afraid that I can't do it?  Um.  Yes - yes, I am.  But not for my lack of wanting to.  I just know what it's like to have my body say "enough" and the pain of a pulled muscle or shin splints.  I feel that my mind is ready - which, from what I understand, is half the battle.

I've had the "thumbs up" from my massage therapist ... everything seems to be in perfect working order.  I ran almost 11km on Monday, and cycled on the stationary bike at home for almost 1.5 hours on Thursday.  No pain.  So today - I'll be stretching, stretching, stretching.

My intention is to just push through, although I know that some think that a possible injury from that isn't worth it.  But somehow, I need to just DO it.  Push it.  Go for it.

Will I do this again?

Honestly - at how I'm feeling today ... no.  It takes SO much time to prepare, and I've been missing out on all of the other different kind of exercising I like.  I'm looking forward to doing a simple 5km once a week, maybe a 7 or 10km ... a Jillian DVD when it's raining - and maybe even joining a friend for a cardio class in the evenings.  I want to continue to tone, to get stronger ... 

But who knows?  Maybe I'll finish tomorrow and think, "man - I REALLY did it.  I can do that again ... "

Right now, I'm working on a playlist for the run.  Trying to balance the spiritual with the motivational.  Sometimes I just need a plain ol' rockin' tune ... and sometimes I need the emotional and spiritual filling of a good Christian song.

I also have to go pick up my race package today ... and tomorrow I'll be getting my timer chip.  That's going to be interesting - to see how it matches/doesn't match with my own Nike chip.  And apparently there may be a medal for all those who finish.  I've never gotten an athletic medal before.  I just may never take it off *wink*.  But first ... I just need to finish it.

Gosh ... my heart is literally pounding as I write all of this.  Eek.

Have a great one!

21 September 2011

[cakes: Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake.]

Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  

Seriously - I was going to make my head SPIN trying to figure this one out.

It was Katia's 2nd birthday in August, and we had a little "friend" party for her on Saturday night.  Friends who had "2-year-olds" were invited and as Katia is in LOVE with the Little Einsteins, I figured a Rocket Cake would be perfect.

Here's what I did ... thanks to google searching and seeing other fantastic Rocket Cakes.

I started with two 9x13 sheet cakes, one 4x12 cake and a 4inch circle cake.  Or something like that. 

I placed the two sheet cakes together, and iced them with butter frosting, coloured sky-blue.

... cut off part of the 4x12 cake ... placed it on the cake.

Trimmed the edges of the circle cake ... placed it on top ... 

Iced it in red (ok - dark pink??) frosting.  The red dye changed the molecular structure of the icing so much, it almost became fondant.  I didn't use a spatula.  I used my hands ... CLEAN hands *wink*.

For the engines, I used two ice cream cones, iced them in the red frosting.  Used 2 marshmallows on toothpicks and frosted them blue for the centers ... stuck 'em in.

I realized it looked funny.  That's when I remembered the FRONT of the ship.  Good thing I had left over circle cake that I had trimmed off ... and voila.  I used some "set aside" blue frosting for the window, outlined in red liquorice.  I had wanted black liquorice, but couldn't find any ... 

I iced it .. 

The, I put some writing on ... placed some figurines ... did a little detailing with two yellow m'n'ms and some metal ball candies.  

The top of the rocket is a red lollypop, iced ...

And the spoilers on the engine are cut graham crackers, iced and stuck on to the ice cream cones ... 

And there you have it ... 

Again ... FAR from perfect ... a bit wobbly, a bit rugged.  But I don't claim to be a cake decorator.  I'm more of a cake ... builder *grin*.

Katia LOVED it.  She sang the theme song every time she saw it - which I actually had to put it away because she wanted to play with it.  And yes ... I ran out of blue frosting in the front.  A little bit of poor judgement on that ... should've just not iced the back *wink*.

Hope you enjoyed this post ...

Have a great one!!

19 September 2011

[talk: Lightbulb Pt.II]

Ok.   SO much to catch up on ... 

I have pics that I'm working on personally, and professionally, that I'm hoping to post soon.  Katia's 2nd birthday party, her cake, Josiah on his 2-wheeler (yippee!!) ... that's all to come.


I wanted to take a few minutes and post about the "why" - at least why I think so - I missed the concert last week. 

I don't blame you for not really being that interested *grin* - but this blog is really for me as well, and I intend on printing a years-worth of posts into a blogbook.  So ... I want to remember this.  Bear with me.  

After the whole "hoopla" of missing the concert (oh.  you didn't know?  yeah.  you can read more about that HERE) ... I started trying to figure out why on earth I would've needed to miss  it.   

See, I'm organized and structured - so missing an event?  Not really like me.  Perhaps, it was from just plan 'ol having too much on my plate these days.  But I try and ask God daily to be a part of what I do (yup.  fail there somtimes) - and I know that He was.  I believe I wasn't supposed to go ... but why?

After dinner on Monday night, my hubby stayed back at the house with Katia and I took the boys up to the lane to bike ride.  We live at the top of a hill, and while they continue to get stronger at it - biking in the lane is a much better solution.

