23 October 2008

[talk: The Pumpkin Patch]

Today we went to the pumpkin patch. My hubby couldn't come - but I ventured out with some friends and the boys had SO much fun. We were there until lunchtime - not like I didn't have anything to do at home!! And now - the boys are at their grandparents, and we are finishing up the final details of packing. We're off for the airport at 7am and heading for Miami.

It all seems surreal ... is it really happening?? Have we really left our boys *sob*?? Will we really come home refreshed and ready-to-go?

Sure hope so!

Here are some pics of our day ... sorry - but I really think we have the cutest little guys in the world. Oh dear - is that a tear??

22 October 2008

[talk: Heros, Pedicures & Jack. The Lantern.]

Monday night was "Father & Child" night at preschool. But my husband was in the bathroom, praying to the Porcelain God, and had to bow out. I quickly called our friend JP and he immediately came to the rescue. So Mattias got to still go to the special event, my husband got some much needed rest and JP morphed into a super hero. At least in our eyes *smile*.

At the event, they coloured a pumpkin ... and what do you think Mattias wanted for his "theme"?? Why, EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER, of course. He is obsessed (did you see the digi-layout?) ... and we thought it was HILARIOUS when he and JP arrived home with a pumpkin covered with houses, ball wreckers and "Move That Bus!!". SO funny.

Here are some pics.

On a different note ... on my last day in Phoenix, I cashed in on the AMAZING gift my GF's got me. I had my pedicure and manicure in complete wonderfulness. My cousin, Ruth, from NZ was visiting the Phoenix condo, so she and I went together while my mom watched the boys. It was such a special time ... Ruth's the eldest, I'm the youngest and despite the 4billion miles between NZ and Canada, family is always family.

The toes are still good, but my mani is no longer *grin*. It got ruined during my piano playing at the WA Conference ... ah well!

my leg looks weird ... that's because there's CHOCOLATE on it!!

my stubby little piano fingers.

our happy toes.

And finally - last night, we carved our pumpkins. My hubby and I each took on our own project, and had SUCH a great time with our boys. Because we're leaving for the Caribbean in 2 days, this will be the last "fall" thing we do before November comes. And that makes me a little sad. I LOVE October - and can't believe we're missing Hallowe'en with our kids. That just seems wrong. But tomorrow, we're going to the Pumpkin Patch, and we DID do the carving - so hopefully not too much will be missed!!

SO - I'm off to pack, make lists, clean, bank, make dinner and have some trampoline time with Tias in this GLORIOUS October day. Hope your day is full of special things ...

20 October 2008

[digiscrap: Time Away = Pages Done]

SOOO - I was sick.

Sicker than sick and heartbroken that I had to bail out of leading worship at the Women Alive Conference on Friday night. Thank GOODNESS my friend NL was able to save me (after what seemed like a million turn-downs from others...) and it all worked out. I was able to lead on the Saturday and it was a really fantastic time. I love being a wife, a mom, a friend - but at the very core of me, I am a worshipper. And that is where I feel that I am WHO I am the most.

And coming up? Well - we leave for Miami on Friday morning and are off to the Caribbean on a 7 day cruise for our 10th Anniversary. Wait. Did you see me jump up and down? NO??? Look again .... see. There. I did it again.

We're going on the Liberty of the Seas with another couple and sans enfants. Yes. It's true. No kids. And let me tell you, I adore my children. I have WONDERFUL boys. But they'll be there when I get back - and I intend on soaking up every ray, sleeping in, eating without interruption and wearing slinky black dresses for dinner *grin*. Our itinerary includes Puerto Rico and St. Maartin. Ooo. I did that little jig again.

It's been a month of holidays ... but the sad thing is, is that we have nothing planned after that. And that is such a shame - I'm getting good at packing *wink*.

SO - Phoenix was LOVELY - full of "family time" and sunshine. AND I was able to get a lot of digipages done ... here are a few to enjoy.

click images to enlarge

15 October 2008

[vacation: Arizona State Fair]

Last night, we ventured out to the Arizona State Fair. I had found "things to do" in Phoenix and was so excited to find that this fair was running - so we all voted *sort of* and decided this would be a fun thing to do with the kids.

The best part? Mattias. Oh my WORD.

We got him a "day pass" wrist band which allowed him to go on as many rides as he wanted and he went for it! He started off with the Giant Slide, which he had gone on at our own city's Fair. So that wasn't a big surprise. Then, he went on the Bumper Cars ... again, not a big surprise since that was his favourite ride at Disneyland this past spring. But what WAS amazing was how he started braving bigger, faster, spinnier rides ... all with jumping up and down and laughing.

He loved the kid's rollercoaster. There were 3 of them - all "scary" in their own way. And he just LOVED them ... my husband was equally thrilled with Mattias' new sense of adventure.

The boys ate the Fair food - which was greesey, sugary and basically really bad for you - and both stayed up WAY past their bedtime. Which ended up being too much for Tias ... he threw up today, and spent most of his time on the couch - napping on and off. *smile*.

