26 November 2009

[redhandedphotography: Baby Katia ... In a Hat]

Ok.  I weighed myself this morning.  And it was gooooood *grin*.  Hopefully it'll keep going down ... I know - I'm a bit obsessed - but yesterday I took all of my maternity clothes and put them in a garbage bag to throw away.  Now I HAVE to get the weight off.  Or I'll be walking around ... um ...*shudder*.

Yesterday I took some pics of Katia with her new Bumble Babies hat.  I've also ordered a couple from Baby Boo.  SO cute!!  Here's one of the pics ...

Click here to go my photography blog to see the rest.

I think she's pretty darn cute *smile*.

Have a good one!

25 November 2009

[biggest loser: Wednesday Weigh In ... What the Heck??]

Ok - you still there?

I got some smack from being silent the last few days - but I assure you, I'm still here.  SO - I thought I'd do my "Monday Weigh In" today ... why not, it's MY blog after all *grin*.

Weight:  145.8lbs   Waist:   33.5 inches    Hips:  38 inches

So - that's down not even a pound from last week - but down 1/2 an inch off my waist.  So that's a good thing.

This is all surprising to me - because last night I had the "Happy Housewives" over ... we're a group of women who get together once a month and one of us "hosts" and event.  Last night, it was my turn ... we watched a movie and had sundaes.  Yup.  And I sure par-took of that.  That's why I'm surprised I'm not 150lbs after what I ate.

Now, the struggle is going to have something to show for this upcoming Monday's weigh-in.  Wednesday to Monday isn't a lot of time.  Hmm ... let's see.  My goal will be to be in the 144's somehow, and a 33 inch waist?  Possible?


You, who are doing this BL with me ... how are you doing with it?  Would love to hear ... could use the encouragement on this gloomy, rainy day *smile*.

Have a good one!

19 November 2009

[contest: Prizes Revealed!]


Ok - so I didn't realize how much work it was going to take to complete all the Christmas cards I promised - especially with a deadline ... and there were problems with photos and such ...

But they're all finished - and I'm really happy with them. Each one is different. Here's how they turned out:
click image to enlarge

So to those who participated in my little blog contest - thanks for playing. To those of you who "won" - I hope you liked your Christmas Cards. And to all of you - have a good one *grin*!

18 November 2009

[talk: Michael Buble Sings David Letterman's Top 10 Least Popular Musical Standards]

This made me laugh ... especailly, "Kanye Kanye Kanye Kanye".

Oh, and "Al Go--re".  Made me laugh.

Watch it.  You'll understand.

17 November 2009

[redhandedphotography: J&K's Family Photoshoot]

Last week, before this wet, wet weather - I had the opportunity to have a photoshoot with a family that my own family is really close with ...

They have a 2 year old, and he made me think on my feet *grin* .... full of energy, and full of knowing exactly what he wanted to do ... so we just followed him, and the photos turned out really well.

Wanna see?  Check out my post on my redhanded photography blog.

16 November 2009

[biggest loser: SABOTAGE.]

That is SO what I did to myself this week ... why is it that as SOON as I have a grasp on things, I totally have a melt down and "poof".  I'm back to square one.

On Friday morning, I weighed myself.  I know, I know ... not supposed to - but I do it.   Every day.  A few times.  Morning, night ... after I drink a glass of water.  Bad bad bad.  I know.

But on Friday, I weighed 146.4.  I could TASTE 145lb.

So - I went to bootcamp that morning, got my butt WHOOPED, then came home.  And ate a chocolate bar.  Then some hallowe'en candy.  Then some more.  I don't think a fruit or a vegetable touched my lips the entire day.  Not even a protein.  Or a starch.  Just - candy.

Then - as if I couldn't have just written off that day and started over on Saturday - I did it all over again.  Sugar.  That's all I ate.  For two straight days.

So today I was scared to get on the scale.  Scared that I wasted a week and honestly, feel like "whoooo cares???".  I should just buy my fat pants - or better yet - keep my maternity pants out.


