27 April 2014

[talk: Gee. You Don't LOOK That Old.]

I've been thinking of this post for a while now ... I'm not just a serious-girl-about-about-God-and-church.  I am capable of writing more relaxed posts *grin* ... 


I have a BIG birthday coming up this week ... Wednesday, actually.  My hubby threw me a crazy-overwhelming-surprise party that I'm STILL getting over, this past Friday night.  My beautiful friend, Mel, photographed the whole thing - once I get those images, I'll be sure to post *wink*.  I have so much to debrief on that ...

So - because of this whole "40" thing - yes - I'm turning 40 (I canNOT believe I just typed that ... but it's true) ... I've been getting a whole lot of, "you sure don't look forty" comments.  I've been asked if I have any secrets.


But they're not unknown secrets ... and truthfully, most tricks  started back when I was a teenager, so if you were to start now, I just don't know?

Here is how I try and "stay young".

1.  Running:  I've been a runner for a few years now, and although I'm not always motivated to do it,  I can run a 5km in under 30minutes and get a good sweat on.  Sometimes I go further, up to 10km.  Sometimes I sprint and only do 3km.  I love it when I do it ... which is usually a couple of times a week at most. 

2.  Clean Eating:  Now this is only something I've been doing for the last month, and it has CHANGED me.  Truly.  It's something that actually works - and has changed how I viewed food.  I eat food that is unprocessed, although I will eat packaged food if I understand all the ingredients, and generally if there are five ingredients or less written on the package.  I will not eat anything  made with white flour, refined sugar, or corn syrup in it.  Period.  And in 3 weeks, the numbers haven't changed much on the scale, but I'm down 1.5 inches around my waist and hips.  I LIKE that, very much.

3.  WATER:  I drink lots of water ... and lots of tea.  Buckets of it.

4.  NO coffee:  I stay away from caffeine in general ... it dehydrates me, and Lord knows I don't need a stimulant LOL.  Yes, I know tea has caffeine in it - but I prefer rooibos and herbal which have little to no caffeine.  

5.  Sunscreen:  I have been wearing moisturizer with sunscreen since I was 12 and my mom took me to the local Shoppers Drug Mart to get me a skin-care regime.  I am SO thankful for that.  It taught me how to take care of my skin at an early age - and prevent things, rather than trying to correct it.

6.  Skin Care:  I NEVER, EVER sleep with make up on and I always clean and moisturize before I go to bed (actually, I moisturize all my skin most nights).  I don't think I've ever missed a night in my life.  Truly.  I'm working on a post about my current "fave things".  My night moisturizer is on that list ... 

7.  Great Sex:  Oh my mother will DIE if she reads this.  But here's the truth ... I'm a happily married, grown woman, mother-of-three ... and I really, really love sex with my husband.  I instigate it often.      I'm a huge fan.  I know I'm not the norm - some of my friends roll their eyes at me.   But there.  I said it.  You're all blushing now ... get over it *grin*.  

8.  Invisiline:  About 5 years ago,  I did invisiline on my teeth (basically, clear braces).  I get so many compliments on my smile now ... and I NEVER used to.  I'm convinced it's because I straightened my teeth and am no long too self-conscious to smile.  

9.  Teeth Whitening:  I did this through my dentist after I finished invisiline three years ago ... and people still say I have white teeth.  The truth is, I have healthy-teeth-genes (my 85 year old nana died with ALL her own teeth) ... so I have strong teeth, whitened teeth.  

9.  Young Friends.  Old Friends :  I think it's important to always learn.  I have mentors, and I mentor.  Having older friends who are ahead of me in life, helps teach me what's important and gives me ideas on how I want to live.  Having younger friends helps me stay current - what's in fashion, what's happening in technology - new ideas, different ideas.  I love old and young friends.

10.  Low Stress:  I think this is true - low stress keeps you young.  My hubby and I downsized our lives a couple of years ago - with full intentions of getting ready to build and take on a bunch of exciting stress.  Now?  We don't know when, or if, we will build ... but right now, it's calm and stress-free.   I love that.

11.  Sleep:  I'm a good sleeper.  I sleep 7-8hrs every night.  No tricks there.  

12.  Good Genes:  What can I say?  My mom looks KILLER for her age, no one would ever guess her actual number.  There's no trick in that ... I'm just lucky.

13.  Being Short:  Don't laugh, but I think this is true as well.  Being 5ft tall makes people think I couldn't possibly be finished growing yet LOL.  I do hate the "cute" thing, I would love to be one of those tall, stunning, women that people call "beautiful".  But.  I'll take "cute" if it lasts longer *big grin*.  

14.  Worship and God Time:  Worship soothes my soul, and I believe what's inside of your heart, shows completely on your face.  God time is a MUST.  And I believe that Jesus makes everyone beautiful.

So ... there you' have it.  What a silly post, now that I've written it ... 

Have a great one!

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