30 March 2010

[cool products: PARTY ON Store with Easter Ideas]

You've seen my posts on the Party On Store, right?  Have you gone yet? ... oh, you really should *smile*.  And now, more than ever, it's worth your while to stop in ...

The business is run by my sis-in-law and my bro-in-law.  My sis-in-law has the most creative mind - she can put things together like no one else.  She is a retail genious - and knows what the customer wants ... Party On is thriving, and as a new business in this economy, that sure says something about her and her hubby!!

She got a fantabulous idea, and started making CANDY centerpieces (oh dear - that's all I need) ... then she got an even MORE fantabulous idea and created Easter candy packs, along with party favours.  For Josiah's bday, she made little candy sacks, with a paintable ceramic piggy bank and a helium balloon attached ... they were perfect!   Here are some pics of her latest creations that she literally cannot keep on the shelf ... she sells them so fast, she's having to take orders for the events.

I warn you - make sure you give yourself enough time to check out all they have there ...  don't worry - there's a Timmys and a 'Bucks near by *wink* - grabba java and pop on in!

They have everything you could possibly imagine - and then some.  Everything is in perfect order, with "themes" all together, making it easy to compare and decide.  Well - compare, yes.  Decide -no.  That's trickier.

Phewf.  Ok - you get the idea ... now go.  Check it out for yourself - and get those much needed bunny plates, easter napkins and candy center pieces!! 

Have a great one!

29 March 2010

[biggest loser: New Ev'ry Morning]

I bumped into a friend at church last night, and through our conversation the topic of The Biggest Loser came up.  Apparently, she reads  my blog (hey LN *grin*), and wondered where my Monday posts have been.


I have a love/hate relationship with accountability.  Without it, I find I just coast along ... with it, I get motivated.  So - here I am, not sure how to put it into words about trying again and facing the music.

I hate that I've been the same weight for the last 10 weeks.  It makes me feel lazy and I'm disappointed in myself for not having more self-control when it comes to rummaging through the cupboards for a snack.  The truth is, is that I haven't gained any weight - so I guess that's a good thing.  But it makes me deflate when I think of all the "extras" I've been eating - and maintaining - meaning, that if I wouldn't have, this weight probably would've fallen off.

Being so involved in music, songs are what circle in my head.  And most of the songs that are branded in my heart are ones that are based on scripture.  There's a song that we used to sing, that says ...

"The Lord’s loving kindnesses indeed will never cease
And His compassions, they’ll never fade away

They are new every morning
They are new every day
Great is Thy faithfulness

The Lord’s amazing grace, abounds to us every day
And His great mercies, they will never fade"

I am so thankful for a new day, to try again ... and not just with my weight.  That's just a small part of who I am - and my 10/15/20lbs are really not that important.  But today is a new day to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

My prayer for today is that I would see myself as He has made me, rejoice in that, and yet also not be ignorant to the things the He wants to change in me.  Giving up all of those things is the only way the He can do what He does best.  "They are neeeeeeeeeew ev'ry mornin'."

Today's weight:  140.8lbs
Waist:  31.5 inches

Have a good one.

24 March 2010

[redhandedphotography: LAST L&J. Promise.]

Have you gotten the sense that I really like to take photos??  Yup.  Sure do. 

But I've never had a client say, "Oh, no - please don't take so many pics."  *wink*.  And due to photography being digital instead of costly film, why not take a few hundred?  Or thousand?  Who's counting?  *laughing*.

Again - would love ro have you to stop by my Redhanded Photography blog to see the last set of my session with L&J.  Bookings and enquiries can be made at my Redhanded Photography site here ...

Have a great one!!

23 March 2010

[redhandedphotography: "More L&J"

Been busy.  Not crazy busy, but fun busy.  I have more pics to see from Sunday's shoot and  OH, I am feeling a wee bit excited about these.  I'd love you to stop by for a visit.  Here's a little preview ...

I'd offer you a cup of coffee (I feel the hostess in me comin' out)  ... but that's a bit tricky *grin* ...

http://www.redhandedphotography.blogspot.com/ .

22 March 2010

[redhandedphotography: Engagement Shoot Tease]

... it's late Sunday night and I've scheduled a post on my Redhanded Photography blog for Monday morning ... there's so much more to post on, but this'll have to do for now *smile* ...

