27 June 2008

[Talk: OOOO Linens]

When we got married, we had a queen bed. And we were blessed to receive a few different sets of sheets that lasted us a loooong time. In fact, we still use them - but that bed is now a guest bed and we moved to a king 4 years ago.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that our king sheets were fraying - and thought I should look into getting a new set. The best place? Home Sense. I got a set of king sheets, 1000 thread count, for just over a $100. WOW. Considering, I bought our first set of king sheets at LnT for almost $200 and they were only 350 thread count.

OOOO ... I'm so excited to sleep in them tonight!

And as for yesterday - I spent the day at a Photography Workshop. That was a REAL treat - having a full day, learning about something that I'm interested in. It was taught by David duChemin - you can check out his site for totally inspirational work: http://pixelatedimage.com/. The class was as entertaining as it was educational - a real pleasure to be at. And to top it off, my GF and I were even able to snag lunch at Milestones. SUCH a treat!

But for today - I'm packing up - our family is off to a local island with friends for the weekend. Long live the Canada Day Long Weekend!! I'll be bringing my laptop JUST in case I can Digiscrap at night ... love to use my time wisely *wink*.

Have a lovely weekend, full of the things that are important to you!!

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