Poor kid ... partied just a little too hard.
Tomorrow? Well, we're packing up and heading home - so sad to leave. But hey - we're off to Miami & the Carribean next week ... but that's another story.

Here are some pics of our time at the Fair...

12 October 2008

[vacations: Still Away. Still Lovin' It.]

So - this condo is "home away from home" for us. I know where the best shopping is, where the yummiest brick-oven pizza is, and what my favourite Cold Stone Ice Cream concoction is. Does that make me a Phoenix pro?? No, no, no ... but I love discovering new things in this city and tomorrow - we might just venture out to find ourselves a local lake. Tuesday? We're off to the Arizona State Fair ... Wednesday - not really sure. And Thursday - oh, well - I'll be getting that manicure/pedicure my GFs got for me before we fly home late that night.

I struggle with how lighthearted or how substantial my posts should be. I like to think - and blogging gives me a way to communicate some of the big things on my mind. I like to know what you think too, and learn from that. But for today - I'll put my political, ethical, spiritual and whatever-ical thoughts to rest. For today, it'll just be about our vacation *smile*.

Here are some pics ...

11 October 2008

[talk: My Silhouette Isn't Me. Is it?]

Do you ever wonder what you look like? I mean, REALLY look like? After being in Phoenix this past week and a bit, I've been constantly reminded of what I think I look like and how I feel about that.

I did "The Biggest Loser" a couple months back, and have sadly gained a couple pounds back *sigh* and it totally taints how I feel about myself. What is WITH that??? When I walk into a store and eye a top I'll think "Hmm ... I'm pretty sure those sleeves will cut the circulation off of my heifer arms," or "Nope - you have to have a chest to put it that one ...". And I don't try things on based on my vision of what I think I look like.

Now - it's true - there are things about each of us that we don't like. Maybe even things that we would all agree arent, well, attractive. And we cover and disguise those flaws as best as we can. We feel GOOD about ourselves when we master those disguises, and even brag about them: "Oh this top?? It magically covers the hairy mole that dangles from my shoulder." Ok. Well, maybe not exactly THAT. But you get the idea.

I saw something on t.v. a while back. This lady, who lost a bucket load of weight, had a distorted view of her body. So the host asked her to draw a life-size outline of what she thought she looked like. Then, he laid her on it, and sketched the TRUE outline with a different colour marker and had her stand up and evaluate it. The comparison was shocking. She saw herself so differently than what she really was.

Isn't this the case? Bad skin, stretch marks, small feet, big feet, honkin' nose (oh, I know all about that one) - whatever it is - how do others see you? I'm sure it's different than how YOU see you ... and most importantly, it's not how our Father sees us.

So, tomorrow, when I put on that shirt that is 2 pounds too tight because I chose to have dessert 3 days ago (ok - and a few other things too ...) I am going to chose to see myself the way He does. And when I put on my makeup and get frustrated with the crooked face (oh yes, it's crooked) and do my hair that separates in lumps if I don't wash it daily, I will choose to see myself the way He does.

At least I'll try.

Tomorrow - I'll post some pics. I've got some super cute ones, but it's already almost tomorrow *11:40pm* so I'd better post THIS one now ... so I can post that one tomorrow *grin*. Did you get that??

Nighty night friends. And if you have any thoughts on this - would love to hear them. Wisdom from many brains is better than just one *wink*. That is, if you consider any of that grumble wisdom *wink wink*.

07 October 2008

[talk: Anyone Else Nervous??]

Are you wondering what your future is going to be like? Your children's? What a teetering time we're witnessing right now ... with the markets declining before our eyes, the US Elections causing such division and anger among our neighbours to the south.

I'm watching, learning, coming up with my own conclusions. And I encourage you to do the same. Just because we're "only" mothers doesn't mean we shouldn't be in the know. IN FACT, I feel just the opposite. In the famous passage of Proverbs 31, we are encouraged to know about buying and selling and the state of our finances of our homes. We are to be responsible and knowledgeable. So, if you don't have an opinion regarding our government, foreign policies and such - I encourage you to do so. Not for intelligent conversation, but to make wise decisions for your home and your children. And their children.

Ok. So - I'm still in Phoenix ... my family is here and we're having a really great time. What did I do during those "alone" hours before they arrived? Well - I did some of the little leftover housekeeping - put some sheets on the bed, folded some towels, emptied the dishwasher. I watched a couple of movies (THAT was a luxury ... especially watching what I wanted!!). I did a massive grocery shop and prepared/put things away. I went to the fantastic mall that's a bit of a drive away - and meandered around with all the time in the world. It really was great - and although it started with tears and felt really lonely, near the end I was actually feeling good about it and myself. That was really special.

And now? Well - we tend to do the same things around here on a daily basis ... the park, the pool, the stores ... but here are a couple of pics I've taken. I really need to bring the camera out a little more often around here ...

Hope YOU'RE having a "good one".