05 July 2010

[talk: So Much.]

Ok ... only have a few moments here and want to give an update as to what's been going on around here.  

We were gone last week, to the Okanagan.  Love it up there.  Except the weather wasn't totally lovely, but the friends that we went with, were.  So many pics, so many laughs, so much so much so much!  And one of the most BESTEST parts (I know, not a word ...) was that I finished 18pages of digiscrap!!  I spend all my time documenting other people's lives, that it was SO great to spend some time on my little fam.

Then yesterday, I photographed a wedding in Yaletown.  I was super nervous - and only had 45minutes between the ceremony and cocktail party ... all the images I had HOPED to get, we didn't have time for.  But here's the thing - it's their wedding *smile*.  They just wanted to get back and BE at their wedding ... so it was all good, and their portfolio will mainly be candids as apposed to portraits ...  As a photographer, I would've loved to have done more - but they were super easy to please, and just wanted to do one location and get going ... 

Today - about 30minutes ago to be exact - I ran 7km.  Yup.  That's what I said ... SEVEN KM.  Unbelievable.  I think that 5km has just become my short run ... I was told to do "5, 5, 7" now each week.  So I'm gonna give that a try for 3 weeks and then bump it up to 5, 5, 8.  We'll see ...

Tonight, we're off to my folk's place.  One of my cousins from NZ arrives today, and our family from Seattle, Vancouver and the likes are all heading over for some yummy supper and fun times.  Gonna be good!!

Now?  I'm off to go berry picking.  We have some of our dearest friends staying with us this week, so AL and I are taking our kids to the patch ... here's to hoping we don't lose them *grin*.

That's it for now ... have a great one!!

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