30 May 2011

[talk: Sick.]

I haven't been sick in a while ... and I'm definitely not a "throwing-up" kind of sick person.  I'm a migraine-y, muscles hurt, every-thing-goes-through-me, kind of a sick person.

So when I get sick, I really feel it.

This past weekend we headed to Harrison Hot Springs for my hubby's annual business meetings.  It's a two-day getaway that we do with the whole family, and something that we really look forward to.  But this year, the first one in the 17 years we've been coming up here (my family has been coming here long before I was even married), I was SICK.  Like, throw a blanket over me and leave me alone, sick.

I hated it.

My hubby was amazing - he let me rest, guilt-free ... and our kids ended up building sand castles at the beach, and swimming in the hot pools.  They had special lunches, and time with their cousins.

And I was in bed.  My body ached ... and my lonely camera ached from it's lack of picture taking too.

The good thing was that although it was a drag - it was a good time (if ever) to be sick.  My hubby and family were there the whole time, and they allowed me to just ... rest.

So.  Not quite the perfect family weekend away, but still very blessed to have had the time that we did.  And our kids had a fantastic time ... 

I woke up this morning, curious as to my weigh-in.  I've been using "my fitness pal" this past week after so many recommendations.  I LOVE it ... it's been helping, a whole lot.  I really had no idea how many calories I had been consuming - mainly because I was just so stinkin' hungry from all the running I've been doing.  Having to count them has been an eye-opener.  And yes, I was sick these past 3 days, so that counts for something too (water loss, which will be gained back for sure). 

But today's weight?  131.4lbs.  Down 5lbs from last Monday.  Literally.  So, some of it was deliberate, hard work.  I did Jillian 3x, ran 10km, did "my fitness pal" for calorie intake ... and then had the bonus of a few days of ick *wink*.

So - I'm going to treat this like a jump-start.  If I continue using MFP and exercising (although, today I'm still pretty weak and think I'll stick to drawing and playing playdough with Katia and Josiah ... ), I just might see the goal of my 120's soon. 

No rush.

For now, I'm praying over our home - that no one else gets the dreaded sickness I had - and am thankful that we're heading to my in-laws for dinner tonight (my Italian mother-in-law knows how to make a mean lasagna ...) so I don't have to worry about what I'm going to make, and crossing off my RHP to-do list.  


Grumbling tummy.  Yuck.

Maybe I'll just sit, sip some tea and cuddle the kids while watching Jungle Junction instead ...

I wish you a great one, and that your home stays healthy! 

27 May 2011

[redhandedphotography: Alice and Jayda.]

I literally have no time to be doing this ... eek.

My to-do list is out of control today, and I have so much to cross off before heading out of town with our family for my hubby's business meetings ... packing for all of us, finishing up the banking, reconciling accounts, sending clients photo emails, blogging ... ack.  

But I DID want to send you this link to my latest blogpost ... there are going to be a LOT of them over the next week.  I've done so many shoots, my head is spinning.

And that's a good thing, right :-).


Ok ... a preview ...

Go to my RedHanded Photography blog HERE to see the rest ... feel free to leave a comment.   Always feels nice when you do :-) ... 

Have a GREAT one!!

23 May 2011

[biggest loser: CalorieKing.]

It's a holiday today ... and here I am blogging *grin*.  

Last week was a good week ... I ran a lot - with running the seawall being a massive highlight - , have been so blessed with a lot of photography work (including a wedding on Saturday, another family shoot today, and a maternity one tomorrow ... phewf!) ... I led worship at our home church yesterday morning, and I so, so enjoy being a part of the music department there ...

The Canucks have been making us proud ... can't WAIT to go to the game tomorrow night on a date with my hubby ... 

And I'm up on the scale.  Like, not just a little bit ... I'm up almost 5lbs this week.  I weighed myself this morning (I have NOT been a slave to the scale as of late, but weighing myself once a week I think is fair ... ) ... and I was 136.2lbs.


A friend said to me last night that I gained 5lbs of muscle with all the running I did *laughing*.  Sorry, MR, you're a good guy - but preeeeetty sure that's not possible.  Pretty sure that I just haven't stopped eating all week.  Working out so much makes me hungry.  Like, crazy hungry.  

