21 September 2011

[cakes: Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake.]

Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  Little Einstein Rocket Cake.  

Seriously - I was going to make my head SPIN trying to figure this one out.

It was Katia's 2nd birthday in August, and we had a little "friend" party for her on Saturday night.  Friends who had "2-year-olds" were invited and as Katia is in LOVE with the Little Einsteins, I figured a Rocket Cake would be perfect.

Here's what I did ... thanks to google searching and seeing other fantastic Rocket Cakes.

I started with two 9x13 sheet cakes, one 4x12 cake and a 4inch circle cake.  Or something like that. 

I placed the two sheet cakes together, and iced them with butter frosting, coloured sky-blue.

... cut off part of the 4x12 cake ... placed it on the cake.

Trimmed the edges of the circle cake ... placed it on top ... 

Iced it in red (ok - dark pink??) frosting.  The red dye changed the molecular structure of the icing so much, it almost became fondant.  I didn't use a spatula.  I used my hands ... CLEAN hands *wink*.

For the engines, I used two ice cream cones, iced them in the red frosting.  Used 2 marshmallows on toothpicks and frosted them blue for the centers ... stuck 'em in.

I realized it looked funny.  That's when I remembered the FRONT of the ship.  Good thing I had left over circle cake that I had trimmed off ... and voila.  I used some "set aside" blue frosting for the window, outlined in red liquorice.  I had wanted black liquorice, but couldn't find any ... 

I iced it .. 

The, I put some writing on ... placed some figurines ... did a little detailing with two yellow m'n'ms and some metal ball candies.  

The top of the rocket is a red lollypop, iced ...

And the spoilers on the engine are cut graham crackers, iced and stuck on to the ice cream cones ... 

And there you have it ... 

Again ... FAR from perfect ... a bit wobbly, a bit rugged.  But I don't claim to be a cake decorator.  I'm more of a cake ... builder *grin*.

Katia LOVED it.  She sang the theme song every time she saw it - which I actually had to put it away because she wanted to play with it.  And yes ... I ran out of blue frosting in the front.  A little bit of poor judgement on that ... should've just not iced the back *wink*.

Hope you enjoyed this post ...

Have a great one!!


Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

Well done! I am always SO impressed with your cakes! I think it's so great and something your kids will always appreciate that you do for them!

Susan Gibbons said...

Wow! That is awesome. I love building cakes too - not so good at the pretty decorating part though.

Do you use the Michael's food colourings for dye? The sky blue colour looks like one of theirs, but you mentioned you had issues with red. They have a red dye that you need so little of that it doesn't affect the icing consistency. I like their dyes because you literally only need a few drops to get the colour you want. Just thought I would mention that, as I know you have many more cakes in your future!

Such a cute cake...for such a cute kid!

mackyton said...

Never seen such an amazing rocket cake and cute colors used for birthdays. Best place to have all sorts of parties are different set ups of venue NYC we saw online. Also hired one of them for my niece's birthday. Pretty decorations done were praised by all guests. Clicked innumerable pictures for everlasting memories.