31 March 2009

[talk: Yesterday's Surgery]

The surgery went well. Very well, in fact.

Yesterday was a long day, full of me asking for favours - only to have to call back and cancel them due to the whole fabric of the day changing moment to moment.

The day started out at as a normal Monday, with preschool and home stuff to be done ... then, at 11:30am I took my hubby to the hospital. He was told he may be bumped, but hopefully not. I came home for an appointment at 1:30pm and received my last text from my hubby at 2:30 saying, "I still don't know if I'm getting the surgery."

At 3:30, I decided to call the hospital and was told he was currently in surgery. WHOO HOO!!

I arrived at the hospital at 4:30pm, wanting to ensure I was there when he got out. Well - let's just say that I arrived in plenty of time *smile*. The first time I was able to see him was just after 8pm ... and I was told that the nurses had no information on the surgery itself. I was advised to go fill out my hubby's prescriptions while he was "coming to".

So, off I went ... and as I wandered around the Shoppers Drug Mart, I realized that I hadn't had dinner ... so I chose a healthy bag of winegums *GRIN*. I was diligently making calls to family and friends, trying to arrange for help at my home - I knew I couldn't get my hubby into the house on my own in his current state.

Back to the hospital I went, and my brother arrived shortly after - he was there to help me get my hubby safely into the van and our home ... then we were told that he may not be discharged after all. But there were no beds, so we wouldn't know for a couple of hours.

I was running out of steam, and was thankful for the crackers and ginger ale given by the nurses *smile*. They really were great to us ...

Long and the short - after about 20 minutes, my hubby was taken back to the recovery room (where we weren't allowed to go), and was to wait for a bed ... but he would definitely be staying the night.

I was relieved, because it had been such a long day, and I knew my boys would be up early in the morning - and I didn't know if I would have to attend to my hubby throughout the night. So - I went home, straight to bed at 10:30pm and now I'm getting ready to go back.

They won't discharge him until he can walk on crutches, and I have them at home. I'm to be at the hospital at 10am so the physio can teach him how to use the stairs and such ...

All in all - it was a long, but very positive day. Not a wasted moment *smile*. And the surgery went very, very well ... the surgeon was very pleased with his work *smile*.

A MASSIVE thank you to you all (or your hubbies) who were able to help out yesterday and during these past few weeks. Thank you to those of you who picked up my boys, or had them at your house for a visit ... thank you to those who called and checked up on my hubby throughout the day and kept him company through text messages ... and again, to those who were unable - we so understand, and are thankful for all of your friendships.

Here's to a sunny day ... in the rain *smile*.

29 March 2009

[talk: Hubby's Update]

This seems to be the most effective way to reach my community - so I thought I'd use my blog to continue giving updates on my hubby.

As of right now, we're planning to go sometime tomorrow for his surgery. He called the hospital today, and found out that they have no record of him because he's being "tagged" on to the end of the day. We've been told to be prepared that he may not get in tomorrow.

So, I'm trying to plan the day to be as flexible as we can.

If the surgery does not happen tomorrow, I'm not sure when it's planning to be rescheduled. I guess we'll get there when we get there. Our biggest concern is the fact that it will have been 3weeks on Tuesday since his injury. We have been warned that any delay after 3 weeks can cause complications and a more invasive surgery. We've also been warned that they could "open him up and not be able to do anything." Um. Ok.

So then - I don't know what that would mean ... we're assuming it means the grave diagnosis that he got on Thursday being, "If you don't have the surgery you'll never be able to play sports again ... but you'll be able to walk." And for those of you who know my hubby, that's just not good enough. So, of course, we're praying that this surgery happens asap.

ALL in all ... we're doing alright. I've had more worries regarding my pregnancy, have been advised not to do anything and to not stress *grin*. Great advice!! I'm trying to take it - but when the 2 year old screams and needs to be picked up, or taken out of the car seat, or I need that bowl in the top cupboard ... I have to do it myself. The GOOD thing, is that I was told that spotting in the 2nd trimester is not nearly as detrimental as in the 1st trimester. And that it usually means something's up with the placement of the placenta ... and that'll all be picked up on my ultrasound in a couple of weeks.