Stop by here to visit ... oh - and here's a little preview:

Have a great one ... and be sure to come back to the blog later for more pics :-).

19 March 2010

[cool products: Epiphanie Camera Bags]


A camera bag.  No, a purse.  No, a camera bag.  No, a super-trendy-super-cute purse.

Whyyyyyy - it's BOTH!!!

Thanks MK for leading me to this fantabulous product - it's now on my "birthday gift list".  The only thing is - which ONE would be the most amazing?  I found these cool pics, showing both their cuteness and amazingness ...

There are three different bags to choose from, each $165.00US.

Here's the red one ... *gush*:

I've seen pics of moms gushing over their bags - filled with a camera, lens, and then diapers, jarred food - you name it.  It is the perfect thing - a potential perfect "go to the park and keep my camera safe" bag!

They're having a contest ... but please don't go.  I don't need anymore competition than that millions who are probably already submitting their entry ... *sigh*.  Ok.  Here's the site.  If you win - I'll be really mad *wink*.

Oh dear.  I think I'm glistening ...

[cool products: Shootsac]

So.  I learned a few lessons yesterday about friends, family and the blogging world *smile*.  Because of the conversations yesterday's posts initiated, I have chosen to delete them and their comments and leave it at that.  I probably should've done that as soon as I realized the vary of opinion out there, and the passion it ensued ... my mistake.  I was completely ignorant to the magnitude of people's thoughts - and my blog was never intended to be used as a forum for debate ... As one dear reader suggested, these things can only cause division - and I agree.

Ok.  On to other things *smile* ...

Here's the "cool product" for anyone out there who has an SLR camera and likes to have the ability to change the lens with ease. 

There's a spectacular photographer 'round these here parts whom you JUST might've heard of (ya think??) ... Miss. Jamie Delaine.   A legend already.  I follow her brilliant posts, which feeds my hunger for creative images and usually leaves me in stitches with laughter. 

Once, she mentioned her "shootsac" - and I've been drooling ever since.   It's a safe, convenient way to carry various lenses (it's not a camera carrier), without the bulk of a camera bag.  It is made of a "wet-suit-type" material that forms to your lenses - the idea being, that your lenses are easy to get to and easy to put away, in a messenger-style bag.  Brilliant.  Now - I was going to hold out until my next wedding to get one - but with this past engagement session, I realized that I NEEDED one.  Not just wanted.  Needed.  Lenscaps, lens lids, zipping the bag, unzipping the bag, pulling lenses off, balancing them on a safe spot ... a waste of time during a shoot.  And nerve-wracking.

I went to the Shootsac site and couldn't order one, because I'm in Canada.  Then, I went to Amazon and voila - got me a Shootsac with a black and white domask cover.   It was delivered to my door two days later, and then I danced my jig.

Here's what it looks like, not my image though *wink* ...

And a pretty picture of someone with my bag.  Well.  Her bag.  And my bag too.

The designer is Jessica Claire.  If you have any additional moments, after reading this and checking out Jamies' site and blog - check out Jessica's here.


Have a great one!

15 March 2010

[redhandedphotography: J&C Engagement Shoot]

To say that yesterday was busy, is an understatement.

I had the privilege of being apart of the worship service at our church ... and with the clocks going forward, it was a bit of a gong show with Katia (not being on the new time change) and me having to be bathed, presentable and at the church by 8am.  But I was only two minutes late.  Well.  Maybe three ... and the guys in the band thought I had forgotten *grin* ... what was shocking is that THEY were all there on time.  Ha!!

Then, after the second service, I ripped it home and got changed.  I had to be downtown by 1pm for an engagement photoshoot.  And THAT was a lot of fun, a lot of moving around, and a lot of praying that the rain would hold off!  And it did ...

The shoot was done by 2:30pm ... just in time for me to pack up and head to my parent's place for a baby welcome/niece's 16th birthday celebration.  We had a lovely dinner, lovely conversation ... and got the kiddies home to bed by 8:30pm. 

Then I started editing photos ... and, um, instead of being sane and going to bed at a normal time - I wandered into our room just after 1am.  But hey - the pics are done and sent off.  And I am pleeeeeeased with them ...

It was a full, fantastic day ... oh!  And to check out the images of my latest shoot - please click here.  Or you can click the "redhanded photography blog" link on the sidebar of this blog page ...

