31 July 2009

[finale review: The Bachelorette - The Final Rose]

OK ... sooooo - ask me if I did the "happy dance" on Monday night, and I'd have to give you a big thumbs up to that! Of course, in my 35wk preggo body, it was more of a couch-bobbing-up-and-down dance than a full-on-happy-dance ... but you get the idea.
My hubby and I made ourselves comfy on the couch - and the entire time he kept saying, "She chose Kip. You know that, right? Be prepared." But he always does that ... tries to downplay what he's hoping for, in case of disappointment. You should hear him during hockey season when he's desperate for his team to win ...

Truth is, is that all three guys - yes, I'm including the surprising-popping-up-before-a-proposal Reid - were all pretty great guys. I mean, from what we were allowed to see. When Kip was sent home, and then Reid was as well - we laughed outLOUD with Jill's comment, "You'd better be worth it, Ed." Ok - so they had to bleep out a word and perhaps not the classiest of things to say before a proposal, but I think she had gone through a massive amount of emotions, and was READY for her man. And as Ed walked down, my hubby and I high-fived each other and cheered our guy on.

I was pretty impressed with his whole, "before I go any further I need to know that you love me too." Well, dude, way to show all the other guys how it's DONE. None of this going down on one knee and be rejected ... smart smart smart.

The ring? Not my taste, but I'm sure a $60,000 ring feels just 'right' on. *smile*

Fast forward to the "After the Final Rose" show. Hmmm ... felt bad for Kiptyn. Such a nice guy. And then Reid ... wow - he was obviously still smitton, no??

And I like what she said in response to his "would things have been different if ..." comment. Her answer being that she was happy with who she chose, and she fell in love with Ed. Reid couldn't have changed that. *clap clap clap* Good answer, Jill, good answer.

When Ed came out, it was so OBVIOUS that they were crazy-mad about each other. And a wedding planned within the next 12 months??? Oooo - I hope that one gets a tv special *grin*. I'm cheering them on!

So - another season over, and I think this one was my favourite. Not only because Jill was Canadian, but because the last few guys seemed like such good choices.

ANYway - Monday nights won't be the same ...

AND if YOU haven't voted on "boy or girl" - take a sec and vote on the right side of my blog. Not long to go now *smile* ...

30 July 2009

[new baby: The Bought Glow]

So, I have a confession.

Perhaps it IS a bit of "pregnancy glow", but it's probably my favourite blush by MAC Cosmetics. I found it a couple of years ago, and I find it gives the perfect amount of colour with lightly-sunned skin.

I've had compliments on my "glow" from friends and aquaintances ... and told them the same thing: it's bought *smile*.

The shade is called PEACHYKEEN .

LOVE it.

29 July 2009

[redhandedphotography: Family Photoshoot]

I have a few more photoshoots before I'm going on a "maternity leave" ... but I received permission from my latest clients, and have posted a few of their pictures on my website.


Go to http://www.redhandedphotography.com/ and click "featured photoshoot". Then, click the black and white image of the family on the right. The slideshow should begin.

27 July 2009

[be challenged: Being Replaceable]

Friends of my parents are returning to the mission field soon, so last week a large party was held in their honour. I made sure to stop by, and say "good bye" - plus say "hello" to scads of people I hadn't seen in ages.

A few days later, my mom was telling me a story about the couple, B&SW. My mom seemed really impacted by a few words that BW shared, and she thought it would be good for me to hear them as well.

It had to do with being "replaceable". Now, we ALL know that we're IRreplaceable ... God made each of us unique, special ... and there is no replacing parents, siblings, spouses, children & friends. That's not what the conversation was about.

Specifically speaking, it had to do with the "circle of life". How we each get taught, raised up - but then we eventually have to pass the mantle on. BW has done this with such wisdom.

My mom spoke to me directly about the position that my brother and I have been allowed to stand in, in our church. For almost 20 years, we've been involved in the music department - and we still have the privilege of leading the worship services on a monthly basis.