At the wedding on Saturday, I met a girl who's a personal trainer.  When my shoot was over, I asked her about my running and the tire around my waist and she looked at me and cocked her head, "... oh, sweetie," she said.  "I'm sorry.  Belly fat ... it's all food."


She went on to tell me that even though I'm working out 5x a week, I can't just eat whatever I want.  Well ... I can if I want to maintain ... and she also said that my weight-gain is most likely water retention from my *cough* cycle ... Wow.  She was bang on there.

She told me that if I was serious about getting lean, to cut sugar and count calories.  And do some math - I need carbs for my exercising, but I don't need as much as I probably think I do.  She talked about slow burning foods and eating every 2-3hrs.

I've heard bits and pieces of this - but then she suggested something called "Calorie King".  It's a website that offers a free trial and the option of downloading a $45.00 program to basically be your food/exercise journal.  It does all the math, plus it allows you to input special foods (like protein shakes etc ... ).

I'm thinking this will help me with what I'm actually eating.  You know - you munch on this and munch on that ... and you realllllly don't know what you're consuming.  At least, that's how it is for me.  So we shall see, we shall see ... 

After my photoshoot today, I came home and let my hubby head to the gym while I put on a 50 minute Jillian DVD with my boys (Katia was napping ...).  I love watching them trying to copy the squats and curls.  Got a good sweat on ... my arms are burning hours later.

So.  I'm ready for some BBQ hamburgers tonight ... I've been watching everything I've eaten today - and I got some room to enjoy a yummy supper, according to what I'm "allowed" to consume.


Organization always excites me ... 


Must go ... 

Have a great one!!

20 May 2011

[talk: Catching Up.]

You can tell the sun's been out ... I haven't been blogging.

You can tell the sun's been out ... because everyone has now decided they need to get their pics taken *laughing* ... 

In 9 days, I will have had 5 photoshoots plus two weddings.  So.  7 photoshoots.  That's insane. Really ... I'm staying on top of things - but man, I'm going cross eyed with images and sorting and editing and burning and labelling and invoicing and delivering.

I love it :-).

Aside from work being insane - life has been really great around here.  I ran the seawall (a total highlight of my week), the kids and I have been bike riding and trampoline jumping ... we've been BBQing and going for family walks to Coldstone.  My hubby took the boys to the driving range, I had a worship practice for Sunday morning - which is something that really breathes life in me - ... it's been a really excellent week.

Oh.  I weighed myself this morning (for the first time in 5 days).

It was up.

I didn't care.

I've done a lot of exercising this week, a lot of yummy, healthy eating ... the numbers can stuff it.


The sunshine really does just make everything better ... 

Oh ... I have the most CRAZY story on my RedHanded Photography blog.  You gotta go and check out "Engagement: Mat and Angela" ... 

Ok ... BIG Canucks game on tonight ... a wedding shoot tomorrow ... leading worship Sunday morning ... so I'm looking forward to a family day on Monday!!  Here's to keepin' this weather around!

Have a great one!

17 May 2011

[running: What I Learned Today.]

I hate feeling like a liar.  I mean, I didn't know ... I wasn't trying to be dishonest ... I just didn't know.  Truly.

What am I talking about?  My runs ... my distances ... my times.


So ... here's what happened.

As you well know, I have an app on my IPhone called "runmeter".  It was a $4.99 app and I have LOVED using it.  It gave me a ton of info, documented my stats, GPSed my routes ... But then - after using it for almost a year *duh* - I started noticing small things.  Like if an email came through while I was running - and I didn't dismiss it - it messed up the time stat.  Or sometimes the GPS would cut out ... and I would run the same exact route, and it was less - or more distance than the last time I ran it.

So ... my hubby bought me the Nike chip for Mother's Day and I slipped it into my bright orange Nikes, started up the app on my IPhone and was done.  Or so I thought.

I couldn't believe how much of a better runner I was *grin*.  I took off 6 minutes on my 5km.  The 10km I was running was now 12km and so on ... How wonderful to think that I was actually doing MORE than I thought ... it was obvious that the IPhone app was a joke.

Beh.  Here's the thing ... when it seems too good to be true - it probably is *wink*.

So after posting a pic of my latest run and it's stats, a friend of mine commented asked if I had calibrated my chip. 


I read the article she had posted ... she said how much she knew I loved accuracy *boy, does she know me well* - and thought that I would want to make sure the chip was doing what it was supposed to.