Today's weight:   146.6lbs           waist: 34inches               hips: 38inches

Which means I'm still down from last week's 148.4 ... almost 2lbs.  But it's frustrating that I weigh more today than Friday ... and nothing has moved in the "inches" department.

Well, ok - so I'll be happy with that.  At least the numbers have gone down, despite my sudden need for chocolate.  This week I will do better ...

Next week's goal?  145lb baby.

How'd you do this week??

13 November 2009

[redhandedphotography: Family Photoshoot]

Last week I had two photoshoots on the same day. But the "bug" bit me and I was SICK SICK SICK. I tried to be brave with the first shoot, but ended up cancelling the second - which was a huge disappointment for me ...

Wanna see the pics from the first photoshoot? Check them out here ...

And as for the family that I had to cancel? Well - I was able to have a session with them yesterday - so I'm onto editing those photos this weekend. God was SURE on their side yesteday - the weather was just beautiful. Today? Not so much ...

What else? Well, for all of you who entered my blog contest and submitted your photos by the deadline, almost ALL of you should have your completed Christmas card in your email box. I have ONE more to do (yes, you RB!!) then I'm done! I hope you all liked what I did ... and I'll be posting the cards next week on my blog so you can all see what I've been working on this week ...

Must run ... off to Boot Camp. That's right - BOOT CAMP. Hmmm ... am I insane? Nope. Just serious about fitting into my pants by Christmas!!

Have a great one!

10 November 2009

[shalom: A Little Visit. Not So Much.]

This past Friday, my parents had our boys over for a sleepover. Our boys love both sets of their grandparents - and each family has special things they do with the boys. It's a really beautiful thing.

And for us, it meant a night out. We decided to get our Christmas shopping done - and headed into the city with Katia and our credit cards *grin*.

On the way, I suddenly had the urge to go to Shalom's grave site. We hadn't been there in almost 2 years. I had thought we'd go on her "due date - birthday", but it's never been appropriate and natural. So we never did. But for some reason, right then - I really needed to be there.

My hubby looked at me and said, "sure. Let's go."

I found myself super emotional. Having Katia safe and asleep in her carseat, and driving in the cold and the rain to visit the grave of our other daughter. It was really, really strange.

We got to her site, and my hubby told me to go on ahead. He'd stay with Katia until I returned - then he would go.

So I went ... right to her little spot. And I couldn't find her. She had had a temporary marker, and somehow - it was gone. But then again, I wasn't sure if I just couldn't find her.

Up and down the rows, I walked. My hubby finally honked the horn and made me get out of the rain ...

I got into the van and cried. What kind of mother doesn't know where her child is buried???

We went to the Funeral Home and a very kind lady assured me that Shalom was there. She got a map out, and joined me in the rain - walking to the exact spot I had thought Shalom was. Except, there was no marker.

The lady was horrified, to say the least - but again, assured me that she was there and that the temporary marker is really only for the first year ...

I walked back to the van, got in, smacked the rain off of me ... and my hubby turned to me, "I think we need to buy a headstone." Um. Yah. I think so ... I never want to go back there without her being properly marked.

So - this week, that is what we're doing. Buying a permanent marker for our little girl. That's not a fun thing, I assure you ... but I think we're ready. It'll be 4 years this December 17th since we lost her.

I think it's time.

09 November 2009

[biggest loser: Wow. Monday. Again??]

Heeeeeelllllloooooo ttttthhhhheeeerrrrreeeee. (I'm imitating Dora from Finding Nemo. Did I do ok??)

I've been away from Homemakin' Girl for a bit ... had a bad bug for a few days - left me in bed, wishing I could take cold & flu medicine (I can't because of Katia ...). Then, I started panicking, thinking that I hadn't put up a post .... I hadn't gotten a chance to pre-post earlier that week.

I realized that this blog has started to become more about my readers, than me. That's not a bad thing ... I have many friends and family who stop by - and new "blog friends" - and that's totally cool. But I have literally worried about not having posts up - not caring WHAT I posted ... So, I'm going to try and not be a slave to my blog. We'll see if it works *grin*.