"But," she warned, "you won't always be "that" person."

And it's so true. I'm 35 now, and perhaps for another few years I will be a part of this fantastic ministry. When I'm no longer asked, this doesn't mean that my involvement with music and the church will be over. But maybe it will. It just means that other people, wonderful people, will continue to be raised up and essentially, "replace" me. And they, too, will be "replaced" by those being raised up beneath them.

How I handle this, is of utmost importance. I feel there is nothing much worse than when an 'older' person looks down on the next generation and criticizes how they do things simply because it's different. It causes such division and I believe there is SUCH an opportunity for bridging the gap, and for learning on BOTH sides. Being a mentor is NOT a second-rate job. It is one of high honour.

Obviously, this is not just about church involvement. It has to do with putting worth on ALL people, young and old alike. To value new ideas, and respect past ones. To know that change doesn't mean YOU did it wrong. To realized that your worth isn't WHAT you do, but in WHO you are.

So, take a moment this week and tell someone who looks up to YOU that THEY are doing a great job. Be that person that they go to, rather than the person who they feel will never gain approval from.

You never know what new opportunities are around the corner for someone who is "replaceable".

24 July 2009

[tv review: The Bachelorette - Only One Episode Left!]

Ok. So here I am, again, writing about the most ridiculous-waste-of-time: The Bachelorette. But, again, can I remind you that this is something my hubby and I watch when the kids are in bed, and laugh and laugh - or perhaps hurl a "are you kidding me??".

I won't give you a recap to the last 2 episodes ... my friend SL is SO good at doing those (here). But I thought I'd throw in a few of my two-cents, just for the fun of it.

So, there were three guys (two episodes ago) ... Kipton, Ed & Reid. Honestly? All pretty decent guys, it seems. Kipton isn't really my cup-o-tea, but then again - I'm not looking *grin*. Reid - he really grew on me, and Ed has always been the guy I'm cheering for.

Was I surprised when Reid was sent home? UM, YEEEEAH. I thought it'd be Kippers for sure. And all that Reid had to say, really seemed sincere and genuine. I DID think it was sweet the way Ed came in and became Jill's console. Smart, Ed *wink*.

Then, this week was the "Men Tell All" episode. Blah blah blah. It was interesting seeing the "man-code" dudes and the "real-men" duke it out. Juan got more points in my book, while Dave, Sasha and some other dude made me gag.

Jake? Hmmm. He reminds me of a serious character being played by Jim Carey. No?

But the REAL clincher was the very, very last moment of the preview to next week's episode. Where REID is leaning against the banister with his OWN ring in hand ... what - the - heck??? Dude - she didn't pick you, sent you home, and you show up with a RING??

My idea of a good ending? Ed, Ed, Ed. Perhaps telling Reid to back off of his woman. But whatever the case ... it better be Ed.

My hormone imbalance won't be able to take any other ending *grin*.

But I'm happy that I'll be taking my big-ol'-belly back to our comfy bed and KNOW that I made the RIGHT choice 11 years ago!

21 July 2009

[redhandedphotography: Bookings for 2010??]

Well - gotta say - pretty excited about the steady inquiries I've been getting for my photography business, "Redhanded Photography".

I have 2 weddings booked in the first week of August, and a couple of "family" shoots as well. I will be taking maternity leave for a few months after that ... that's just the way it goes. I've had some inquiries about weddings in the fall and winter, but I'm just not able to predict our new baby's schedule and would not feel comfortable taking a chance.

But I actually had someone inquire about August 2010, which REALLY gets me excited. The thought that people like what I can give them, is so wonderful. I love everything about photography, the actual photos - the people - the creating process.
I am also hoping to continue to book various events, like "First Birthdays" - where the mom doesn't have to be concerned with getting that "perfect shot". Or baby showers, engagement parties, family reunions ... you get the idea *smile*.