Well.  That depends ... *grin*.  Is it gonna burst my bubble?  Ignorance is bliss, you know *wink*.  

I wasn't sure how to calibrate ... I've run a few times, tried to calibrate - only to realize that when they say, "how far did you actually run" and to enter the info in - I didn't know the answer.  I mean, that's why I HAVE the silly chip, no?  I want IT to tell me, not me to tell IT *rolling my eyes*.

Instead, I did my homework.  I went to google maps and went through all of my regular routes to see what their actual distances are.  And the short routes were almost exact, but the longer routes got more and more out-of-whack.

What does all this mean?

It means that I haven't run as far or as fast as I have thought.  It's frustrating - in the same way one would be frustrated if they thought they were only 2lbs from their goal weight, only to find that the scale was actually 7lbs off ... And honestly?  It's a bit embarrassing - because the exhilaration I was feeling - it was false.

So ... today I ran the google-maped route of 5km, ran it with the chip, calibrated - and now, hopefully, all of my runs will be accurate.


A small glitch, but a glitch, none-the-less.

The truth is, when it said that I ran 5km in 25min last week - I was rather stunned.  Today - after calibrating - I ran 5km in 00:29:32.  And honestly?  All I have EVER really wanted was to do it in under 30min.  And I did.  So I need to be proud of myself for that ... taking off 5min from my 5km run over the last 4 months is a big accomplishment for me.  And I'm not done ... I can still try to increase my speed.

And the 17km that I ran?  Well ... I can't be 100% accurate on that, but I'm GUESSING it was closer to 15km, based on my google map measurements.  So.  15km.  Not too shabby ... and honestly?  I can do 17km next time, right?

We'll see *grin*.

So ... I learned a lot about fancy schmancy watches and chips and iPhone apps and reality.  I learned that I need to make sure I know what I'm doing, before I start - and especially if I'm going to share it with others.

And again ... if it sounds too good to be true, if it makes you so much better than you actually thought ... you should get a second opinion - unless you're like me and think living in a bubble is actually fun *grin*.

Tomorrow?  I'm heading to the seawall to run 10km with a friend ... the sun will be out, and I am so excited ... but nervous about running with someone.  She and I are both pretty competitive.   I think I might just not time this run - and let myself enjoy it, instead of attack it.  We'll see ... maybe not.  I'm much more of an "attack it" kinda person *wink* ... 

AND ... there's another post on my RedHanded Photography blog HERE ... a little preview ... 

Have a great one! 

16 May 2011

[product review: Boxer-cize Class.]

So ... I have this "free" week past at my hubby's gym.  And I've made no qualms that I'm not a fan of the gym ... but I thought I'd try a few classes out, see what they were like.

A few days ago, I tried the Zumba class.  Yuck.

Today, I tried "Boxer-cize".  And it was killer.

After talking to some friends about the Zumba class, I realized that I just didn't want something foo-foo.  Truthfully?  I don't care if it's fun.  I'm there to work out ... if I'm giving up an hour, it had better be worth it.  I want to sweat.

I looked into kickboxing classes, but the gym that my hubby is a part of didn't offer that ... but it did offer a "boxer-cize" class.    Honestly, I thought the name was cheesy and imagined it being a Jane Fonda workout out with the odd punch thrown in.

I didn't even bring a towel.  *grin*.  How pessimistic am I??

The class started ... the first 10 minutes were pretty much different squats with punches/jabs/uppercuts ... whatever they're all called.  I was thinking to myself, " ... this is lame.  I'm not even going to sweat."

Then the warm up was over.

For the next hour and five minutes (that's right ... the class was 1.15min), the instructor lead the class in a series of jump kicks, front/back/side kicks, alternate punches, jumping jacks, squat lunges, mountain climbers ... I.was.dripping.

I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow ... and THAT is a great feeling.  

At the end of the class, I went up to the instructor - who must've been in her late 40's and had the most athletically toned body ever - and told her that I had thought I was in shape.  That I am hoping to run a half marathon soon ... and that she just about killed me with that workout.  She laughed and said, "Oh, you're in shape.  It's just different - that's all!"

It's so interesting to me ... I want to be in shape, to be healthy and strong.  And I'm realizing that my body has a whole bunch of things to learn.  And just because I'm strong or athletic in one area, sure doesn't mean I am in another.  Just because I can run, doesn't mean I can swim well *grin*.  Or just because someone can do an aerobics class, doesn't mean they can run 10km.  Strength, cardio, flexibility ... there are so many things to learn.

