21 July 2009

[new baby: Almost 34 Weeks]


Well, in some ways I feel like I've been pregnant forever - and in others, I'm a wee bit nervous about being a "ticking time bomb" and waiting for labour to begin. People who say you forget the pain, are liars *wink*.

Our eldest son was born at 36.5 weeks, and our second born was born 10 days early. So, I'm hoping that this baby follows their big brothers and comes EARLY. Here's a pic of me at 33.5wks - I'm sooo swollen and stretched. I weep for my pre-preggo body *wink*. OH - if you haven't voted - check the right side of my blog and post your vote: girl or boy??
Our renos are NOT done ... waiting for the banister guy to finish his job so the carpet can come in, so the baseboards can be finished, so the painting guy can complete the details. I hate the "not quite finished" stage ... I just want to be DONE. I'm so wanting to post pics, but NOTHING's completely finished.
So - that leaves me with my thought for the day: patience. I sing that song to Tias often, "have patience, have patience, don't be in suuuuuch a hurry." But, again, I am reminding myself to BE patient, to enjoy - even the painful, swollen feet and hands - because I will never be in a place I am today, ever again.

It's easy to always look ahead and think, "Oh - I can't WAIT for this to happen" ... but the truth is, is that it's our every day life that we'll look back with fondness on. One day, I won't be making dinner for a 4yr old and 2 yr old. One day, I won't be changing diapers. One day, I won't have a big house to worry about. One day, the house will be quiet.

So - today I am going to make the MOST of it.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC day doing whatever it is that makes life worth while for you!!

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Canadian Kristin said...

Morning, Tania!
You look fabulous and I'm loving that hairstyle on you!!!! I remember ice cubes and a baby pool and my swollen ankles.... put your feet up when you can, it helps the swelling!!!
Hugs from the campsite!