17 August 2009

[new baby: Surprise Delivery!!]

*written Sunday night - automatically posted for Monday morning JUST in case I'm busy doing other things, like having a baby ...*

Ok - so it's not me!! Not yet (while I'm typing this ... at least).

So tonight the boys are in the bath, and I'm getting their beds ready, laying out their pjs, closing the blinds etc ... and feeding the fish.

Siah has Tias' old fish, "Guido & Luigi" named from the CARS movie. And Tias has his beloved aquarium, and loves loves loves it. So, tonight I'm feeding the fish and notice something ... naw, it couldn't be?? So I look again ... must be a reflection? A ... what else could it be??

Nope - it was a BABY fish. A wee little orange and black fish, swimming under a fat mama fish (I'm guessing??) and slim papa fish. Ok ... I thought fish HATCHED from eggs?? Does this mean there are more?? If so, this fish has to be weeks old ... how did we miss it??

Whatever the case, it seems to me that the Lord had a super surprise for Tias. And how PERFECT in the timing with our own little one due in the next few weeks? Honestly - I actually laughed and shook my head.

God - You care so much about us, and know EXACTLY what's going on down here - don't You *smile*.

And what did Tias name him (or her)? "Baby Tiny Happy Fish". *grin*.

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Carlie said...

That's adorable! Glad that the boys got a little surprise as well! Hope your delivery goes as smoothly as the little fish!