So there you have it ...

I took our eldest to church with me this morning ... it was such a wonderful place to be. I love my church, our church family. I looked around and saw multiple faces who have been walking this with us ... so many friends, old and new, showing up to our home to visit with us or bring us something to eat. So many emails and hugs ... so to all of you - THANK YOU.

And to those of you who's own life is a mixmash of craziness - I know what you're feeling. You just be "released" from thinking, "oh - I was going to call ..." or whatever *smile*. Or not *laughing*. I know our circle surrounds us - and not everyone can be there all the time. It's all good.

For tomorrow, I appreciate your prayers. Pray that he DOES have surgery, that it goes well ... that life can reboot for us. If any of your hubbies are in relationship with my own, I know he'd love a phonecall or chat ... he's so social and is dying of boredom on the couch *smile*.

Thank you to you all ... and here's to a sunshiny tomorrow!

26 March 2009

[talk: For PETE'S Sake ...]

Ok ... so, it's been a few days. Quite honestly, I've avoided blogging ... haven't had time, 'been too overwhelmed with stuff. Blogging was at the bottom of the list ...

I remember reading a friend's blog a number of months ago, and she explained with her blogging world that she doesn't share everything. And I'm sure that most would expect that, but I thought that I would reiterate the same thing ... I don't share everything *smile*.

Some emotions, some circumstances, some outcomes - they're my own, or my family's ... and I know that you know that ... but thought I should maybe just say it out loud. I may leave out personal details or such - which may or may not affect your thoughts on the matter ... but just know that some things ... well, are mine *smile*.

This week has been full of "icks" ... we had a very real scare about losing my current pregnancy, which was a day full of tears and angst. But I am thrilled to say 2 days later that all is well, and I haven't had any symptoms since Tuesday's episode. I was fortunate to have had a doctor's appointment scheduled already for Tuesday, and my doctor was so reassuring and patient with finding the baby's heartbeat. He found it - after what seemed forever - which brought me and my friend to deep tears. I was so grateful to not be alone ... my hubby couldn't come - he was trapped on the couch. Still.

Which leads to today - another day spent at the hospital and finding out that he DOES need to have surgery. The specialist today was MIGHTY ticked that the last doctor didn't order surgery when he saw last week's xrays ... in FACT, today's specialist said that surgery should have happened IMMEDIATELY after my hubby's accident. The break in his leg was one comparable to a break that happens in a really bad car accident.

The pain that my hubby is in, is the same as the moment he broke it. That has been SO frustrating - as every morning I come downstairs and ask, "So - how's it this morning?" And every single day, for the last 16 days, it's been, "It's an 8 out of 10." Sixteen days??? Are you kidding me??

The doctor today said that my hubby SHOULD be in massive pain due to the type of break he has. That the pain would not have subsided at ALL since the accident. And so - the long and the short of it - is my hubby will be going in for surgery on Monday and staying overnight for assessment following.

We're taking this as good news, as the recovery time is actually shorter than if he just kept with the full cast. He will be in a short cast (to the knee) for 4 weeks (starting Tuesday) ... then assessed for whether he can have an aircast after completing those 4 weeks. On Monday, he will have a metal plate and screws put in. As of today, his leg has not healed at all, which is what is causing the pain. The bones are not lined up, as originally thought, and will not function normally if left to heal on their own.

The specialist said that if he did not have the surgery, he would never be able to play sports again. He wouldn't be able to jump on the trampoline, play street hockey, wrestle with the boys. He would only be able to walk. So - it was a no-brainer. Surgery it is.

I guess the only frustrating thing at this point, is that the last 2 weeks have been a bit of a waste. We'll be starting over on Monday, but - I guess we haven't really moved forward, more like standing still. So, no time lost? Hmmm. Guess so.

