21 July 2008

[Digiscrap: Oh Boy, It's Late]

I think I'm going cross-eyed ... so tired - did SO much today. We were leaving Penticton after taking the boys for a morning swim at the hotel when my folks had asked if we'd join them for a visit to our friend's place right on the lake. Um. YEAH!

So we went to their beautiful home - Josiah had his nap their while we took Mattias out on the boat. Such a wonderful, sunny afternoon. Then we headed back to Vancouver through Princeton - and had my FIRST DQ treat since I started the "Biggest Loser". I had a small-cone-in-a-cup. And it was heaven *grin*.
Here are a few of the pages I did while I was away ... Josiah would nap in the afternoon and that allowed a bit of "me" time - and I read & digiscrapped. My H was on the golf course *grin* - and he WON a new pair of golf shoes at the tournament ...
OK. I'm rambling. SO TIRED.
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