16 November 2010

[digiscrap: Ok. Last One for Now.]

Just when you thought you couldn't stand to see another set of pages ... I go and throw these at you *grin*.  

But this is the last set for a while, I promise.

My next post is going to be on the book that I've been working on with a group of women who have lost a child.  If you've submitted your story, I'll be contacting everyone shortly.  Thanks for your patience ... and if you haven't quite finished it yet, you've still got time.  More details to come ... 

But.  For now ... more pages.

Have a great one!

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Yin said...

Hi Tawn, wish I came by earlier, this is seriously good stuff!! You have really been productive, and not 'feeble attempts at making them look different' at all!!! Youve given all the layouts that 'Tawn' touch, it's probably a combination of your fantastic photos, the lightroom effect(?) your sense of colors and minimal but precise émbelihing, whatever it is, I LOVE your layouts, as always!! I will 'borrow' some to show off on my blog, I know you won't mind :) Another thing, I've been thinking, (and now confirmed by visiting you!), that I'm going to be re-using my own templates to do a lot more for my own albums. No new templates for a while!! The thot is very exciting! Oh and Katia is just soooo adorable!