01 April 2009

[talk: Another Update]

Well - when we do something around here, we do it full tilt. HA!

I went to go pick up my hubby at 10am yesterday ... and he was discharged at 11am, once he could show that he could use his crutches.

His surgeon came in, told us how well the surgery went - although it was longer than he had thought as the bones had begun to set in the wrong place. He told us that there would be a lot of pain, to watch out for a "choking" feeling around his leg, cold/blue toes and tremendous, writhing pain. Those were indications of something very bad, and we would need to go to emergency right away.

I wish he had just told me, instead of planting these ideas in my hubby's head. How was he supposed to decipher between really bad pain, and tremendous pain? He had 2 plates, numerous screws and staples put in - never mind the bone being adjusted and filed down ... makes me cringe just thinking about it ...

Throughout yesterday, I would ask him the rotation of questions and make sure that his toes were always warm. But by around 8:30pm, he was starting to get anxious about the pain - and by 10pm he was telling me the pain was a 9 out of 10. He wanted to go to emergency.

Now - in our first year of marriage, my hubby was needing spinal surgery for a ruptured disk in his neck. THAT was a 9/10 and I know how he acted during those bouts of tremendous pain. Last night, he never showed that - and I was very skeptical as to whether the pain was causing him to want to go to the hospital, or whether it was the worry.

After questioning him repeatedly, and totally NOT to diminish his pain or anxiousness, I realized that he was not taking the adequate pain medication as often as he was meant to. Armed with that, I suggested he take his full dose (to which he fell asleep soon after) - and I set my alarm for 2:30am to make sure I went to check up on him.

At 2:30am I went downstairs, gave him his meds and asked him how the pain was ... he said it was a "Zero". HA! But then, he said, "But I'm pretty sure that's just because of the pain killers." I LAUGHED ... of course it was *smile*. He seems to think he needs to be in pain, or not take the pain meds ... which is so silly, having had such intrusive surgery.

He's been doing much better, in my humble opinion. Definitely feels the twang of "ouch" every now and then - but not nearly the way it's been for the last few weeks.

And me? Well, I'm feeling my heavy eyelids way too early ... but am able to rest right now. A friend has Mattias, and Josiah is sleeping - so I think I'll do the same. I have to remember to take care of the wee one inside of me too *smile*.

I hope to find something else to talk about tomorrow ... *smile*

... and is it really April?? Oh my WORD ...

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Crystal said...

yes, don't forget to take care of you and that baby:) Put your feet up and get some rest! I think God has given a little warrior inside of you to help you get through these times! That's what I like to think of when I am having a tough day..I got this amazing little being in my belly helping me get through my day:)!