Am I going to go back??  Pretty sure I will for next Monday's class ... and it's only $20/month as an add on to my hubby's membership.  So even just doing that one class a week - it's worth it.  And maybe I'll try the "step and sculpt" class ... 

And I think I'll bring a towel *grin*.

Boxercise:  9/10

Also - I have a new post up at my RedHanded Photography blog today ... Cecil and Kristina's wedding.  Come drop by ... 

Have a great one!

12 May 2011

[product review: ZUMBA Class.]

Well ... the first thing I learned this morning was I am definitely NOT Latino.  Oh, I've known for a while *grin* ... but every time I've been to Mexico or Central America  - or wherever Latinos rule - I somehow think I'm just about as cool as them.

Not so.  I do not, cannot move like a Latino.  At least not like the vixen of an instructor that I had the task of following today.  She had her hips shaking in ways that made mine look like they belonged to an arthritic senior.

Let me back up here ... I had decided to join my friend TP and head to the gym *dut.dut.dummmm*.  I HATE the gym. Everything about it ... from people acting like they're not self conscious when they really are, to the horribly lame music blaring, to just the grossness of people sweating on machines.   And what is it with guys thinking the gym is a good place to meet someone??  Blech.  Gross.

I'll take a run ANY day ... 

But ... I thought I'd give it a go.  I know that my workouts need some diversity - even though I'm plenty happy with my runs and Jillian DVDS.  So - today I participated in a "Zumba" class.    I had NO idea what this was ... and I have to say, I was pretty disappointed.  Sorry - but it's the truth.  The moves were repetitive for the entire hour class, the music sounded all the same ... the instructor wasn't really instructing, just dancing with her Latino ease.  And since I'm far from a dancer, I found that I spent more time trying to follow her rather than getting a good sweat on.

The songs stopped and started, as did the workouts.  There were times when my heart was pounding, but it was short and not even enough to make me wipe my brow.  And as I looked around, at all the different shapes and sizes of participants, I noticed the same for them too.  It just wasn't hard enough ... 

So.  I was disappointed because I gave up an hour in my day, and I felt I wasn't pushed.

... maybe it had something to do with the fact the room was so cold.  Maybe I did get a sweat on - but it was just too cold to tell *grin*.   My quads are sore, most of the dance moves are in squat position - but I've had a good week of running too.  They could be sore from that.  And the booty shakes she made us do? ... oh brother.  Seriously ... my itunes and the road are much more "me".

Afterwards, though, my friend and I headed to the weight room and did chest and arms ... and a little bit of abs on the ball, just for fun.  My arms are burning right now - so that's good.  At least I know something got worked on ... 

So - I have a week "free" pass at the gym, so I'll maybe check out another class or two with my friend.  But it'll have to be something with some serious cardio ... and a pitbull for an instructor.  If I'm giving up an hour, I want my body to be overheating.

My overall rating of the Zumba class was a 5.5/10.  I'm sure there are better ones out there ... 

Have a great one!

11 May 2011

[talk: Cyber Marriage.]

I've been on Crackbook, um - I mean Facebook, for a few years now.  I love it.  Yup ... I'm one of those people who updates frequently, reads her wall regularly, grabs a cup of coffee and goes through photo albums of friends and family.


I used to ... 

In the last year or so, I've mainly used FB to promote RedHanded Photography.  That is NOT to say that I don't do my daily personal routine as well ... but FB has a bigger purpose for me now.  I definitely get some slack about having too many friends, no privacy, blah blah blah.  But you would be AMAZED at how many clients I get from FB ... in fact, I would venture to say that a good 75% of my business comes from FB.

And it's free.

Whoo hoo.

I love FB and my hubby hates it.  I mean, he mocks it - he acts like it's the most ridiculous waste of time ... and then he joined.  I just about fell outta my chair.  And he's been raging against the machine and started off with only one FB friend (how's that for social networking??) ... then he moved to the eight guys that he has now.  Eight friends ... and about 300+ people waiting in purgatory for him to accept their friend's request.

He knows how much that irritates me *eye rolling* ... he's amused.