While I was teaching, an elderly man came out and stood at the end of his driveway with his arms folded.  He was dark skinned and had a religious head dressing.  He smiled with his aged teeth and nodded, "you're doing a good job," to me.

I walked over and said hello.

While the boys went back and forth and back and forth, I spoke with this man for almost 45 minutes.  He was from Pakistan, and told me of his love for Canada - and why he loved it.  And as it was September 12 - he spoke of his faith and his anger to those who use his religion to hurt and destroy.  He told me how safe he felt here, how he came to give his family a better life.  He really loved Canada.

He was a kind man, so encouraging - telling me all the things that I was doing right.  My boys were polite and smily, not at all concerned about how this man looked or sounded.  I was proud of them ... 

At the end of our time together, I turned to him and said, "God bless you, sir." and he smiled and said, "to you as well."

This was at almost 7pm.

This was the time I was supposed to be at the concert.

For me - it was a deep moment.  I came home and told my hubby all about it.  He didn't reallllly get the big deal of it all - there are many different religions, many different races represented in our area.  But I couldn't stop speaking of it.  

I can still see this man's creased smile.


I think that it was a divine appointment ... maybe to encourage me, maybe to encourage him. It was a time where we were just people - loving our country and wanting the best for our families.  

Take it or leave it, that's what I believe.  And I'll be looking for my new friend the next time I get up to the lane with the kiddies.

Have a great one!

15 September 2011

[talk: Lightbulb Moment.]

I have only a few moments this morning ... my hubby took Tias to school (yay!! thanks hun!!), Siah is working on an educational game on the computer beside me, and Katia is finishing up her banana in her high-chair ... 

I have a list of all the things I need to do today ... but it's going to be a calm, cozy night here (judging by the grey I see out my window).  I'm really, really looking forward to it.  But you know that list I just mentioned?  Well ... lists, organization, planned plans ... that's me.  So - the whole "missed concert thing" from Tuesday night really made my head spin.

I've gotten over the whole thing *smile*.  Really.  (Thanks for all the comments, personal messages, FB messages, texts *grin*.  Yup ... it's a funny story.)

And yet, yesterday I was asking the Lord, "why?  what was the reason I had to miss it?".  Now, you might think that's a bit odd - even if you're a Believer.  But writing down the wrong date is NOT like me ... the whole thing was just ... odd.

And then the lightbulb went on - and I know exactly why.    But I don't have time to get into the whole thing right now ... I'll share about it in the next post.

What I really wanted to tell you is that I won 2nd Place in a photo contest for BC Teen Challenge.  I entered a photo of my friend, with the emphasis being on "human trafficking".  It's the first contest I've entered in (aside from the "I Heart Faces" - which is really more bragging rights than anything else ... ).  So I'm happy.

You can check out the blogpost I made about the contest HERE.

Have a great one!!

14 September 2011

[talk: The Concert That Never Was.]

Oh boy.  You are NOT going to believe this.

Yesterday I was so excited ... like, crazy excited.  For 3 months I had been waiting with two tickets to a concert that my hubby had said, "go - have a great time - pick a friend - I'll stay home with the kiddies".  I convinced a girl-friend of mine to join me - and it was going to be a crazy-fun night.  At least that was the plan.

My hubby came home from work, packed up the kids and headed to my in-laws for dinner.  I got in his car, put the band on through the system, and headed to pick my friend up - bopping around in the car like a crazy person at every stop-light.

I was so excited.

I picked her up, and we headed to the concert venue, about a half hour away.  We were early, so we went to get a bite to eat at Milestones.  When we arrived, I mentioned to the hostess that we were in a bit of a hurry ... we had a concert to go to at 7pm.

That's when everything changed.

"Oh," she smiled.  "Which concert?  It was crazy here last night - with the whole Maroon5 concert and all."

I turned to my friend and laughed, " ... can you imagine if we had missed it??"  Her eyes met mine and then my face dropped, my heart skipped a beat.  I panicked.  

I had left the tickets in the car, so I ran out - thinking to myself, "no - I couldn't have" ... unlocked the door ... saw the tickets.

September 12.

I hung my head.

No.  Way.

I checked my Iphone calendar.  September 13.  I had written it down wrong ... and honestly?  I felt a little sick.

I slowly made my way back into the restaurant where the servers were watching against the bar, waiting to see what I was going to do.  I was dumbfounded.  I looked at my friend ... I shrugged my shoulders .., " ... we missed it.  I am so sorry."


Her and I ended up having a lovely dinner, with a great time of catching up and a much needed yam fries appy - plus two shared desserts ... The restaurant felt so bad for us, they took the cost of the appy and dessert off of the bill - so that was really nice.  We called it a night at around 9pm, and I blasted music all the way home, clapping and wha-hooing at the end of every song in true concert fashion - which my friend found quite amusing.

