02 November 2009

[biggest loser: It's Monday Again ...]

Well - first off - I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a fantastic time trick-or-treating with our kids ... and whether you choose to be involved in Halloween or not, I hope that you made some wonderful memories with those you love.

I'll post more on that later this week ...

Secondly, yesterday was my first time leading worship at my home church since having Katia. I've been on "mat leave" (ha! is there such a thing for volunteers???), and found myself super nervous yesterday. Part of it, is that I usually have plenty of time to prepare for the service. And with a newborn who needs me RIGHT when I'm trying to get things done, made preparing sooo difficult. ANYway - before the service I asked God to not let my human-ess get in the way - to do what He wanted, despite all the things that I didn't do to prepare. And things went well. He's good that way *smile* ...

OK - now for the Biggest Loser weigh in. Are you all still there??? Are you making giant leaps, or baby steps?? I love it when you choose to leave comments - then I don't feel so "putting myself out there" and on my own *grin*!!

I had so hoped to wear "normal" pants, the first time I lead worship. Well. No. Didn't happen. I had on those stupid maternity pants ... BUT I was able to squeeze myself into my size6 petite pants in the morning ... I just couldn't sit in them *laughing* - so out came the maternity pants. Next time, right? ... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ... I had also hoped to be in the 140's by the time I lead worship again ... nope.

Today's weigh in: 150.8lbs waist: 34inches hips: 38.5inches.

So - I'm down 2.4lbs and half an inch on my waist and hips from last week. Slowly, but surely ... right?? If I think about being happy to be 150lbs, it kinda makes me a bit ill ... I have such a long way to go ... another 25lbs seems a lifetime away. How I wish I was 125lbs with a 29inch waist. But I need to just remember "baby steps"...

My goal for next week? 148lbs, 33.5 inch waist and 37.5 inch hips. Oh - and to wear NORMAL pants for the Christmas production in December. I can lose 10 pounds by December, right???

How did you do this week??


Patti said...

Nice to hear that Worship went well on Sunday.

You are doing so well with your weight loss and inches lost. You should be so proud of yourself.

I totally understand the whole "it's taking SO LONG" but remember it took 9 months to get it on and you shouldn't be upset with yourself at all if it takes that long to get it off. You will do it, though.....you have before.

I, too, lost this week. Yah for loss even over Halloween.

Nelson Coopers said...

Well I am finally losing again!! I have managed to lose what I put on over a couple of terrible weeks and drop an extra bit. I'm now 146.5 lb.
I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll and have been so good at going to the gym and doing my turbo jam dvd...long may it last!!

Tania, you are dong so well! You are inspiring me to keep going. Thank you so much! Slow and steady wins the race =) Im shocking - I do a couple of workouts and expect to be tiny again!

Laura said...

I was at church yesterday and thought 2 things when I saw/heard you... first of all, that your voice is beautiful and led me and others into the presence of God. Second, that you looked great! :)
What more could a girl ask for, hey? And, weight coming off slowly is the best way to help it STAY off - which is the goal! So, way to go!! I hope to see the scale come down for me too, once I have this baby... for now, up-up-up it goes!! ;)