20 May 2014

[Eating Clean.]

For the last couple of months, I've been "clean eating".

What does that mean?  Well - basically, it's staying clear-away from processed foods.  My pantry looks MUCH different, and so does my fridge *smile*.    I go to the market at least twice a week to restock fruits and veggies - and have done my best to take all refined sugar out of my diet.

The standard rule is, if there are more than five ingredients on the package - I don't eat it.  If I don't know what the ingredient is, I don't eat it.   Period.

This has been a long, long journey for me to get here.  To figure out what works for me.  Between diets, and points, and no-sugar and no-wheat, and calorie counting ... I've been in bondage.  Angry at myself when I fail.  Angry when I don't see results fast enough.  Just basically, disappointed in myself.

"Why can't I be disciplined??" I would growl at myself.

So for me - clean eating ... it works.  How I do it, for me, it works.  

I'd love to tell you that I've lost 20lbs, grown four inches taller and now look like a 20year-old-super-star.  But alas, I'm still just me.  BUT.  I feeeeeel amazing.  I have lost 2.5inches around my waist in these past 8 weeks.  I've only lost a few pounds - but it's steadily declining and since I am living this way forever  ... my weight will be what it will be. 

I am FREE.

I have found something that works, that I can do.  What it looks like for me, the choices I make, may be different for someone else who eats "clean".  But I am happy with my choices, I am living far better than I have - ever.

And when I can't eat perfectly clean?  When we go to friends homes for dinner, or out for a meal?  I simply do my best.   I do not beat myself up, because I've made many right choices that allow me to be free when I cannot.  I'll ask the waitress to omit certain things, and still choose wisely.  No one needs to adjust their lives for me - I have relearned how to eat.  I am not allergic, although I am much much more sensitive to sugar and wheat.  I don't enjoy the sickening feeling from having ANYTHING with high-fructose-corn-syrup.  Did you know Menchie's has HFCS in their frozen yogurts??  I had just a sample and my face began to tingle.  TRUE.  

One point I will make, is that my skin is now detoxing.  It isn't fun.  Cystic acne (aren't I too old for this??) is painful ... but I know it will pass.  At least - it should, right??

I have a recipe site, called "Make - by Homemakingirl" ... today I posted a new recipe that I adapted from another website.  I have made it "clean" - go check it out and add it to your repertoire.   Totally worth it *smile*.    It's called :: Clean Eating Cocoa Applesauce Mini Muffins with Carrot Puree

So.  That's my story.  I still exercise when I can, but I am no longer bound to "I ate a bad dessert so I need to run 5km today".  I am living life ... and am enjoying it so much more in this new way of eating.  

If you have any questions - I'd be happy to answer.  And - let me also say - that my friend Char is who taught me SO much about this lifestyle as she started her journey with clean eating before me.  She has a blog of recipes as well - and I have tried most of them.  They're fantastic!!

Have a great one!

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