And after my own situation with this pregnancy, I was told by my doctor to not do "anything more than necessary for the next 2 weeks." ... which makes things a little tricky. We have a lovely girl helping out for the next couple of weeks - but it is SO frustrating not being able to do what I normally do, to not have what my husband normally does.

And tonight, Mattias let his little emotions show. He laid on top of my hubby and sobbed and sobbed ... then I took him to bed, where I held him for a good 20 minutes. It's been hard for him to watch his Papa be in so much pain, to not be able to play with him ... and with the baby scare and the tears that I had ... he knows that his little world is a bit crazy right now. So I just held him - and cherished the fact that he loves us so much that he hurts when we do.

So - for now - we wait.

"Be still and know that I am God." Ok God. We're being still ...

20 March 2009

[digiscrap: Some Pages and A Little More ...]

Hello beautiful blogworld ...

Today is a dreary looking day, and a day that we've decided to stay in our pj's - maybe have pancakes for supper tonight *smile*. I love breakfast for dinner ...

Our home is doing well - my hubby's spirits are lifted, it seems. And although the pain is still great, I think the words of the doctor yesterday have really helped. His leg is setting - it's all going to be ok in time ...

Our Help has left for a couple of days, and things are still feeling less chaotic. I think I really just needed those few days to get on top of the things that had gotten out of control. I'm feeling more like myself ... I am so grateful.

It was lovingly brought to my attention that perhaps those who don't know me, may misinterpret my heavy week, and see my attitude as ungrateful for all that I have. *smile*. I appreciated these words, as it gives me an opportunity to maybe be a little more transparent and make sure that my heart isn't misunderstood.

I am 16 weeks pregnant. And for those who know the journey I've walked with Shalom, these next few weeks are very, very scary for me. I have an ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks, and it has been heavy on my heart. That, plus the massive amounts of hormones surging through my body *smile* ... and the stress of not having a help-mate at all ... I felt that my blog was somewhere that I could vent. My home was chaos, and I don't do well with that ... so when help came, so did my sanity. And honestly, asking for help was a big step for me ... I like to do it all on my own. And I was so worried about miscarrying last week - heck, I am all the time - ... I was having to move large furniture for my hubby and his wheelchair, helping him up and down with his 40lb cast, being the sole parent for 2 kids for 12hours in the day, and having the wee one up during the night - probably due to the trauma of his papa's injury ... I just couldn't do it.

I want you to know, that I am sorry if I have sounded ungrateful or selfish. Sometimes, my blog is just for me, you know? I don't always think about YOU *sorry* ... it's a place where I can sort my thoughts and such ... so, if my attitude has bothered or offended you - I am sorry. Truly. But I also want you to know that all that I've written, all that I've felt, has been real for me. For the moment ... and perhaps later on I will look back and say, "What a wacko." Very possible.

So ... enough of that *smile*. For today, some digipages I completed a LONG time ago. And now I'm working on a new project that I had hoped to complete at the beginning of the year - a digital renovation of my mom's baby/scrap book. There's a bunch of scanning to do *smile*, but I'm looking forward to another creative outlet ...
OH! And I FINALLY uploaded my Cruise digipages to Costco. It's all done ... all 28 double-paged layouts ... can't WAIT to put it in a book!!

To you, I wish you a day full of wonderful things.

19 March 2009

[talk: The Visit to the Hospital]

Today was the "x-ray" day at the hospital for my hubby. We went, praying that the pictures would show that his leg is healing and that he won't need surgery. The bones needed to overlap slightly and be straight ... and they are.

He won't need surgery!!

He's still in a ton of pain, and the doctor warned about the pain medication he was on ... the doctor suggested Advil in larger doses rather than the prescribed pain medication. I don't think my hubby was too happy about that, because the pain meds work really well - but he's very aware of the addictive nature of the drug, so he only takes the pain meds at night so he can sleep. The doctor said that was ok ... taking 2 a day is not going to be a problem.