My plan is to invest back into my business and use earned funds to purchase more extensive equipment and such. Photography equipment is not cheap - and I have learned that although you need to first have an "eye" for a good photo, without the best equipment, it's just "good" - not "great".

Anyway - I have an appointment tonight with a bride and am very excited about it. But first, off to teach piano, then pick up my boy from VBS, then enroll in soccer camp, then ... then ... then .. *smile*.

Have a great one!!

[new baby: Almost 34 Weeks]


Well, in some ways I feel like I've been pregnant forever - and in others, I'm a wee bit nervous about being a "ticking time bomb" and waiting for labour to begin. People who say you forget the pain, are liars *wink*.

Our eldest son was born at 36.5 weeks, and our second born was born 10 days early. So, I'm hoping that this baby follows their big brothers and comes EARLY. Here's a pic of me at 33.5wks - I'm sooo swollen and stretched. I weep for my pre-preggo body *wink*. OH - if you haven't voted - check the right side of my blog and post your vote: girl or boy??
Our renos are NOT done ... waiting for the banister guy to finish his job so the carpet can come in, so the baseboards can be finished, so the painting guy can complete the details. I hate the "not quite finished" stage ... I just want to be DONE. I'm so wanting to post pics, but NOTHING's completely finished.
So - that leaves me with my thought for the day: patience. I sing that song to Tias often, "have patience, have patience, don't be in suuuuuch a hurry." But, again, I am reminding myself to BE patient, to enjoy - even the painful, swollen feet and hands - because I will never be in a place I am today, ever again.

It's easy to always look ahead and think, "Oh - I can't WAIT for this to happen" ... but the truth is, is that it's our every day life that we'll look back with fondness on. One day, I won't be making dinner for a 4yr old and 2 yr old. One day, I won't be changing diapers. One day, I won't have a big house to worry about. One day, the house will be quiet.

So - today I am going to make the MOST of it.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC day doing whatever it is that makes life worth while for you!!

20 July 2009

[talk: Man, It's Hot.]

I just got out of my car, and it's thermostat read 34degrees Celsius. What on earth? No wonder my feet are swollen and my skin feels like it's being stretched like a cruel joke.

Ah well. Not much longer. And I am MIGHTY thankful for the air conditioning we have on our main floor. Makes everything so much better.

I'm feeling well, and had a productive day. I wish I had more energy, as Siah is no longer having an afternoon nap, and I can cart him around no problem. I tried to get too much done, and now I'm a bit spent.

I went to buy some "bottoms" to wear. Not underwear *blush*, BOTTOMS. You know, like shorts/skirts ... something that didn't leave an indent in my skin *grin*. Well, I wasn't terribly successful - partly because I don't want to spend $49.99 on a pair of jean shorts that I'll only wear for 7 or so weeks. And the Before & After shorts were not comfy at all. But I did find one pair of yoga-style shorts on the sale wrack. That's good, I s'pose.

I always check out news-sites, as we don't collect the city's newspaper. I found this on CNN, and it concerns me because I haven't been vaccinated for the flu this year. I'm very aware of being around sick-ish people and am washing my hands often. Being pregnant during this flu-scare can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Here's the article, not to scare - just to inform. I'm a big believer that ignorance isn't bliss - although paranoia is equally a waste.

I've got much to post over the next few days ... talk soon, k?

10 July 2009

[talk: A Good Story with a Big Challenge]

This week, I had an opportunity to visit with an elderly couple that I hadn't seen in many, many years. They were lovely hosts and full of such quick wit and spunk, that I found myself engaged in some of the best conversation. He is in his mid 80's and she, in her late 70's.

He was once a prominent pastor in New Zealand, and also here in Canada. His passion for the lost, and for the broken, was inspiring to say the least.

