02 June 2014

[talk: SURPRISE. Four. Oh. My. Word. Pt1]

It's been a month ... so I'm used to it already.  I'm 40.  FOUR-OH.

Big whoop.

I will admit to panicking at 11:52pm the night before ... staring at the clock as my heart raced.  And what happened at the stroke of midnight?  Well - I was still breathing, my house didn't cave in and what-do-you-know ... I yawned.  I was exhausted from all of the anticipation.

But just a few nights earlier - I had the SHOCK of my life.


I kinda knew ... sort of.  But I was still stunned - which is kinda funny considering I had been suspicious for weeks.  I was suspicious before it was even being planed, apparently.  HA!  See, we were to be meeting friends downtown for dinner, dropping our kids off at my parent's place (which was actually my idea).  So - heading there wasn't unusual.  We planned to stay the night downtown ... so I packed our bags - and the kid's bags too.  Again - seemed pretty normal.  

And yet, as we drove my parent's street just after 6pm, my heart raced.   Ten years ago, on a night that had looked so much the same, my hubby pulled of the BIGGEST surprise bday party at my parent's home.  

This was feeling so much the same.

But when we drove up the driveway - it was quiet.  I looked - like, trying to not look - but looking just the same.  Nothing ... windows were clear, no movement ...  "Ok," I thought.  "No party.  We are really going downtown for dinner ... ".   And that was that ... 

But, little did I know - what was REALLY going on.

So when I walked in .., I had laid all my suspicions to rest about 4 minutes earlier.  This reaction was REAL.

As I looked around, people were coming out of every nook and cranny - "SURPRISE!!" ... I was absolutely overwhelmed and did the only thing that came to mind.  I turned around and walked right back out the door.

Until someone re-opened it.

And Jay got it all on video *laughing* ... 

The next, oh, hour or so - was me simply trying to grasp the sheer amount of love I felt.  It was so, so overwhelming.  Having so many people that I loved in one place - it was just too much.

My family from both Lu's and my side, were all there ... 

Lu got everyone together to pray for the food - which was INCREDIBLY done by my sis-in-laws, my mom and other friends ... 

My dad prayed ... and everyone made their food-rounds and chose spots to chat and laugh with others ... 

It was just so lovely watching friends and family hung out, mingle, laugh ... 

... all while I had the BEST job of chatting with each one ...  hey, Carl.  Your SHIRT.  Button your SHIRT UP.  Sheesh.  *laughing* (no, I'm not praying here ... I'm protecting my EYES.)

There's just so much more, so I think I'm going to do another post *grin*.

But before I do, let me give a MASSIVE thanks to my beautiful friend Melody, of Melody Davis Photography.  My family knew that the gift of photography would be the very best gift - they sure know my love language. These images I will cherish forever.  

So - more to come ... stay tuned!

Have a great one!

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