Whatever the case, TODAY's post is "The Biggest Loser" post. It's Monday ... and that's what happens around here. How long will I be doing the "Biggest Loser"?? Until I reach my goal of 124lbs. My wedding weight.

I may be doing this until 2012. HA!

Today's weight??? Drumroll please .... 148.4lbs!!! WHOOO HOOO ... that flu was really helpful *grin*. Waist: 34inches Hips: 38inches. So, I'm down 2.4lbs, no inches of my waist, and half an inch off my hips. And that means I have 24.4lbs to go ?? Ugh. But I am down 9.6lbs since starting this on Sept 22 .

This is all great - but my pants still don't fit (maybe because they're 29inch waist pants???). SO a mom in the nursery gave me a GREAT idea ... she wears her "normal" pants because her legs and all fit fine - just her tummy is still loose ... So, she wears the "belly bands" (look here for a whole STACK of them on Etsy). She doesn't do up the button and has these to cover it. What a GREAT idea!!

Now. Not sure whether I will do this ... as you'll all know that my pants are undone *grin*. But hey - you never know!

Would love to hear how you're doing in TBL ... JC, PC, LR .... I know there are more of you out there *grin* ...

Have a good one!!

03 November 2009

[redhandedphotography: Trashing the Dress]

I love looking at other photographer's work. There are some brilliant artists out there - who capture the most stunning images ...

I tend to look at sites that have a creative edge to them - with a new way of looking at the same ol' thing. It's one of the trickiest thing about taking photos - coming up with something fresh and new. Something that makes the client proud and say, "Hey - look how cool we look". *grin*
Upon my hunting one night, I came across this site. It's dedicated to "trashing the dress". Have you noticed this trend? Brides gallivanting in the ocean, jumping into swimming pools, lying in the hay in a barn???

I think it's pretty cool - but really - would YOU trash your wedding dress at the end of a photoshoot, just to capture a few trendy images??

Hmmm ... mine's in a box in the basement ...

02 November 2009

[biggest loser: It's Monday Again ...]

Well - first off - I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a fantastic time trick-or-treating with our kids ... and whether you choose to be involved in Halloween or not, I hope that you made some wonderful memories with those you love.

I'll post more on that later this week ...

Secondly, yesterday was my first time leading worship at my home church since having Katia. I've been on "mat leave" (ha! is there such a thing for volunteers???), and found myself super nervous yesterday. Part of it, is that I usually have plenty of time to prepare for the service. And with a newborn who needs me RIGHT when I'm trying to get things done, made preparing sooo difficult. ANYway - before the service I asked God to not let my human-ess get in the way - to do what He wanted, despite all the things that I didn't do to prepare. And things went well. He's good that way *smile* ...

OK - now for the Biggest Loser weigh in. Are you all still there??? Are you making giant leaps, or baby steps?? I love it when you choose to leave comments - then I don't feel so "putting myself out there" and on my own *grin*!!

I had so hoped to wear "normal" pants, the first time I lead worship. Well. No. Didn't happen. I had on those stupid maternity pants ... BUT I was able to squeeze myself into my size6 petite pants in the morning ... I just couldn't sit in them *laughing* - so out came the maternity pants. Next time, right? ... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ... I had also hoped to be in the 140's by the time I lead worship again ... nope.

Today's weigh in: 150.8lbs waist: 34inches hips: 38.5inches.

So - I'm down 2.4lbs and half an inch on my waist and hips from last week. Slowly, but surely ... right?? If I think about being happy to be 150lbs, it kinda makes me a bit ill ... I have such a long way to go ... another 25lbs seems a lifetime away. How I wish I was 125lbs with a 29inch waist. But I need to just remember "baby steps"...

My goal for next week? 148lbs, 33.5 inch waist and 37.5 inch hips. Oh - and to wear NORMAL pants for the Christmas production in December. I can lose 10 pounds by December, right???

How did you do this week??