24 March 2011

[talk: My Name.]

I love nicknames ... our home is full of them.

All of us have 3 syllable first names (yup - that was planned ...).  So those names can all be shortened:  Mattias is Tias, Josiah is Siah, Katia is Taya or Kat (thanks hubby - you promised that wouldn't happen *wink*).  We also call Tias "monkey",  Siah "silly boy" and Taya "Boo-bear".

I love nicknames.  I think they show love and friendship  ... as long as they're kind ones.  They're a term of endearment.  They're special.  They show relationship.

I had a bunch of nicknames as I was growing up ... My dad called me "Mrs. Jones" ever since I can remember - which was really funny when I dated a guy for a few weeks with that same last name *grin*.   My brother was "little green truck" ... Tias became "toad", Siah "goofas" and Katia "angel face".  My  dad loves nicknames too.

In elementary school, I actually told people my name was Tanya ... I hated my own 3syllable "Tawn-ee-yah" name.  No one could pronounce it.  So - I was Tanya to a lot of people for a while ... 

Then jr high came ... and along with it came the need to have a unique name.  So I instantly became a member of the Name Police and would fine anyone who said my name wrong.  It was annoying for me, annoying for my friends.  Having a name that no one could remember to pronounce correctly was frustrating.

So, my friends in high-school started giving me nicknames - probably because they were afraid I would ticket them for saying my real name incorrectly *grin* (that's a joke.).  I was called by my last name a lot (my maiden name, that is) ... in all sorts of bizarre combos.  I was called Spunky.  I was called Pebbles (because I used to twirl a pencil in my hair like the bone that Pebbles on Flintstones did ... ) ... I was called Shorty, Stumpy, Little One ... My boyfriend in high-school ... he always, always called me Tania - the right way.

Friends started calling me Tawn around then too.  In fact, when I introduced myself I often said, "Hi - I'm Tania (Taw-nee-yah), but you can call me Tawn."  And that spelling?  It just happened once I got online.  "Tan" doesn't work - it's the wrong pronunciation.    "Ton" looks weird.   So Tawn it became.

In my early 20's my boyfriend at the time gave me another nickname, and all my friends in that group adopted it - so I was called Tawny.  I had an uncle who called me that too ... he was the only adult who ever did.   I don't know where he came up with it - but when he called me Tawny, I loved it.   He passed away a few years ago - and I miss being called that by him.  No one calls me that anymore.

Now - I get called a bunch of things.  My brother always, always calls me "T".  "Hey T," he'll say.  I like that.  I'm not sure when it started, but it's special to me.  And my hubby has a couple of good friends that call me TDot.  Strange.  Maybe.  But I like it ... I feel like their little sister.  Or should I say, smaller sister :-).  Some of my friends that are a part of the worship team at my church call me T-Dawg.  **shaking head**.  REALLY don't know where that came from ... but I like it just the same.

I once read that a girl's favourite word to hear, is her name.  I totally think so ... maybe - for me - it's because only a few people in this world say it right.  So when I hear it said correctly - it melts me.  Strange.   And it's not just that - there are people who try to say it properly, but it sounds ... strained?  I can have my back to someone, and have them say my name perfectly - and I know that I've known them forever.  I feel like they know me.  It's a strange thing ...

My hubby?  He calls me Tawn.  I've given him a million lessons on how to say my name and he THINKS he says it properly.  After almost 14 years together - it's still not right.  Ahhh well.  Tawn is just fine.

So.  That's my post on nicknames.  

What do you like to be called?  Do you have nicknames for you kids?  Or are you a "I named my child Maria, and Maria she shall be called ..." kind of a person?

Have a great one :-).  


Shawna said...

I'm "Shaw" or "Shawnee" to Paul
I'm "Shawn" to both my parents, but was also pebbles when I was young.
My brothers call me "Shawnee"

I call Jacob "JJ" or "JJ-Magee" - don't know where they came from, just evolved. And I call Cole "Coley" or "Coley-ba-doley"

That's it ;) Fun post!

