23 March 2011

[katia: A Father's Love.]

My hubby loves his kids, and he is a wonderful father.  He drives the boys to school most days, he's home for almost every dinner ... he plays with them, helps tuck them into bed, prays with them.  He takes them to their sporting activities and Sunday school.  He's a gift giver - and never wants his kids to be without (even if it's good for them ...).  He loves his kids.

And having two boys first was perfect for us - but watching him with his little girl has been so so lovely.  Katia has his heart - and I teasingly remind him that she will  one day be a teenager and he'll have to have made sure he's said, "NO" to her a long time before then *wink*.

Fathers and daughters.

I love how God made us all.

And - I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for your comments (mainly on FB) and encouragement to my mom.  She was overwhelmed with good wishes.  I had my parents over for dinner last night, and we went through the whole story over and over ... it really, really is incredible.  She's completely fine ... you'd never know she'd fallen through the ceiling just 24hours before *shaking my head in amazement*.

And I had almost 200 hits on this site yesterday.  For me - that's a LOT.  OH!!  And did you notice??  Probably not ... but this site has officially had over 70,000 hits now.  THAT is crazy.

Ok.  Must run ... the kids are acting like hooligans *grin*.   Screaming, wrestling, laughing ... better go before it ends in tears *wink* ... 

Have a great one :-).

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Shawna said...

Great photos of Lu -- we don't get to see him enough on here ;)

And Katia, seriously beautiful! Nothing like a fathers love -- so special!