01 March 2012

[digiscrap: Pages Pages.]

WELL.  My friend, Shawna, gave me the ol' "... hey - where's the blogging been?" when I saw her last night at our church's Missions Banquet.

GAH. *grin*

Let me tell you ... I have been far from sluffing off ... in fact, I've been busier than ever - just not sure with what *grin*.  A lot of time has been going into the planning of my RedHanded Photography relaunch - scheduled for April 1, 2012.  I've got my new website well under way, along with new packages, new pricing and a new look.  EEK.  I love to create!!  But it's a biiiiiiig undertaking.

When you renovate - it leaks into everything.  I'm also having to redesign my business cards, my promotional material, my blog ... um.  What else??  Good grief.

I am also working on the photoshoot from last week's Las Vegas trip with my friend, Melody of Melody Davis Photography ... so much to show from that ... 

But for now?  Ah yes ... MORE  pages.  Yee gads and little fishes - would SOMEONE please stop me from taking so many photos???


Naw.  Don't.

And FYI ... there's an error on one of the pages ... can you find it?  (man. it's just more work for me to have to go back and fix it. super *grin*)

(click images to enlarge)

I hope you have a fantastic day ... mine is go - stop - go -stop all day ... including a photoshoot after lunch and an 8:30pm meeting with a wedding client.  But first?  Exercise.


Have a great one!!


happymomlori said...

Do you print your digi pages? Or how do you display them?

giseledesigns said...

I think you put a wrong date on the last page "computer kid...? Gorgeous pages!You have an excellent taste. Thank you for sharing! Do you print your pages?

Tawn said...

.. ahhhH!! so many mistakes :-)! Ah well .. it's all good.

Printing: I either print 12x12 prints from Costco (2.99/print) ... or, if I have enough pages done (like for a Christmas gift album, or a vacation album) I do a "blurb" 12x12 bound book ... LOVE them!!