30 October 2012

[make: Meal Planning to the Rescue]

I have so much to blog about.  I have no time to blog ... 

So, why am I here?  Because life spins around and a crazy speed and if I don't meal-plan, my kids are liable to resort to crackers and tins of tuna ( ... mmm ... there's an idea) for dinner.  SO.  I have a friend who asked if I would start doing these again, and you know what - I was thankful for the reminder.

My hubby and I are both watching our weight right now - so that's a bit tricky.  The meals are more like "duo-meals" starches/carbs for the kiddies and protein and greens for us *cough* adults ... 

Monday:   dinner @ my parents
Tuesday:  cauliflower soup, salad, buns with melted cheese
Wednesday:  avocado, goat cheese, candied almond salad for potluck @friends for Halloween
Thursday: maple pork tenderloin, cous-cous, steamed broccoli with slivered almonds
Friday:  butter chicken (low-cal version), jasmine rice, salad
Saturday: dinner @friend's
Sunday: pizza @church

A pretty easy week, definitely not the norm for us being out for dinner ... and you know what?  All I did was go to my MAKE recipe site and chose things from there ... 

I love it when my hard work pays off and makes life easier.

Ok ... I'm off ... 

But before I do, a shameless plug for you to head over to my RedHanded Photography blog HERE ... *grin*.

Have a great one!

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