He told me of what happened to him 8 months ago (with me paraphrasing the best I can):

"I received a phone call 8 months ago from a lady in Dallas, Texas. She asked me if I would pray for her, and I said 'of course, Love. what can I pray for?' She went on to tell me of her hardships. Her husband had left her, her one child was in jail due to involvement in drugs, her other child was selling her body on the streets to support her habit. She was living in a run-down trailer and was desperate for God's help. She wanted me to pray for her, to pray for a husband to help take care of her - she was exhausted and needed a helpmate."

"So," I replied. "You prayed for her?"

"Oh, yes," he answered. "I prayed that God would provide her with a good husband. And then, she asked, 'but how will I know if he's the one?' And I told her, 'He will bring you a gift.' 'A gift?' she asked. 'Yes,' I said. 'He will bring you two silver slippers.'"

Ok ... so that was a bit odd. But now I was curious as to what happened ... so I listened on.

"She called me up last week," he continued. "She said, 'Brother Bl******ld, I needed to call you and tell you what happened. Not long after you prayed for me, I got a phone call from a man in London, England. He and I were high school sweethearts. His wife of 30 years had passed, and he was terribly lonely and decided to google search my name. After we talked for a long time, he asked what I thought the chances would be of he and I having the same chemistry that we had in high school. I told him I didn't know. Then he said he would be coming on the next plane to find out and asked if I would meet him at the airport. I told him I would. After we found each other we walked to the baggage claim and he stopped. He said, 'I have a gift for you.' And he pulled out two silver slippers. We were married 3 months later and I am so very happy."

Isn't that just great?? First off, it's just a good ending to a good story, but secondly - it was a reminder to me that God still uses us, still talks to us and is very real today. We just have to listen and be obedient.

I found myself clinging to every word this man said, it was as if he had the "red phone" to God himself. And after meditating on it, I know that I can have the same open-line. Life just gets in the way of listening to His voice. In all honesty, when I get a few minutes of quiet, my first response isn't to dive in the Word, or to get on my knees ...

I often think about that ... how our parents would pray for us, and read the Word at the kitchen table. How our grandparents would cover us in prayer and protect us from life itself. I wonder about my own children's perception of God and my hubby's and my surrender to Him. Do they see it? Is it just Sunday mornings? Do they know we have an active relationship with Him, or do we only do those things in private, away from their eyes? ...

A massive challenge to me.

07 July 2009

[talk: The Bachelorette]

Ok ... so I actually watched last night's episode in "super quick" mode this morning ... so scared that I would hear the outcome before I watched it.

If you HAVEN'T watched it ... don't read on.

I am feeling like I need to sterilize my home after watching Wes and his low-life, slimeball ways. I guess every show needs a villian ... but seriously? What girlfriend would LET her man go on a show like this in the first place? And how he thinks this will HELP his career, I have no clue. A total scoundrel. Ick, ick, ick.

So - I found this. It's a supposed interview of the famous "Laurel" and her comments about her relationship with Wes. I don't know ... sounds like a life full of drama, lies and ick. Honestly - that poor girl is probably going to go dooooown with Wes. Anyone who chooses him, needs help.
And that limo ride, his words, his attitude, his arrogance ... if you want your dinner to come up just one more time, you can find it here.

What do I think? Well - for some reason, that Reid guy keeps earning more points for me. He seems really genuine, and I like his sense of humour and how he isn't afraid to call her on things, in a funny way. I'm a BIG Ed fan ... but this past episode, he seemed a little too reserved. Maybe it's in the editing ... but they sure did a lot of kissing. Guess that's a good sign? And Kipton? Nice guy ... didn't like the family-date thing though. His mom's a bit "off" for me. And he doesn't seem to be giving the answers that Jillian wanted to hear. Bad thing? Not necessarily ... honest enough, I think.

Are you waiting for Shawna's blog too?? This girl has a play-by-play of "The Bachelorette" every week ... but has been away, so I'm hoping she'll post something entertaining (as always) on her blog soon. You can find it here.