And our help? SO great ... because of her, we were able to go to our appointment today without having to worry about what we were going to do with the kids. And next week there are dentist appointments and doctor appointments - it's so fantastic to not have to schedule around naps and such.

She's living with us for 4-6 weeks. She's cleaned out my pantry without my help (what a luxury!!). The laundry is done, I get to play with the boys AND the best thing I love right now is making fantastic meals b/c the boys are occupied while I'm cooking those last 30 minutes. Usually, my hubby does this - but since he got hurt, our meals have gone down the tube due to me losing my mind with the chaos in the kitchen.

We're talking about looking into an Agency for the future ... with Mattias starting kindergarten at a school that's 15 minutes away - it may be really helpful to have someone at our house so I can leave the sleeping baby ... or pick up groceries or do the banking, or whatever. I'm thinking that from August through March would be best ... I'm not sure how long the commitment has to be ...

But one thing, is trying to find things for the "help" to do, yet still do things myself. And teaching the boys to do things themselves. For instance ... I'm not going to stop making my bed *smile*. That would be lazy of me ... and the boys have to put their plates up to the sink when they're done their meals. I don't want to teach them to just get up from the table and someone else will do it for them.

So - for me - these few weeks of help are about having a bit of breathing room, not having everything done for me. And getting some of the "extras" finished. In fact, she and I are going to be starting to get the baby's room organized, as it's a hodgepodge of a room right now ... how great is that?

Can you tell that I'm doing much better? And for dinner tonight? Fillet Mignon with mushroom cream sauce, boiled new potatoes, steamed cauliflower with grated white Cheddar and salad. For dessert, we're having cubed kiwi fruit and sliced strawberries with whipped cream.

"Ahhhh" ... feeling good.

18 March 2009

[redhandedphotography: Site Update]

I've made some changes to my site www.redhandedphotography.com . There's a link to my redhanded photography blog now, and I've added a section called "Feature Wedding". I'm going to change that to "Recent Events" once I post more photos from upcoming bookings, including an 80th Birthday party I'm photographing next weekend.

If you stop by, and are interested in seeing 50 photos from last week's wedding, simply click the "Featured Wedding" icon, then click the wedding photo (it will look a little less strange once there are more photos to click different featured galleries).

You will need to be patient. There are 50 photos that upload - and it rotates to the beginning of the gallery if they aren't all loaded.

Would love to know your thoughts? ... a little nervous that only one person out of 130 hits yesterday, commented on the pics *grin*.

There it goes - my uneasiness rearing it's ugly head *grin*.

17 March 2009

[talk: Raising the White Flag]

For those of you who know me - I take a lot of pride in being a homemaker. Or perhaps you got the jyst of that by my blog title *smile*.

I have this thing, where I don't like help to do the things that I am capable of. I get offended (not a good quality) if people suggest help in these areas that I take pride in ... like, when I had our 2nd child and it was suggested to have someone clean our home. "Why?" I thought. "I'm not doing a good enough job??" I take pride in a clean, organized home ... I haven't ever wanted to have to say, "Oh, this clean house? I didn't do it ..."

I have a fear of people imagining me sitting on the couch, eating bonbons, while the house goes down the drain ... I mean, why bother? Someone's going to come in and clean it anyways. Or people thinking I'm out drinking Chai Lattes while someone else loves on our kids at home. And I have a fear of the mindless chatter of women ... you know the type - the kind that says, "Oh - she has help. Must be nice. I have 4 kids and a full time job, and I do everything myself. I am superwomen. Too bad she's so incapable."

Seriously. These are thoughts I have.