Thanks Tawn ;)

Gizelle said...

The name Tanya is a very popular russian name. :))

Chris is a geek said...

Well, I learn something new every day. I had no idea how to pronounce your name! (Buess because I only know you here) I knew it wasn't "tan-ya", I thought it was "ton-ya".

As for nick names, my dad would call my sister and I, "Bub" and my mom would call us "sis". Our children's names can't be shortened, or we don't like them to be (Justin and Ashleigh), but our daughter has been called "pumpkin" or "pumpkin pie". Justin doesn't really like being called anything else. When he was a baby he was called "Justin Bustin", but now doesn't like it.

Chris is a geek said...


Rebekah Mazzei said...

Your cousin DF has called me "Rabi" since I was 4 years old(yup like a Jewish Priest).

My father calls me Rebs. Always has...always will.

All cute and speical in their own way ;)

susan said...

Great post...and I have to admit, I didn't know how to say your name either...but then again we've never met either so I've not HEARD your name.

I was Susie to my Nanny and a couple of my Aunts & Uncles - I hate it from anyone else but from them I it's okay. And I'd give anything to hear my Nan say "Susie" again.

Our son Seth is Sether. Isabelle is many things...trouble, diva, oh, yah...her NICK NAME! Izzie, Izzaboo, Boo, and to her she is Izzie boo boo. And the baby, our wee Silas. He is Si or Siborg.

Thanks for this post...it was fun to think about.


Rishana said...

Love this post!!! I Love nicknames... love making them and love being called by them!

To everyone closest to me, I am "Shawnee" (my brother gave me the name when I was a baby and it stuck. Surprised me that it's the same spelling as Shawna's!)
Sometimes I get called "Shawn", "Shawna" or "Rishawn" but mostly "Shawnee".
Around friends that I have made as an adult, I am affectionately known as "Bozzie" or "Bozzard"!
Doug is "Dougie", we used to call him "Doogie", but he's grown out of that!!!
I call Kyra "Birdie" and sometimes "Ky-Bird"!
Caleb is "Bobs", it started as "K-Bob" and is sometimes "Bubs" (but I get in trouble in public for that one!)
I guess that I love nicknames for a similar reason as you. When I give my full name it always has to come with the spelling, pronounciation and explaination! there's something special about being called by a nickname, like it indicates an intmacy or level of relationship that is higher then just knowing someones name. A secretary at a Dr's office can call you by name, but only someone who really knows and cares for you will call you by your nickname!

Rhonda said...

i hardly ever get called by my real name...it's actually foreign to me to hear "rhonda"...to name a few: Roo, Q, Rudy, Rudifer,Roo-Boo, Roosies, Ladybug (thanks to mom for changing it up a bit!!)...i like 'em all!

Tawn said...

WOW!!! Comments??? REALLY?? *grin*. Thanks everyone for sharing ... loved reading every one of them!!

~ tawn.ee.yah. :-)

Jenn VH said...

I was always my full name, Jennifer, until around college and then I started introducing myself as Jenn (not really a nickname, but it's what I answer to best!). Now when I hear someone call me Jennifer it sounds foreign to me. A few people could get away with calling me Jenny through the years--my Dad, my hubby's aunt and one girl I went to college with called me Jenny from the start and for some reason it didn't bother me. I've also been Peginer, Pej and Fern from friends through the years. As for my kids and hubby, Lauren has been Lolo (still is), or just Lo and sweet pea when she was a really little girl. Luke has always been Lukey, Lukester, or his favourite, Luke Skywalker! Elise is Lisey, Lisey Bear, Lisey Weesey. Hubby Grant is Granty, Grantham, Clifford the big red dog (his middle name--the Clifford part!).
I agree, nicknames said by people in kindness bring a warmness and a sense of belonging and kinship. Good post--it sure has gotten some great responses! :0)