Yesterday he sent me a "friend request".  And honestly, I hung my head.  UGH.  He is now going to tease me about everything I do on there *shaking my head* ... But how do I deny my hubby a friend acceptance??  And then - as if that weren't enough - we connected our accounts in holy matrimony ... *insert smacking my head with the palm of my hand ... here*.  

Before we did this, I said, "Hubby - are you SURE you want to do this??  We can't change this.  If you decide to close your account, all 900+ of my friends are going to get a "Tawn and hubby are no longer married" wall post ... "  (he has no idea how FB works ...).  It would be a beautiful way to start a vicious rumour ... but somehow I wonder if that's his whole plan *laughing* ... 

"No, let's do it ..." he said.

Then, this morning ... he had that smirk on his face while at his computer.  And he made some comment about him not really being sure about FB.  I told him that he's now attached to me ... that he can't just act like a crazy FB person *grin* (like THAT'S gonna stop him ... ).

I'm expecting our FB marriage to only last a few weeks ... and then me having to deal with a very public FB separation.  And my hubby being very entertained by it all *wink*.

So ... 

If you're a FB friend of mine here are a few things you should know ... 1) my hubby doesn't want FB friends ... again, annoying as anything b/c the whole purpose of FB is to have connections.  Whatever.  What am I going to do with him.   2)  because he's not wanting friends, please do not be offended if you haven't been "accepted".  My own mother is sitting in purgatory.  3) if, at any time in the future, my FB marital status changes - do NOT be alarmed *ughhh*.  This will be the way my hubby gets his entertainment from FB.  

What a ridiculous post this is ... 

And I am sitting in full running gear, runners and all, and it's now raining.  I really think it's time to move ... like, I'll live here from July - September ... and I'll be in Phoenix for the rest of the year.  You can come and visit ... 

Ok ... maybe I'll do the 55min Jillian workout instead ... gotta get my sweat on if I want my head cleared today ... 

Have a good one *wink*!

10 May 2011

[talk: Sittin' in Bucks.]

I'm sitting in 'Bucks ... having a shaken green tea and sorting through Saturday's wedding pics.  Ok.  Well ... that's not entirely true now ... 'cause I'm doing this now.  Right.

I helped out in Tias' class this morning, and instead of heading all the way home, I thought I'd do some pics and then head back to pick up Siah at 11am.  I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There's not enough time in between drop offs and pick ups to do anything.

And next year it'll be Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Yuck.

All in all things are going well ... yup - I weighed myself this morning (please refrain from attacking me on this one ... *grin*).   Numbers are up - but I'm really trying to learn that the numbers just don't matter ... because I'm now wearing size 2 jeans.  If I'm kicking it on the pavement and getting to wear the clothes that I'd like to wear, then I just might be cool with that.  

And that's been a strange thing - coming up with what I'd like to dress like.  I've never really had a "style", I think.  When I look over my life, it kinda depended on who I dated with how I dressed *laughing*.  True.  So, choosing how I want to present myself now has been an interesting thing.  My girlfriends have been commenting on it ... even my bday presents represented the edgy-ness that I like.  I'm really starting to feel like "me".

Then there's running.  After I told him about my 17km, my neighbour told me about a 1/2 marathon in June.  He thinks I can do it ... "if you're doing 17km, you can do the half.  No problem.  Especially in the time you're doing ... ".  I want to look around, over my shoulder, just to see who he's really talking to.  *grin*.

Crazy as it sounds, I'm actually beginning to feel a little like an athlete ... not just a runner.  "Just'.  Whatever - you know what I mean ... When I was at 14km yesterday, I closed my mouth and realized I wasn't even huffing.  At.  All.  It's like I hit 8km and it was ... easy??  What my body can do now is crazy ... my grade 12 PE teacher wouldn't believe the change in me *grin* ... I think I can actually achieve my goals.  And just a few months ago they seemed impossible ... 

SO.   Maybe a half in June.

What else ... well I had the opportunity of leading worship at Recovery this past Sunday ... love being involved there.  Love the people, love the atmosphere ... love what God does there.  I get to lead there this Sunday night too ... such a privilege.  I think I could survive on a diet strictly of running and worship ... feeds my body, feeds my soul.

I'm totally rambling here ... no rhyme or reason to what I'm writing ... and looking at the clock - time for me to head back to the school.  

Hmmm ... well.  At least I got a few pics edited.  *wink*.

Have a great one!!