But today, I raise the flag. And I've had to really humble myself and tell myself, "it's ok." I cannot be pregnant, take care of 2 little ones for 12 hours, be the only car-driver in the home (meaning doing all the errands and pickup/drop offs), meal make, clean up ... all without a help-mate. I just can't. I've done it for a week - with the gracious help of family and friends throughout those days - and eventually, help starts to dwindle. That's just the way life is - and let's face it ... people lead busy lives and I cannot expect the world to stop to help me when I feel like a bucket of tears.

And, as my mother said, it will only be "ME" who eventually gets lost in all of this. I have photography jobs lined up, worship leading posts booked, piano teaching scheduled ... all would have to be changed while my hubby is unable to help.

We are having a Nanny move in with us today ... and I rejoice. This means that I can actually get OUT of the house ... maybe attend a Women's Event when the boys are in bed, or remake that Spa Utopia appointment that I cancelled last week. See, my hubby is not able to watch the boys - so even when they're tucked into bed, I cannot leave the house JUST in case one of the boys needs something.

I've been trapped, but now I'm free (so dramatic, I know ... it's only been one week). The Nanny moves in at 10am, and we're doing a "trial" until Friday and re-evaluating - giving all parties the opportunity to back out if needed. But I'm not worried.

And this Nanny is just a temp as we start the process of hiring a full-time one ... This Nanny is only in our city for a couple of months - but she will hold us over during the long process of hiring someone permanent.

For me - this means that I will have the energy to do the things that are important to me. Taking the boys to an activity, finishing up the bank statements, having time to prepare a meal, editing client's photos - all without worrying about the things that hang over me. The Nanny will be someone who fills in the gap.

So. There you have it.

I cannot do everything.

** On a side note - I delivered the wedding pics yesterday. It was so wonderful to have teary-eyed happy clients! I will now post some of my favourites at http://www.redhandedphotography.blogspot.com/ and at my official website http://www.redhandedphotography.com/ . Please keep checking back, as these photos will go up in stages ... thanks!!**

15 March 2009

[talk: Keep On Keepin' On ...]

Honestly ... I am pretty tired. Siah was up at 5am ... AGAIN. And it's just me upstairs now, just me getting up over and over again. Plus, Tias is on the couch with stomach cramps and Lu is complaining about his aching leg.


Does anyone notice that I'm sick? *grin*?? I was up most of the night hacking up crusties (I'm good at imagery, no?) and rotating what side I was lying on based on which nostril was open. Fun times ... *smile*. Ok. It's not remotely comparable to the problems of the world, but today, for me, I'm just about done.

I was reminding the Lord that I could do this, if He'd just let me get a full night's sleep. Seems to me that I was rising to the challenge, maybe even passing, so He thought He'd bring it up a notch.

I'm reading a book called "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Myers. I'm only at the beginning, but it basically has been talking about "victim mentality" and how our thoughts really can dictate our days, our lives. How true ... I find that when I mope and feel so tired and blah blah blah - I feel worse. But when I say, "You know what? Today IS better than yesterday ... and I know I'll have strength for tomorrow," it changes everything.

This is also to remind myself to be careful of allowing other's words to influence me negatively. Pity loves company ... although I do think it's healthy to have trustworthy family and friends to "vent" to. But people forget how powerful their words are. They can destroy in one foul swoop.

So my challenge to myself today is to watch my OWN words. My words to my kids, to those who call for a chat, to my poor couch-ridden husband. I will do my best to not complain *smile* when I'm asked to go up those blasted stairs for the 5th time in the hour.

OH!!! And I'm DONE the wedding pics. Oh, I am SOOOO pleased with them. I got them down to 740 from 2300 ... with about 250 of them being really great, and the others more "candid"/"documentary" style ... so not necessarily what you'd hang on your wall, but what one would enjoy looking back on.

I will post the link to my redhanded blog when I choose a few to post. How do I choose??? I may be uploading for eternity ...

For now, I'll leave you with some family bowling fun. We went a couple of weekends ago with my bro-in-law and sis-in-law and cousins ... the boys LOVED it. It'll be a looooong time before my hubby can do that again ... *sigh*.