Have a great one!

09 March 2010

[talk: Age Appropriate]

I think the yuckiest thing about getting older, is trying to re-define yourself.  I mean, going from single, to dating, to engaged, to married, to being a mother ... each time I panic and wonder what that new title means to me just being - well - me.

There is something very cool about getting older, though.  You tend to know what you like, what you don't.  You tolerate things you never would have before, and say "enough is enough" when necessary.  For me, I've learned about the whole "grey" area, that I think God lives in a little more than the black and white.  I've learned about compassion - about seeing how we're all just one choice away from getting off track, so maybe a kind word might be better than a judgemental glance.  I've learned to listen to those who matter, and respectively decline the opinions of those who do not.  That I cannot please everybody, and that's ok.  But here's where I go a little insane - and not in a good way (you're going to laugh, especially with the way I set this up to be some profound, deep post ...).  Here's the thing.  I'm not terribly sure of what to wear *blush*. 

I'm afraid of looking like a mid-life crisis (oh, Lord help us all ...).  I mean - how does one balance looking current, yet not succumbing to the trends of the teens??  Like - skinny jeans.  Is there an age limit on that??  I hope not ... I just bought a pair *wink*.

Trying to represent myself as a mom, who cares about looking presentable, current and appropriate - proves to be a bit tough.

Anyone else out there know what I'm talking about?

08 March 2010

[digiscrap: More pages]

Busy, busy, busy.  But I'm thankful for quiet nights when I can catch up on my scrapbooking.  You'd think that with 30 pages or so done in the last couple of weeks, that I would be well on my way.  Not likely *grin*!!  I take too many photos, documenting what seems to be the daily activities of our little family!

Here are some more layouts. Click to enlarge ...

Have a good one!

03 March 2010

[redhandedphotography: Baby Liam]

Another wee one to welcome - and I had the privilege of taking the photographs that will hopefully be treasured for years to come ...

Little Liam was just over a week old - wide awake - and not a sound.  Sounds like a perfect little model to me!!

For more photos, please click here or visit my redhanded photography blog by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Have a great one!

01 March 2010

[katia: New Nursery]

I've been so excited to post these pics!!!

Having two little guys has meant a lot of fun when it comes to decorating.  And because we didn't know we were having a girl, we opted to just hang tight and leave the nursery as it was for Josiah.  Here's what it looked like:

Neutral.  Calm.  I liked it.   But now we had a girl and it just didn't fit right anymore, so I comtemplated redoing it.  A girl's room was totally out of my comfort zone ... I was so lost.  But then for Christmas, my folks got Taya new bedding and that became my starting point ...  Brighty, cheery ... pink, red, green, black ... super cute.  I loved it!!

So - are you ready to see what I did with it?  ... Well.  I opted for pale pink walls.  I could've gone with green, but Siahs' room was green (click here to see his Cars Theme bedroom).  So pink it was, with red ladybugs ... and the big reveal *drumroll please* .... . (dadadadadadadadadadada)

and from the other angle ...

And the details?  Ok ... here's what we did.  First - my bro-in-law built the "feature wall" with a shelf to hold all sorts of special things as Katia gets older.  He notched it out by the closet, so the door could safely open.  Didn't he do a GREAT job??  Thanks PD!

The small wall in front of the closet, I painted with black chalkboard paint, which matches the bedding that has black gingham piping.

The ladybug wall decals I got from etsy.  And they walk around the room in a really whimsical way.

See the little guy on top of Katia' photos?  I got those frames at Costco and used Katia's "holiday hat" photos for them ... perfect with the red, black and white ...

And the stencil of her name?  Also an Etsy purchase ... it was two wall stickers.  The bottom was the large red "K", and the "Katia Rose" was another sticker.

And some of the details on the shelf and around her room are her first pair of black Christmas shoes, a few books that were given as gifts, a black pair of Converse sneakers, various plush toys that were gifts, a ladybug lamp, a ladybug nightlight, a black iron storage stand on her dresser that holds medicine/diapers/facecloths (from Costco) and in her square shelves, cast molds that I made of her hand and foot.

So - that's it.  It only took 6 weeks to complete *ugh* ... mainly because of Taya's napping schedule.  But I got a good arm workout, doing all of that sanding, priming and painting.  I'm so happy it's done ... what do you think?

Have a great one!