Ok ... off and away ... time to pick up Tias from Hockey Camp, pay the granite guy and the vanity-maker-dude. Hopefully the lighting guy shows up ... was supposed to be here at 9am. Now he's coming at 1pm. Such is the world of renos *grin* ....

OH!! And if you haven't voted on "boy" or "girl" in my blogpoll ... would love for you to take a moment and vote. This kind of thing always intrigues me ... *smile*

Have a great one!

06 July 2009

[tias: Hockey Camp]

Preschool has only been out for a week, and Tias is already losing his mind with boredom around here. It doesn't help that we've been renovating, and that I'm unable to maneuver myself on the trampoline anymore ...

So - my hubby was pretty pumped to get Tias into Hockey Camp. We hummed and hawed over what sport to put him in the fall, but Tias knew exactly what he wanted to play: hockey. So - to get him prepared, on the ice, handling a stick - we thought it best to put him into a camp with his friend, EM.

I brought him there at 8am this morning, had to put his gear on (you should've seen me ... not my best moment, trying to figure out what when on first *grin*), then off he went. There are 12 boys in his "camp", ranging from Tias' age (4) to 12 yrs old. Tias is by FAR the weakest, littlest guy out there - but all the big kids were encouraging him, helping him, hi-fiving him ...

I'm off to pick him up at 1:30pm, and am hoping he had a FANTASTIC time ... and that he'll be pumped to do it all over again tomorrow *grin*!!

03 July 2009

[talk: I Have a Box ...]

I feel grateful for the box of memories I have. It's a small box ... but inside are treasures that I bring out once or twice a year - and just remember. I know that not every mom who has to say good-bye to their little one, has such a gift ...

There's a little casting of Shalom's feet. That is my most sacred possession. Whenever I feel like, "did that really happen? was she really here?", I go to my box and pull out the delicate little casting and stare.

There are other treasures too ...

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday - and confided in him that I had been having nightmares about having another anencephalic baby. I said, "I know that the ultrasounds have been fine, but I'm still really nervous ... is there anything you're not telling me?"

He smiled and assured me that as far as all of my testing went, everything was "normal". Now, he did add that there are things that cannot be shown on an ultrasound (which, of course, I know ...). And that is such a scary thing ... but I am continuing to trust in Him. He is the author of our lives ... He knows what He's doing, and there is safety and security in that ...

Lately, I have been so thankful for the crazy movements that happen at all hours of the day. They used to annoy me ... feel awkward. But I stopped and realized what I was complaining about ... the gift of life.

And after looking at my box, I know that the gift of life is the best gift that God could ever give.

02 July 2009

[renos: Is That Light I SEE??]

Yes ... it's the light at the end of the tunnel ... pretty darn sure!

The hardwood on the mainfloor should be finished today (um - where IS he anyways??). And the shag carpet was installed in the front room and family room this morning. Now, just the baseboards need to be installed, the lighting in the kitchen and powderroom need to be finished, and some final trim put on the new fireplace ... then I think we're done this stage.

Next stage - well, we're waiting for the banisters to arrive. We couldn't install the carpet upstairs today because they couldn't guarantee that they would be able to line up the stairs with the hallway ... and we can't install the stairs carpet until the banisters are done.

Then, there's the powderroom. It's painted, but we're waiting for the vanity so we can install the countertop, sink, and faucet. Then the toilet can be put back ... sure am missing that mainfloor bathroom ... I hate going up and down the stairs every 20minutes *grin*.

Today I also went to my dr. appointment - and am now to be going every 2 weeks. WOW. That's a scary thought ... I do that a few times, and BLAMO. Baby time. *grin*.

Baby's heartbeat was 150 today ... whatever that means *grin*.

If you have a second, cast your vote on the right side of my blog ... seems to me that everyone's thinking "girl". Hmm ... we're not - so we shall see who's right *grin*!!

Have a good one!