13 August 2009

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No baby today ... at least not yet *laughing*. Did you REALLY think it'd come today??? I didn't ... and honestly - there's too much to do around here to even THINK about going into labour.

The RAILING MEN are here. They are officially my favourite people - even though I've been mighty frustrated with them over the last 6 weeks ... BUT the railings are starting to take shape and look AMAZING *yay!!*. They're doing the upstairs first, so that Josiah doesn't decide to take a running leap off of the 2nd floor onto the couch in the family room. And he'd try - trust me *wink*!

This means that I may actually be able to post some RENO pics ... "befores" and "afters" ... I'm excited to see them, and I LIVE here *laughing*.

I've cut and pinned the curtains for Josiah's room ... hoping to hem them and put them up within the next hour ... I'm NOT a seamstress ... but I can hem with my machine.

And my hubby and I are going out for dinner tonight with P&S *holla!*. P was so helpful by providing a wheelchair for my hubby after his surgery. It's only been about 5 weeks that he HASN'T been using it ... so, we're taking them out to a fantastic restaurant for some grown up time - and I'm looking forward to a bucket full of laughs ... they're good for it *wink*!!

OH!! And my sis-in-law took my boys on a Starbucks date late this morning, and I've ALMOST finished editing all the pics of last week's wedding. I had taken 800 pics, and was able to scale them down to 250. I love editing pics - although time consuming ... it's like art to me.

Can't wait to show YOU them and put them on my site ...

I've got TOO MANY pics to sort through, with Tias' bday, the family reunion, Penticton pics - heck, I haven't even finished my Australia/New Zealand trip from May!! I'm sensing a panic attack coming soon ... *grin*. Well. Maybe.

Alright ... typing as fast as possible - and off to my sewing machine ...

Have a FANTASTIC day!!


Meg Baxter said...

Ha - I think we're due the same day and now that I'm past the 36-week mark, I'm mentally prepping myself with the "any day now" attitude! Let's just hope I don't have to go past the due date with that mentality! Let's just say the optimism will dwindle quickly... ;)

devan said...

are you using Adobe Lightroom yet ?

Tawn said...

devan: what do you mean, "yet"?? *GRIN* ... I've been using Lightroom for the last year and a bit :-) ... LOVE it.

Tawn said...

devan: what do you mean, "yet"?? *GRIN* ... I've been using Lightroom for the last year and a bit :-) ... LOVE it.