I came home - and my hubby just smiled and shook his head.   He had a couple of buddies over, and they were kind enough to not mock me too much ... And then I promptly went online to see about the possibility of seeing another show.  The next concert with available tickets was in California.  Hmmm.  I looked at my hubby with the best puppy-dog eyes I could muster, to which he gave the knowing, "not.a.chance." look.  Fair enough.


I mean, really.  Who misses a concert??  

Hmm.  I guess I do.  But in all of this,  there is one good thing ... I will never, ever forget my first Maroon5 concert experience.  Or rather, the lack there-of.

Here's a photo of us before we realized that our night of crazy fun would end up being a night of  intaking an insane amount of calories ... and that it would be music-less.


Makes me so mad.  Woulda-coulda-shoulda ... if I had just checked.  Or printed the tickets out on Sunday.  Or read the paper about upcoming events.  Or if I had just realized that when my friends posted pics of THEM at Monday's concert - that I had missed it, and try to make attempts to head to Washington State for last night's concert.

I have no one to blame but myself.

Ah well.  Such is life.  It just wasn't meant to be.

So.  I hope YOU have a great one *grin*.   And don't miss out on anything you've been looking forward to *wink*.

13 September 2011

[cool products: What I'm Lovin'.]

It's been a while since I've posted ... and honestly?  It's after midnight and now I'm just being plain foolish for starting this.  But I feel the need to type (and, um, sleep) ... and typing seems to be winning ...

Here are some things that I'm lovingggg right now:

I've been looking for a multi-chain bracelet for a while now.  And while I was wondering aimlessly about etsy, I found this one.  Oh MAN.  I love it.  It's gun metal and slinky and exactly what I was looking for.  It's on its way from Australia and was under $15.00.  Kah-ching.

I am a tea FREAK.  Green tea, black tea, herbal tea ... I love it all ... plain.  No honey, no milk, no nothin'.  And recently I have found an appreciation for loose-leaf teas - which is why I'm putting this on my "wish list".  It's a teapot with a built-in infuser.  Perfect.

So, so proud of our friend, Benny, who has been apart of an amazing project in the UK.  Worship Central's new album was just released and TOPPED the UK charts.  So fantastic.  You'll want to download the album ... 

I have a love for boots.  The very first time I went to Italy with my hubby (pre-kiddies), I bought my very first pair of black stiletto boots.  I LOVED them ... and they were dirt cheap.  But that was  a long time ago.  And although I love a good pair of healed boots, I recently bought these Steve Madden boots ... and they have kinda made me look forward to jeans and sweater weather.  Although - I could wear a cute summer dress with them too *grin*.  I got them in the colour, "stone".

My family.  Maybe it sounds cheesy ... maybe it sounds glib or whatever.  But I adore my family.  Every day I am more and more thankful ... this world is a crazy place and we aren't guaranteed much, if anything.  Sickness, accidents, financial uncertainties, relational strain, loneliness ... our world is full of it all.  We cannot escape hurt and sadness ... but there is also so much incredible joy to experience ... and I am truly grateful for the faces that live in our home and what they bring to our day.

And ... I entered a photo into the I Heart Faces contest ... I kinda broke one of the rules, so I won't qualify to "win" - but the photo meant a lot to me ... check out the post at my RedHanded Photography blog HERE for more on that ... 

Hope you've enjoyed this addition of "what I'm loving ... "

Have a great one ... 

08 September 2011

[cool products: Hair. Part Duex.]

So.  A little bit ago I created a post containing the train-wreck hairstyles I have had over the years.   I then posted a few pics of hairstyles that I like.  I then chose one in particular that I wanted.

Then I had a haircut today.


So.  I knew that I'd have to grow part of it out - but as my hairstylist (whom I really DO like very much ...) was cutting, I was thinking "oh - shouldn't it be more like 'this'?"  But snip.  It was too late.  Then he started styling it ... and now I feel like it looks ... well.  The same.

Now maybe when I do it myself, I can make it "more" like what I wanted.  But this just proves to me that having a photo of what you really want can actually be disappointing.  Now.  As I said.  I have to grow out the front part ... but then, why did he razer it?

And in his defence ... he knew I wanted something different and he REALLY pushed for an "undercut" (insert Fauxhawk here).  Oh, and I almoooost did it.   If my hubby hadn't been so against it, I would have.

Anyways .... I'm not unhappy.

I'm just a little disappointed that it doesn't feel different enough.


Maybe I need to have a date with some black hair dye .... 


Have a great one!

06 September 2011

[cool products: My New Camera Bag.]

Today's the first day of school.  It's crazy around here ... lovely, scheduled, busy.

But.  I got a new camera bag ... wanna see?

Come visit HERE for the post on my RedHanded Photography blog ...

This is the shortest post.


Have a great one!!

01 September 2011

[digiscrap: More Pages.]

Well ... next week, school starts.  Awe man ... I love having a schedule, and I love love the fall - but at the same time I love NOT having a schedule, and I love love the summer.

Good thing I don't have to choose whether it's time to change seasons or not *grin*.  That's in God's job description.  But for today - a simple post on some digiscrap pages I've been working on .

Double click the images to enlarge ... 

Have a great one!