19 March 2009

[talk: The Visit to the Hospital]

Today was the "x-ray" day at the hospital for my hubby. We went, praying that the pictures would show that his leg is healing and that he won't need surgery. The bones needed to overlap slightly and be straight ... and they are.

He won't need surgery!!

He's still in a ton of pain, and the doctor warned about the pain medication he was on ... the doctor suggested Advil in larger doses rather than the prescribed pain medication. I don't think my hubby was too happy about that, because the pain meds work really well - but he's very aware of the addictive nature of the drug, so he only takes the pain meds at night so he can sleep. The doctor said that was ok ... taking 2 a day is not going to be a problem.

And our help? SO great ... because of her, we were able to go to our appointment today without having to worry about what we were going to do with the kids. And next week there are dentist appointments and doctor appointments - it's so fantastic to not have to schedule around naps and such.

She's living with us for 4-6 weeks. She's cleaned out my pantry without my help (what a luxury!!). The laundry is done, I get to play with the boys AND the best thing I love right now is making fantastic meals b/c the boys are occupied while I'm cooking those last 30 minutes. Usually, my hubby does this - but since he got hurt, our meals have gone down the tube due to me losing my mind with the chaos in the kitchen.

We're talking about looking into an Agency for the future ... with Mattias starting kindergarten at a school that's 15 minutes away - it may be really helpful to have someone at our house so I can leave the sleeping baby ... or pick up groceries or do the banking, or whatever. I'm thinking that from August through March would be best ... I'm not sure how long the commitment has to be ...

But one thing, is trying to find things for the "help" to do, yet still do things myself. And teaching the boys to do things themselves. For instance ... I'm not going to stop making my bed *smile*. That would be lazy of me ... and the boys have to put their plates up to the sink when they're done their meals. I don't want to teach them to just get up from the table and someone else will do it for them.

So - for me - these few weeks of help are about having a bit of breathing room, not having everything done for me. And getting some of the "extras" finished. In fact, she and I are going to be starting to get the baby's room organized, as it's a hodgepodge of a room right now ... how great is that?

Can you tell that I'm doing much better? And for dinner tonight? Fillet Mignon with mushroom cream sauce, boiled new potatoes, steamed cauliflower with grated white Cheddar and salad. For dessert, we're having cubed kiwi fruit and sliced strawberries with whipped cream.

"Ahhhh" ... feeling good.

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Nickie said...

You sound much less stressed now - I'm so happy! I'm glad that your help is working out so well for you.

Side note for your hubby - most pain specialists state that if you are actually in pain, then taking pain killers will not get addicting. It's when people take a pain killer and are not actually in great pain that they run into problems with addictions. It sounds like his pain is very real and lots of it, so I say just take the good stuff! Just my humble nursing opinion :)