28 June 2012

[new house: Change is Good.]

Well.  I've been silent, only because I've been busy.  In fact - I've got a to-do list the length of my arm for today ... but instead - I thought I'd stop, breathe and jot down what's been going on around here.

When we bought our current home, it was with the intent that we would stay here forever.  At least that's what I thought ... my hubby, not-so-much.  When I met him, he was a builder - his father is a builder, his brother is a builder - and it was always his dream to build his own home.

I won't lie - it was kinda hot thinking that he could *grin*.

Fast forward 5 years and three kiddies - and we needed to decide where our kids would attend school.  We chose a school about 20 minutes away, on the other side of town ... and each day that I carpool I have been reminded of what my hubby said, "one day, we will build."

Now, school is out - but a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I was drowning in the WASTE of time that was known as "driving".  I was watching Katia in the rear-view-mirror a few times a day ... I was finding that I couldn't finish anything I started, for having to pack up and drive out to pick up for preschool, then grade school ... some days I drove back and forth 6 times.

I called my hubby, crying.  "I don't care WHAT we live in, we just have to be closer to the school ... this is craziness."  We love the school, and want our kids to have roots there ... with Tias going into grade 3, there are extra curricular activities offered to him next year.  Siah will be in kindergarten ... and Katia in preschool, two days a week.  That's a LOT of driving.

Now, I don't know if that was the push he needed, or if it just happened to be perfect timing, but within two weeks we were new owners ... 

Let me introduce you to our 38year old home, on 1.08acres ... FOUR minutes from the school!!

And our street ... a dead end, all 1 acre lots ... quiet, flat, big trees ... 

Now ... our current home is so lovely.  It's 3700 square feet ... open concept, totally renovated to our liking ... and our new place?  Um.  Well ... let's just say, it's going to be a big change for us - in a good way ... but a change, none-the-less.

My new kitchen ... about 1/2 the size of what I have now.

The eating area (won't be hosting grand parties anytime soon, I think ...) ... with dusty rose carpet.  But let me tell you ... it's immaculate.  The owners were incredibly meticulous in taking care of this home.

... laundry:  IN the kitchen.

The deck.

The hallway.  And me, taking a photo of it.

The one bathroom upstairs, very blue, with a door to our "master" bedroom as well.

Our master bedroom ... 

We are thinking this will be Katia's room - right across the hall from us.

This room is VERY small ... possibly to be used for storage or some of our bedroom furniture that won't fit in the master bedroom ... 

The cozy living area ... This room felt so lovely to me.  I imagined a Christmas tree in the corner, watching the snow fall out the massive window.  The fireplace is so nice too ... 

Downstairs (well - main floor, I guess - as it's a basement entry house) - is unfinished.  We will be putting up the drywall and inexpensive flooring before we move in.  This will be the kid's space ... couches, TV and toys.

This room is on the entry-level ... both boys will sleep in here.  At least that's the plan.  If it's a problem, then that small upstairs room will house Katia and Josiah will get the room that's currently assigned to her.  We shall see.

The main-level bathroom.  So ... there are two bathrooms in total.

We have a girl who lives with us ... this will be her room.  So yeah, that's 5 bedrooms - and one of the main reasons we knew this would a perfect place for us ... for now.

Why do I say, "for now"?  Because THIS is why we bought the house.  THIS is the view from my kitchen window.  THIS is our future ... 

Now ... over the last 3 years (specifically), we've been praying that the Lord would "increase our territory".  Lu and I have a massive heart for hosting and having people in our home.  From our very first basement suite, we've been having large groups in our home - people stopping by and staying longer than planned ... we love it.  But as our friend group has gotten "older", so have their kids ... and how many kids they have.  We were finding that we weren't able to do what we dreamed of, in the house we currently live in.

But there were specific things we needed - and so we prayed and waited.  Firstly, the land HAD to be flat for the homeplan we wanted to build.  Secondly, it had to be close to the school.  Thirdly, it had to be more than 1/2 an acre.  Fourthly, we prayed for a home on the property that we could live in while we build - rather than carry two mortgages, or have to rent.  And that house would HAVE to be in a location on the property so that we COULD build, while living there.  Finally, it had to be a good price.

Well ... after 3 years and me thinking that it would NEVER happen, me thinking my hubby was too picky, me thinking that our dreams were too big.  Well - it's happened.  I still can't believe it.

 ... I brought the boys out to see it ... and they found some sticks and began playing just as I had dreamed they would.  Now - moving is a scary thing ... change can make me nervous.  And when you trade in the "city" for the "country", you lose the ability to bike-ride to Coldstone for ice-cream on a hot summers day.  Your kids may or may not have neighbour kids to play with ... you lose the convenience of popping into the bank, or picking up milk or whatever ...

BUT.  There will be days that I will drop off and pick up my kids from school, and never see a stoplight.  The local farmers sell produce and farm-eggs ... the peace and quiet, the imagination and space our kids will have.

It's all quite overwhelming.

So the plan?  Well ... we get the keys in September, so we'll move in and start planning the next stage.  It takes a LOT of time to build - but we really aren't in any rush.  We're there - where we're going to be - and the rest is just the Lord's timing.

We plan to be in this new place for about a year, and then will start building - and that'll take, what, 8months?  A year?  I'm not really sure ... but watching the process, having my kids see it all happen ... living there.  

I'm so excited.

And THAT .., that is what's been going on around here.  So - you wanna buy our house?? *grin*

Have a great one!!

(** all photos were taken with my IPhone ... what a handy little gadget ... )


Dawn Carrick said...

So happy and excited for you guys....dreams coming true is an amazing thing!

Shawna said...

Lovely...can't wait to come for a country coffee, Paul thinks we'll never see you guys, I said he's wrong -- we shall see ;)