09 May 2011

[running: Mother's Day Chip.]

Some moms get flowers, some get lovely blue boxes with sentimental treats inside.  Some moms get homemade glass jars with a tealight in the bottom (yup - my grade one-er did just that), some get a poem or breakfast in bed.

My hubby is not a sentimental man ... in fact, yesterday at the Mother's Day lunch we held at our place, some of my sis-in-laws were talking about renewing their vows.  My hubby looked at them and said, "I promised God once, why do I have to do it again?"

Such a romantic *rolling eyes*.

BUT when it comes to gift giving, he knows me well.  And I got spoiled.   Maybe you won't think so - but that's probably why I married him, and you didn't *grin*.  He got me a Nike running chip for my runners.  The perfect gift for me. 

And today ... I ran.  17.14km in 1:36:02.  

I am CRAZY excited about that ... I will totally kick the 1/2 marathon in September.  And I'm hoping to kick it in less than 2hrs.  Looks like that's gonna be possible ... 

Ok ... so the chip was a hit - as was the Canucks hockey jersey.  He got me a blue one - which are a hot commodity right now ... and it saves me from having to shimmy myself into Mattias' jersey at the next game *grin*.  I actually prefer the retro jersey ... but he couldn't find one anywhere ... and I'm just hoping that me getting one of these guarantees me a spot at one of the upcoming playoff games *wink*.  

I've also posted some pics of my friend Nicole (and a few of her and I) at my RedHanded Photography blog HERE.  Can't believe that we've been back from almost a week already ... seems like a dream.

Hmm ... I think I need to shower *grin*.  Seventeen km kinda ... stinks *laughing*.  

Have a great one!

06 May 2011

[talk: Short.Chick.Cop.]

Today I was reminded of something very, very funny that happened to me a long time ago.  And not only did it make me laugh (literally), it made me go crazy trying to find this ... 

"What on earth is that??" you ask.

And some of you may have JUST bust a gut looking at this ... 'cause you know exactly where I'm going with this.  Can you even believe I have this???

This, is a Super Chevy Novas cassette.  Yup.  A CA.SETTE.  I have the red one too ... the title has something to do with digestion *grin* ... Who are they?  Well - they were three guys, two were brothers - with one of them being a super close friend of mine.  We were in a worship band together - and he was also in this crazy band (the SCN) that was like none other.  THey wore muumuus when they played live.  Epic.  They wrote ridiculous songs, and died laughing as they recorded them ... and I was lucky enough to have a tune written about me.

Have you ever had a song written for you?  ... I've written a few myself - especially when I was a teenager.  Poetry became songs ... emotions became bitter words or heartbreaking "please come back to me" lyrics.  You know how it is in grade 7 *grin*.

But the song written about me wasn't exactly like that *grin*.  No lovey-dovey-wish-you-were-mine-kindof-a-song.  Nope ... this one was called "Short Chick Cop."

And the reason I thought of it today, was because I was subpoenaed for an incident that I witnessed last year and reported.  Obviously, I'm not going to go into that at all ... but this ridiculous song came into my head about when I helped catch some bad guys who stole my parent's vehicle over a decade ago.

I was actually with the worship band I was with at the time (the guy from the Super Chevy Novas was there ...), and we had just finished a gig at Club 3:16 ... My mom had left a message on my cel that my folks were stranded - they needed me to come and get them ... their jeep had been stolen.

I hadn't realized they called from a payphone ... 

Would you believe that all I did was try and call them back, and the brain-dead thieves answered the phone that was left in the vehicle?  I ended up talking to them - and actually got them to agree to meet me at a pool hall ... they told me where they were, the cops set up some tire spikes and BOOM.  Done.  So ... my testimony from that conversation helped convict them in court - and the song "Short Chick Cop" was born.

When you say the title you have to bang your head around like you're a crazy animal.

I hadn't thought about this in a long time ... and it made me grin from ear to ear today.     It really was a cool thing ... 

Felt like a ninja.


AND - let me mention that my lovely friend, CW, is being featured on my RedHanded Photography blog HERE.  If you're not sick of desert photo shoots, go on over and leave a comment letting her know how lovely you think she is *grin*.  Girls like that.

