08 August 2016

[cakes: Skylanders Cake ]

This morning the kids asked if we could see all of the birthday cakes I've made over the years.  With Mattias and Katia both having birthdays this month - they're busy plotting and planning for what they'd like me to make them this time.

So, I came here to look - and see that I haven't blogged since LAST YEAR??  Probably has something to do with the fact that we all catch up with each other daily with pics and posts on FB, IG + Snapchat ... who needs to blog??

Well -- the kids noticed that some of their cakes were missing, so apparently I do LOL.

It was really fun, though, looking through the pics.  The kids giggled and made fun of how messy their hair was, or how excited they were in the "reveal" pics.  Birthday cakes were never a big thing for me when I was growing up -- and I never actually intended for them to be so important to our own kids.  But some how they are.  

Mattias is turning 12 this week - and I said, "do you still want me to make you a cake?", thinking I wouldn't want to embarrass him.  His eyes got big, "MOM.  Your cakes are my favourite part!"

*warm fuzzy feelings*

Ok - so I'm backtracking right now.  Siah's birthday was in January, but here's the Skylanders Cake I built for him.   All of the cakes I do, I promise - they stress me out.  And when I searched on Pinterest for Skylanders cakes --- I just about fell over.  Special thanks too all of those professional bakers who inspire perfection ... but holy moly.  Not possible for me!!

Here's what I came up with ... pics of the cake, along with he "reveal".


So, I didn't take any pics of the actual "building" of the cake - for some strange reason.  I took parts of other cakes I saw, simplified them - and created something that I could do without too much hair-pulling-out-of-my-head.

The cookies used as posts, or wood, or whatever they're supposed to be LOL - really helped me a lot. I mean, how hard it is to cut a cookie in half ... ?? 

I made the sheep -- I thought they were pretty cute.  I had no idea Skylanders had sheep lol.  Thanks again, Pinterest, for the ideas! 

 I used one of Siah's Skylander characters ... zero chance I was making one of those.

 The morning reveal ... a special time in our house ...

 Nothing makes it more worth it, like a big ol' happy kid.

I love how Siah inspects his cake ... he pays attention to all the details.  I love that.

He inspected it from all sides LOL ...

SO yeah. that was January's cake.  And in the next 2 weeks I'm going to be finding myself creating two more.

Tias wants a hockey cake ... um.  I failed to post his Canucks cake from last year ... 

Katia wants me to REMAKE her 3 year old Hello Kitty cake - the easiest, quickest cake I ever made. If I do that ... life will be easy!!  


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