28 January 2011

[redhandedphotography: THE BIG LAUNCH!!]


After some hilarious drama last night - I found out the some people could see my NEW SITE ... and I couldn't.  I didn't even know it was UP.  How is that possible??  Maybe it takes time for all the computers around the world to view it ... but when I started having people congratulating me on it - and I had no clue what they were talking about *grin*.  Gotta love Facebook!

BUT now - I can see it ... 

Oh please, oh please ... stop by!!  There is a LOT to look at ... and I'm sure I'll be tweaking it over the next few days.  Creating a site is ADDICTING.  Things can always be rearranged, changed, improved.

And would you take a moment to comment here? *blush*  So nervous, so excited - it was so much work.  Would LOVE to know your thoughts ... and I won't be offended about things you think could make it better!!

Here's the site:  http://www.redhandedphotography.com

Oh boy.

Now I'll just sit and wait.

*tapping fingers on the counter ...*


Patti said...

Oh Tania, It's gorgeous. You should feel so pleased with what you've create. You are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

The site is amazing! I smiled many times as I peeked here and there.....You should be MORE than happy with your new site!

Anonymous said...

previous comment is from your silent fan - Auntie Ruth :)

Nickie said...

LOVES it!!!! It looks great Tawn! I love the fonts that you used and the simple white background. It's clean and fun.
My only suggestion would be to have a button on every page (maybe your logo?) that allows the viewer to get back to the main home page, rather than having to back out through the menus.
Great job!

Tawn said...

hey Nickie ... now that's strange. I DO have an icon on every pages that takes you "home" ... the camera with the swirl in the top right corner.

did that not work?

Gizelle said...

That's absolutely gorgeous. I love the music. Can you share who is a singer and the name of the song. Staning pictures! You are so talented in many ways. Thank you for sharing!