Ah well. *smile* Have a good one!

13 March 2009

[talk: Is "Thank You" Enough?]

I'm finally at my computer - and what am I listening to? My husband whistling "Coldplay" while wheeling himself to the fridge to refill his water.

I wasn't going to write anything today - I really should be using this time that the boys are at my folk's place to continue going through and edit last week's wedding pics (I PROMISE I'll post some after I send them to the clients) - but this time I'm sitting down at my blog at the request of my husband.

How do you say "Thank You" to someone who gives you the gift of freedom? That's exactly what our friend, PL, did for us. Today he showed up at our home with special equipment that would help my hubby. My husband had been lying on the couch for over 65 hours - trying to sit up, trying to use crutches - but to no avail. This has been painful, frustrating and spirit deflating. I'm physically exhausted from lifting up his 40lb cast, balancing my husband's large frame, going up the stairs countless times in an hour to get the necessities as they're needed. Then, today, all has changed.

With the help of a wheelchair, my man has the ability to get around the house. He can do it HIMSELF. Yes, he won't be going up any stairs ... but even as I type this, I'm watching him go by the dishwasher ... "Why are you going over there?" I asked. "Because I haven't been here in a while," he answered.

So THANK YOU, PL. There are no words ... and to you too, SL, for contacting me and checking up (sorry I haven't replied to your emails ... emails are a luxury for the most part right now). Talk about knowing the "right people" *wink*!!

I have much to share with you all ... a lot of learning going on around here. But for now, I'll remind you what my dear friend CW reminded me. God gives you strength for right now ... now 3 hours from now, not 3 days or weeks from now. Just now. And most of us cans confidently say, "I can DO now ... " and just do that. And before you know it, you've walked through the hardest part, the initial learning curve, and you can look back and say, "I did it."

Of course, I've walked this learning-to-lean path already with Shalom, but God likes to remind us of lessons learned when we start to rely a little too much on ourselves, on our own planning. He's just like that. It's a good thing.

So - over the next few days, I'd like to post some lessons that I want to journal and maybe some of you might be able to relate to the journey of trust and patience. And this does not have everything to do with my hubby's injury - but this event has opened my heart to more that I need to look at in me.

So - whatever it is for you ... remember that you can make it through the next hour. And the next, and the next. Keep on keepin' on.

10 March 2009

[talk: The Hubby, The Rink, The Ambulance]

What a day.

It started with a phone call from my hubby at 8:45am - just as I was walking out the door with our boys to music class. He was in an ambulance, with what was thought to be a broken ankle.

Every Tuesday morning, he goes to skating lessons - specifically to improve his hockey skills. It was a Christmas gift and was a 10 week course. Today, during a drill, he rolled his foot and slammed into the boards ... at least that's what I think happened.

It was a big day - full of wonderful help from extraordinary friends. JP - you are a God-send ... a true definition of friend. My husband and I are lucky to have you and your giving wife in our lives. RM - thanks for lunch at the hospital *smile*. The BLT was perfect, and so was the light conversation. You are a life-long friend ... so so loved. TP - thank you for loving our boys and watching them today ... they had so much fun and it was such a relief to not have to drag them around emergency today. THANK you, you continue to grow a special place in my heart. And to all of you who phoned, who let me vent, who sent emails and notes ... thank you. I let my hubby know about them all.

So ... prognosis? A broken leg. The front bone (shin) not only broke, but split all the way down to the ankle, which is why his ankle was in so much pain. Seriously - he was in SO much pain. Diagnosis? Well. This is what it looks like ....

AND ... he will have it for 4 weeks, then another 12 weeks with a shorter cast. No hockey for the rest of the season, and possibly golf too - but not sure of the time line on that. But for now - I'm trying to figure out our lives ... being 15 weeks pregnant, I'm so tired - but now I'm taking care of 3 ... and what I'm most worried about is, is carrying things: the laundry basket (I'll just have to bring it down before it gets too heavy), the garbage cans, carrying Josiah when I'm tired at the end of the night.