Now?  I finished a new Jillian DVD ... 50minutes of ridiculous exercises that I'm pretty sure are going to bring me pain tomorrow ... hopefully I can hold my camera for tomorrow's wedding *wink*.  Exercises called, "surrender", and "squeemers" and "row planks".  I.WAS.DRIPPING.  And shaking.  Definitely different from a 10km run ... 

Ok ... Katia will be up soon ... better down my shake and get cleaned up!

Have a GREATone.



05 May 2011

[redhandedphotography: My Friend Tracy.]

... today has been RE.DONK.U.LOUS.  However you spell that ... CS, I expect an email on that *grin* ... 

I have been repeat driving and redoing everything ... apparently I'm a bit overwhelmed by all that I have to do today, and thought it would be smarter to do everything twice.  And then miss half of what needs to be finished ... 



I told you that I'd let you know when I was putting up the series of "Desert" posts of my friends ... head over to my RedHanded Photography blog HERE to see my friend, Tracy.


Enough.  I'm late ... 

Have a good one!!

04 May 2011

[redhandedphotography: SO.MUCH.STUFF]


Ok ... I'm running out the door to take the kiddies to the park ... but gotta cross this off of my list *grin*.  You know me ... I live in blogging bondage *wink*.

... wanted to let you know that there are a couple new posts - a family and newborn shoot - at my RedHanded Photography blog ... you can check them out HERE.  

And ... got a LOT of comments about my last post.  Texts, FB messages, comments here.  It was so fun to hear that I'm far from the only girl who likes to dress up and play pretend.  I've finished up two of the posts from that session - working on my third.  There's one on each of my girlfriends ... I'll let you know when each of them is up.  I'm figuring that most of you know these girls, and you'll be interested *grin* ... 

Oh - and that skirt I was wearing??  So many questions on that ... *laughing*.  I got it at the Gap for $ 7.99.  We decided that if I only wore it once, it was worth it.  And so I've worn it, and I think it's going to go into retirement now ... it's ok to have a midlife crisis on vacation in the desert where there's only scurrying of field mice laughing at you ... but that's over.  Into a bag the skirt goes ... 

Here are a few of us with the camera on "timer", and some poor unfortunate desert walkers that we convinced to snap a few too.  At the second session, Imagine me running back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  The girls are all relaxed, perfecting their pose, adjusting their hair ... and I'm sweating.  Nice *grin*.

Ok ... time to GO.

Have a great one!!

02 May 2011

[talk: Happy Birthday to Me.]

Ok.  I have had the most amazing few days ... ah.may.zing.

My birthday was on Saturday, and my hubby (and my friend's hubbys) let us head down to Scottsdale, AZ for a few days.  It has been full of sleeping in the sun, shopping and trying on clothes that are crazy, dinners out with small surprises ...  perfection.

And one of the most ridiculous things we did was have a photoshoot - actually, a couple of them - out in the desert.  I love photos (duh) and I thought it would be a nice thing I could do for them - taking portraits ... when do stay-at-home-moms get to do that??  Awe come on - what could be MORE "mid-life" then acting like models while people walk by thinking we're just a bit odd.


And let me tell you how much you laugh when you're trying to pull a "vogue".  It's ridiculous.  But my friends are so beautiful ... 

I'm going to do three separate posts on each of my girlfriends on my RedHanded Photography site over the next few days ... but not now.  Now, I have only a few more hours of sunshine before I have to deal with repacking my bag and setting the alarm for 5am to catch our early flight tomorrow morn ...

Wanna see a couple of pics??  ... don't worry - the girls are sunning beside me and have given me permission *grin* ... trust me - they're checking what I put up on here *grin*.  I think they have their own favourites.  Only a few million to choose from when you look like this:

... see what I mean??  Ok.  More.

... we had so so so much fun.  And I was up early editing the pics.  Like 6:30am.  I was happy to have some creative juices flowing ... and seriously.  How lovely are they???

... and I really wanted pics with my friends too ... so the camera got passed around and it became a bit of a tutorial on photography.  THAT was fun too ... 

... um.  Yeah ... and there were a few of me taken too.

So.  Not really what we've been doing the whole time *grin*.  But such a crazy, girly thing to do.  These images will remind me of  some of my most favourite memories of my bday weekend.  

Thirty-seven isn't looking so scary right now.  A loving family, lovely friends - how I wish I could've included everyone - , Jesus becoming more of my everything, a job that breathes life into me ... 

Happy birthday to me.