26 April 2012

[talk: What Do You Do.]

Ok.  So - I thought I'd throw this post back at you, the reader, for some help.

I am far from a no sugar, no flour, only organic kinda gal ... but I'm kinda on the pathway.  More like a trying-to-make-better-choices-than-others-but-not-gonna-beat-myself-up-when-I-can't kinda gal.

I'm wondering how many moms out there are feeling like I am?  Like processed food is the most convenient but EVERYTHING is processed.  Dairy products, cereals and grains, meats, fruits and veggies ... they are all contaminated in one way or another.  Hormones, antibiotics, unsanitary conditions (like feces in the slaughter house ... hate to say it, but if you think it's NOT in our meat - well.  I think you might be wrong.)

I was watching a show about "Food Inc", which is a documentry.  The guy (who wrote this book) said that the super market doesn't sell food, but more like "edible food substitutes."  Yuck.  He said to "not eat what your great grandmother doesn't recognise (using the yogurt tubes as an example ...)".  To eat things that are seasonal - rather than eating foods that come from around the world, picked way too early, and gassed (that's right, GASSED) to have them shiny and ready for our own supermarket.

All this to say, that being a consumer is painful now.  Being a mom - making both economical and healthy AND time effecient decisions is a tricky thing.

So - what do you do?  Do you buy your meat elsewhere (like the farm, or butcher, rather than the supermarket ...)?  If so - WHERE??  I'm lost ... but I know that I want to feed my family grass feed beef, and free range chicken ... Do you buy organic?  Do you think it's a scam?  Do you buy what's in season locally, or do you buy whatever you need, whenever you need it?

Would love to hear your thoughts!!

09 April 2012

[tias: Baseball - Game One.]

For the last 2 weeks, Tias has had baseball a minimum of 3 times each week.  Except for when he's been sick ... but that's another story.  It has been SO great ... after two years of dealing with his grumbling with hockey - he absolutely loves baseball.

Wednesday night was a beautiful evening - and I picked up Subway sandwiches with Siah and Katia and met my hubby and Tias at the ballpark.  Dinner at the park - how perfect.  And the game was already underway ... 

Tias was on third base ...

I loved this moment ... Siah and Katia acted like Tias was a RockStar.  He knew it too ... it doesn't give him a "big head" - it gives him confidence.  It was a beautiful thing ... 

The spectators prefer to eat, more than spectate *grin* ...

Tias did so well.  He got to base twice - which brought two team members home.  And he came home as well, once.  So - out of the 5 points scored, Tias was involved in three of them ... he was beaming.

I can hardly believe he's 7.  And a half, I guess.  It's crazy.  He's changing and staying the same - growing up, and acting like a kid ... all at the same time.  I am so proud to be his Mom.

And on a side note ... a pic I managed to capture of our littlest peanut.  This photo means a LOT to me ... because I can never get her to look at me.  This time?  "Hey Katia, do you see the clown inside my lense?"

The next photo is of her giving me a "yeah, whatever" look ... but this one?  Melts my heart.

Have a great one :-) ... 

04 April 2012

[redhandedphotography: NEW SITE. NEW BLOG.]

Hey hey hey ...

SO ( I seem to start off like that a whole lot, don't I ... ) ... 

After 5 weeks and hours and hours and hours of time ... I launched my BRAND NEW RHP (RedHanded Photography) website!!!  It's been a labour of love - frustrating and exhilarating all at the same time.  I designed it from scratch, with so much thought and effort into every detail ... I hope you go check it out *grin*.  

And ... a NEW BLOG to boot at www.redhandedphotographyblog.com.  Yes, I ventured out of blogpost and into the world of ProPhoto Blogs.  I designed this one as well, but from a template - and I wanted to keep it simple, and more about the images than "cool gadgets".  You can check it out HERE ...

And honestly? I am SO relieved that it's DONE.  Ok ... well, I'll probably tinker and fiddle with them for a while, but basically I won't be dreaming in fonts and layouts at night!!  I'm mighty happy about that ... 

On a different note, I headed to the doctor to get a note so I can get orthodics for my running.  I'm mighty happy about that too ... And I also had a bit of a therapy session about my sugar binges and my body ... it was good.  Basically, I needed someone to give me a bit of a scare - not even about now, but about the future.  And if I don't want to be over-weight, suffering from diabetes and potentially risking losing limbs and blindness (how's THAT for a reality check), I need to start getting things under control.  He explained to me what I'm scientifically doing to my body every time I crash and every time I binge.  Binges on sugar can cause my metabolism to get completely messed, my pancreas to over-use and ... well.  It's bad.

Will this help?  I actually think it might ... instead of me just rambling on to friends about it, instead of looking for a community of people who feel the same - which actually validates me instead of giving me a reality check - hearing it from a doctor ... yeah.  It felt a bit like a smack on the back of the head.

I needed that today.

ANYway ... that's all for now I hope that your day brings you closer to those you love, closer to who you desire to become, closer to the One who gave Himself for you.

Have a great one!!