I'm trying to figure out how he's going to get to work. With the full cast, he won't be able to reach the pedal with his right leg. So, potentially, I could be doing the driving ... and the thing that scares me the most - is not having a break, when I need it. I know that family and friends will help, but you know how it is - the moment when you really need it is usually the moment when no one is around. That's just the way it is, I'm preparing for that *smile*. But, not having a help mate for 4 weeks, or longer, just scares me.

BUT - I know that he is a strong, proud guy *smile*. He will not like to be waited on for very long ... he'll want to get out and do things. And if he's going out for lunch with the boys, I'm sure he'll be ready and willing to help out. HA! He'd better!

So there you have it.

OH and the wedding I photographed this past Saturday??? SO fun ... and the pics? I took 2300 of 'em. And there are a lot of "winners" in that pile ... I feel GREAT about it ... I'll post more about that tomorrow.

Or maybe the day after that. Depends what tomorrow holds for me *smile*.

05 March 2009

[redhandedphotography: Saturday's Wedding]

Well ... I'm a teensy bit panicked, I have to admit. I'm photographing a wedding this Saturday and am nervous not because of any reason other than the weather. The forecast for Saturday is rain ... and possibly snow *ugh*. And some lovely wind too. How great.

I have literally spent hours going through various sites, once also with the clients as they showed me the type of photos they would like: edgy, modern, fun. Which is all wonderful - except all of the decided locations are open air, and not under cover. Obviously, a bride is not going to want to stand in the rain - although she has purchased CUTE polka-dotted umbrellas for her and her girls ... but there's also the concern about my equipment in the rain. I can't hold an umbrella, or allow it to obstruct light ... *ugh*. Obviously, someone could help hold something over me - but stilllll.

So today I drove around, for hours, with my boys - university campuses, local parks and greenhouses, other church grounds, schools ... anywhere that had cover. But I am afraid that due to the weather, I will only be able to capture one STYLE of photo. Everything is overtly "urban" ... obviously, there won't be the sunlight streaming through the wheat as they walk hand in hand ... *sigh*.

SO, I have a list - and am satisfied that if the weather doesn't co-operate, I can still do a really great job and provide photos that my clients will fall in love with.

But I wonder if you would happen to have any ideas?

Would love to have a plan a, b, c, d ... and even e, I think.

[talk: SHOUT Outs ... update]

Just wanted to give you an update. One of the sites (lifelivedesign) has a new site that can be found here. One note, is that sometimes the menu panel goes vertical, as apposed to horizontal at the top of the page. Simply click one of the words to enter her site (ie cake decorating, flowers etc ...). Enjoy!

04 March 2009

[talk: SHOUT Outs]

I know that many of you who come and visit, are apart of a "circle of blogs". You found me through a friend's site, or you visit en route to another ... THANK YOU for stopping by.

This morning, I have a little boy with a fever on the couch, and another who is so full of energy. I was up at 3:45am this morning, administering medicine to Mattias, and to my hubby who had the shakes and a wicked cough. And being 14 weeks preggo (well, tomorrow I'm 14 weeks), I NEED my sleep ... how I'm going to get through another day, trapped at home, stuck in the rain, with little sleep ... Lord, help ME.

So, to "escape" for a few minutes, I like to roam around friend's blogs & pages and realized that they've created some pretty cool sites. So many of my friends have SUCH talent and a business sense that I so admire.

Here are some of my favourites ... and not all are blogs - but hey, go visit ... And - they're in NO particular order *wink*. Love 'em ALL.

www.michaelvwilson.com : I am so proud of my cousin ... he and his wife moved from New Zealand to Canada a few years ago, and have really run with the opportunity here. His dream is to create movie scores, and I can't WAIT to see his name in the credits one day. Visit his site to hear some of the music he's created ... I'm certain you'll be impressed!

www.art-blocks.com : That same cousin, and his wife, have SUCH great business sense and saw an opportunity to market something new for our city. These art blocks feature scenes from Canada and are being marketed to merchants in the city for the 2010 Olympic Games. SO smart!!

