21 November 2012

[talk: So Much Better.]

Today is our anniversary.  Fourteen years.  Fourteen consecutive years.  Fourteen consecutive years with the same guy.

That's like 50 Hollywood years, pretty sure.

This pic was taken on our honeymoon ... Lu was 23 and I was 24.  So funny because I remember this moment like it was yesterday.  We were on our way to a beach in Cabo San Lucas, a port where our Carnival Cruise Ship had docked ... it was the first hot day and there were pelicans everywhere because of the dead fish *laughing*.

We had no idea what was a head of us.  The truth is, we only had met 18months earlier - and when I think about that, I thank my lucky stars that we ended up being so good for each other.  Lu, in fact, was my shortest relationship - which I remember feeling a little nervous about on our wedding day.  I mean, FOREVER??  I'd never attempted that before, and I sure as heck didn't know what that meant.  It seemed super daunting.


But life has a funny way of getting you used to things, and realizing what a marriage really is.  Lu and I are a great team.  Really great.  And through three children, our heartbreak of Shalom, three homes, numerous travels ... I can look back and say I am PROUD of who we've become.  Not in a vain sort of way, but in a "phewf ... so glad it was easier than I thought!" kind of way ... 

When I look at that honeymoon photo, I feel like I didn't even know what love was.  I thought I loved Lu, I mean - I definitely liked him *grin* ... but now, I know what love really is.  And boy, do I love him.  I love him for what he brings to our home - and even though we are both so far from perfect, our home works only because we are both in it.  

If I could, I would tell that young couple in the honeymoon photo to stick it out.  To surround yourself with a village of honourable people that you're accountable to.  To submit to mentorship.  To be financially responsible, because most stress comes from feeling a lack of funds.  I would tell them that it won't all be rosy, but that the bad times really aren't as bad as they first appear because God's arms are strong enough to carry.  I would tell them that people will disappoint and hurt them, but others will rise up and stand with ... that investing in family and friends is never a waste, and teaching your kids to be kind and generous will be the most rewarding thing ever.

SO ... happy 14th, baby.    Thank you for choosing me - and giving me wings to soar and roots to grow.

Love you. xo

(and to everyone else?  have a great one!)

** 2012 Photo credits to my beautiful and talented friend, Melody Davis of Melody Davis Photography **

20 November 2012

[digiscrap: Catching Up. Or Just Starting.]

Each year, I make a digi-scrap album for my mom and mom-in-law.  It's a little Christmas gift that brings a lot of smiles - and I try to incorporate as many photos of our times together in it.  

This year ... I'm behind.  Oh, not like a "little bit" behind.  I'm a LOT behind.  I've only done about 10 sessions (for about 20 pages) ... and I have a WHACKload of images to edit before I even start doing the digiscrapping ... never mind putting the books together and ordering them.


Feeling the pressure.  

The truth is, my RHP business has been keeping me up late and there just hasn't been time. Every moment I have, I've been trying to get my work done for my clients.  But now - I have to make sure that I put a little bit aside so I can get this done.  I have a plan.  Let's hope it works.  

Here are some pages that I've completed recently ... 

Enjoy.   More to come ... hopefully *wink*.

Have a great one!!

(double click images to enlarge)

13 November 2012

[make: Meal Planning with Pinterest.]

OOPS.  Forgot to share this with you!  A couple days late ...


My life is made simpler when I take just a few minutes to do this.  Why oh why I took a break from it, I'll never know.  When I don't plan, I'm panicked - and more importantly, BORED.  I love to cook, I love to create ... and I love to plan.

So it just makes sense.

This week, I've decided to broaden my "little-black-box" (that's what I call my recipe box, which has actually turning into an online-box where I can access it from anywhere ... ) with some new recipes I've pinned on my Pinterest boards

Here's what our week's going to look like:

Monday:  dinner @ in-laws.
Tuesday: shredded chicken casserole, brown-rice penne pasta, salad w/avocado and goat cheese.
Wednesday:  Chicken Vegetable Soup (made from rotisserie chicken) and Open Faced Grilled Cheese
Thursday: mongolian beef, brown rice, green beans and peppers (haven't tried this yet - if it gets the thumbs up, onto my recipe-box blog it shall go)
Friday:  company (haven't thought this one out yet ...)


Cross that one off my list ...

Have a great one!

12 November 2012

[talk: Pacific Academy '92. Oh Yeah Baby.]

Well.  If you read my post on my NDSS Grad Reunion , you'll know how I feel about connecting with people from my past.  I love it ... now - ok - within reason, I guess *laughing* ... but you know what I mean.  

It all started with a few posts that I had made on Facebook about the NDSS Reunion, and when I said things like, "I can't WAIT for the reunion" - I had my Pacific Academy alumni say - "WHEN???"

Well, literally within just a couple of FB messages - we had an evening booked, and we went to town over the last few weeks to get the word out there ... we were going to make this happen.

So, this past Saturday night, one of my classmates opened up her and her husband's home to our grad class.  It was perfect ... we were a small graduating class, with 48 students.  And this evening had about 15 of us (give or take a couple), a few spouses and honestly - it was just a really great evening. 

Some, I hadn't seen since the 10year reunion ... others, I hadn't seen since graduation.  It was really, really surreal.  But the truth is - because of FB - I felt like no time had passed.  That's what happens, I guess.  The friends of your youth, are always friends.


There were stories being laughed about, reminisced about ... one in particular about an incident I had COMPLETELY forgotten about, about my stolen watch.  Yee gads.  Honestly - the story I heard made my head spin ... I'm thankful for time and for all of us being adults now *grin*.  

We talked about what it would be like to be gradding today ... with cyber-bullying and all the things that teens face today.  Truly, I am so thankful to be where I am at life.  I think that we grew up in a time that was much safer ... and now as adults, we can look back at the "drama" and realize - it really wasn't all that bad *laughing*.

Everyone had led different paths ... some were teachers, plumbers, salesmen, homemakers, surgeons and photographers *wink* ... and yet, in this room - we had so much in common.  So many memories ... 

It's funny ... like the last reunion, I wasn't sure how'd I'd fit in here.  I mean - I came in Gr10 ... but I learned on Saturday night that HALF the class arrived in Gr10.  PA went from one grade ten class to two ... ooooeee.  Big times.

And.  I felt much less like an intruder *grin*.

People rotated between people and stories ... I had a chance to talk to people who I wasn't even super close with in highschool - and it was just so great.  So everyone just stood around, nibbled at the pot-luck-appies that we all brought (I brought tiger butter and chicken drumettes ... click for those recipes *wink*)

Vicky had brought a few of her annuals ... my WORD.  Some of those photos were just too much ... and brought a few laughs.

And this guy?  (hey Adam!) Yeah, his reunion's next year ... he married into our group *grin*.  Ok - to be fair, so did Paul and Christine ... but I like to pick on Adam.  It's more fun *wink*.

And photographer extraordinaire and classmate, Cassandra of Cassandra Hamilton Photography was there capturing with her *cough* Cannon *grin*.   So thankful she did ... 

Here are just a couple of her lovely shots ... I won't steal them all - just the one's with me in them *GRIN* ... 

So - Class of '92 ... twenty years is a scary thing ... to think that in another 20, we'll all be approaching 60 (good LORD) is even scarier.  This life that we've been given is such a gift - my prayer is that each one, each home, would be so blessed ... much love to you all.  (photo from CHP's camera ... )

Have a great one!