02 December 2009

[talk: Ramble Ramble]

(I'm posting this in the morning ... but wrote it the night before)

So - it's late - and I should go to bed ... Katia's asleep, and that' my cue to hit the hay.

But I just took a few moments to look back on my "biggest loser" posts - curious as to what the progress has been.  And - seriously?  I'm pretty happy with myself *grin*.  Since I've started this, 8 weeks ago, I've lost 14lbs.  FOURTEEN POUNDS.  And I had said that I would be happy with 15lbs by Christmas ... NOW, I'll be happy if I'm in the 130's by the Christmas Production ... um, next Friday?  Is THAT possible?  Probably not ...

SOOO - I've got a bit of a spring in my step *grin*.  Just when I was thinking this was all for nothing, and I am never going to be "pre preggo" weight again ... fourteen pounds.  Yay!!

... the other part of this post is an update on a couple of things.   First off - Shalom's grave marker.  Haven't done anything about that ... was GOING to.  But I realized that my hubby and I needed to go into town to go through all the choices and wording etc ... December is NOT a good month for that.  So, maybe in January.  We'll see.

The other update - regarding "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" photography opportunities.  I haven't been brave enough to contact them.  It's been all a little too close to home for me ... even though it'll be 4 years on December 17th that we lost Shalom.  I was all gung-ho ... then ... just nervous?  Scared? 

So - there you have it *smile*.  I'm a big, fat chicken.  Well - a fourteen-pounds-lighter-chicken.  But I'll get 'em done.  I just thought it was "time" - and it really wasn't. 

And right now I'm ok with that.


Anonymous said...

Wow Tawn! Great job - I'm jealous of your progress. What EXACTLY have you been doing???

Canadian Kristin said...

Tania, I like how you reflect, give yourself permission to reassess, allow life to get 'in the way' of the great thoughts and intentions that just hadn't met the timing yet. Very real. Very encouraging.