"With Love" Cakes By Shawna : This girl is sheer talent ... and grown a hobby into a business. Her work is simply lovely, affordable and done with excellence. I'm so proud of her passion for living life and creating beautiful treats!

Entertaining My Way: My close friend and I think very alike. Organized, structured ... logical. And when she decided she was going to post recipes, she figured it best to put them on their own site. I LOVE this page ... I know most of these recipes personally ... and am addicted to her "Cream Corn." I warn you ... if you try it, you will - um - gain 10 pounds. BUT IT'S SO WORTH IT!

LIFELIVEDESIGN : My dear friend, AL, is as smart as they come. She has her Masters and I love a good, deep discussion with her. Her business, though, shows her creative side and her attention to detail. Everything she does, she does well ... *smile*
Ok ... I must get onto doping up my child with more Tylenol (poor little guy). Hopefully you'll enjoy visiting these sites ... and if you haven't been before, come visit my new photography site. Would love to have you drop by: http://www.redhandedphotography.com/

If YOU have a site that you'd like me to post, let me know ... always love to learn and see new things!

03 March 2009

[talk: The Bachelor. How Pathetic.]

Ok. What is WRONG with our world, people??

I haven't commented much on the show, "The Bachelor", but I cannot refrain from venting about the lack of standard that our generation seems to have. I cannot get OVER how people are all, "ohhh - it's such a love story for Molly and Jason." Are you KIDDING me? He is wishy washy, and has lost all credibility as far as I'm concerned. His excuse being that he wished he could "control his feelings" is something I was taught in grade 8 ... men CAN control their emotions and don't let them manipulate you into thinking that they are "poor, unfortunate souls" who have to succumb to every whim based on how they feel.

This seems to be the way our society thinks ... do what feels good. Don't worry about hurting other people, don't worry about breaking your word, don't worry about teaching your children that love is a feeling that changes from day to day. You commitment is based on your heart, not your word.

Now ... certainly, there is room for error. Obviously - he shouldn't marry someone that he feels isn't right for him ... but it doesn't dismiss the words he used and the fact that he felt strong enough to tell Molly that he was not choosing her because he was "in love with someone else." Or, did he forget that??

Ok. My blood is boiling ... here is what I posted on a friend's site on her comment page. It pretty much sums it up for me:

Ok. Here's my thing ... I didn't know anything prior to watching the show - and I was mighty shocked. Not that he chose Melissa, but that he backed out. As far as I'm concerned, he has lost all credibility ... his words mean nothing. How can Molly possibly trust anything he says?? And kissing him 20min after he breaks up with his FIANCE??? The woman he said he LOVED and wanted to be with FOREVER.

I was pleased that Melissa at least said a few things on her mind ... made him look like a the fool that he is. Not because he chose her, but because he is spineless and a wimp.

Makes me sick. This is not a love story - this is not the "happy ending" for Molly and Jason ... it is exactly what is wrong with our world. The mere fact that he kept saying that he wished he could control his emotions, is the lamest thing ever. COME ON PEOPLE. This is the standard that people have come up with ... do what FEELS right. Don't live with regrets.

And as for Molly ... sincerely pathetic. She should have gotten up, walked out and reminded him that he PROPOSED to someone else. He had his chance ... and had the esteem to not be someone's 2nd choice.

All I know is that I've seen him say "I love you" to 2 women, get on his knee, propose ... and now he's onto someone else ... all in a year.

How can this be anything but shameful?

Did you watch? Do you care? Do you think that this is a love story, that we should give Jason a break? Do you think that our moral standard of feelings vs commitment is tainted? Do you think reality t.v. has gone too far - and made a mockery over the sanctity of marriage? Will you watch next season??
*sigh*. Ok. I'm tired.