23 August 2010

[tias: Out. Out. OUT.]

Well.  I'm on day 7 of migraine fun.  And I'm wondering what on EARTH is making my head pound ... too much photo editing on the computer?  Possibly.  Not enough water?  Maybe.  Sore back and neck?  Yup.  Maybe that too ...  Lack of sleep, due to tossing/turning and headaches??  Probably that too ... 

Whatever it is - it is driving me mental.  And if it doesn't let up, I'll be visiting my doctor.

All that aside - my little guy had a monumental morning.

For the last few weeks, Tias has been fiddling with his loose tooth.  And making us all queezy with the way he refused to pull it out.  In fact, last night we headed to Cold Stone after Recovery Church, and ordered Tias a waffle cone ... but he wasn't having any part of it.

Big tears, sniffles and outbursts of sobbing ... and he was so afraid to go to sleep because my hubby thought it'd be a smart idea to terrify Tias into pulling it out (ie "You'll choke if you don't pull it out ... ").  Brilliant.  Not.

So, this morning?  We're all doing our thing in the kitchen and voila,  Tias calmly looks at us and says, "It's out," while holding his tiny tooth in his hand.

We cheered and high-fived ... and I'm excited for the new role of tooth fairy and seeing the delight on his face tomorrow morning ... 

I'm so glad I took those photos a few weeks ago - because my little boy's smile has changed.  But it's still perfection to me.

Have a great one!

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