08 February 2014

[meal planning: Another Week.]

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon as I type this - the day I meal plan for the week.  I'm actually baking in the kitchen, with my laptop screaming recipes at me - all while the kiddies and hubby are playing Monopoly about 2 steps away.  I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for a warm house (our furnace was fixed this week), sunshine streaming through the windows, the smell of caramel squares baking in the oven, and the screaming of "you're CHEATIING" followed by squeals of laughter.

My last couple of posts have been pretty heavy ... "Miracle Maker" and "Having a Heart of Encouragement".  Both have sparked some wonderful conversations with those who were impacted by my words, and those who offered teachable thoughts to me as well.  I look forward to sharing, to learning, to growing, to so many good things ... all because of this silly Homemakingirl Blog.  So thank you ... even if you're silent *smile*.

Today's post?  Next week's meal plan.  It's a simple week ... and I'll admit, we're in a bit of a rut.  The kids INSIST on Wednesday night meals as wraps and jello - with Thursday lunch being leftovers.  Friday mornings are ALWAYS Land of Nod and Monday night has to be something that can be put in the oven before school pick-up,  as we come home late from piano lessons ... 

I suggested Chili (I'm having a bit of an obsession with it ...).  My family said, "no".  BOO.  I wanted to try a new lettuce wraps recipe ... maybe next Tuesday we will.  I'll post it on my MAKE blog if it's successful.  I posted yesterday's Chicken and Rice Soup creation, as well as the BEST caramel squares you'll darn-well-ever-eat. 

Ok.  Enough ... the house is loud with, "hey KATIA - stop STEALING MY MONEY!!" and those caramel squares?  They're ready.  Mmmmmm.

B ::  crescent rolls with nutella
L ::  ham and cheese buns, cheese ritz, cucumber&dip
D :: baked cannelloni with spinach and ricotta, salad
Dessert: creamy orange jello parfaits

B :: hard boiled eggs and buttered toast
L :: hot dogs, buns, ketchup/relish, apple slices, fruit snacks
D :: quesadilla, veggies&dip (no hubby)  
Dessert: choc pudding

B :: pancakes with maple syrup
L ::  pizza pinwheels, fruit snacks, cucumber&dip
D ::  ground turkey wraps w/cheese, avocado& tomatoes                            
Dessert: lime jello

B :: toast with nutella
L :: ground turkey wraps with cheese, avocado and tomatoes; pizelle cookies
D :: panko chicken strips, yam fries, veggies&dip
Dessert: ice cream sundaes

L :: quesadilla, carrots&ranch dip, pizelle cookies,

D ::  out

Have a great one!

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