03 June 2012

[talk: What.A.Day.]


It's Sunday.

You'd think that Sundays were a quiet, relaxed day.  Oh no, my friend.  Sunday's are full-on and I love them.  Mine started with a 630am wake-up, to be at our church by 750am.  I was the worship leader at our church, CLA, for both of our morning services.  

These servies are some of my most favourite times - it's such a privilege to be a part of a great group of people ... I love this place so much.  So, I was a part of two powerful services and walked to my car afterwards, feeling so incredible, so encouraged ...

And I was sitting in my van in the church parking lot, putting on my seatbelt, I noticed a message on my phone.  I turned it on speaker phone.  The message went something like this: "Hi Tania, it's Mom.  Dad's ok.  But he's been in an accident.  He's ok ... but your brother and I are heading into town - Dad's a bit shaken up."


I immediately called her ... and then my brother started sending me images of the accident.  My Dad had already been taken to the hospital - with no apparent injuries, but just to be checked over because of the severity of the accident ...

My dad had been on his way to Tias' baseball tournament when he fell asleep at the wheel, drove off the road (without oncoming traffic), hit a tree and flipped his car over in the swamp.  He immediately realized that he was ok - took off his seatbelt, decided to kick out the back window when he heard someone ask if "anyone was ok" ... He yelled back, "I'm ok - I think I can get out if you open the door ... " so the guy did.  And my dad literally walked out of the car.  

This is his car ... upside-down, off the road, in the swamp.

ISN'T THAT CRAZY?????  The firefighters couldn't believe it.  My Dad literally walked away without even a scratch.  Not ONE scratch.

Here he is in the hospital, proving to everyone that he was fine ... 

Meanwhile, our boy won his first ever baseball tournament - and I was getting these images sent from my hubby, while my bro was still sending me pics of my dad.  And all of this was going on while I was preparing to lead for the Recovery Service tonight - a full night of worship and I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed ... I had to be at the church by 4:15pm and ... well ... things were just a bit crazy.

But - the worship service tonight was full of incredible things ... addicts putting things in the garbage, people worshipping the living God and me - feeling so incredibly grateful for the literal Hand of God on our family.  How beautiful to show our kids how our prayers of protection are prayed to a real God.

And my dad?  Well ... he's over right now.  Look at him.  Sitting on our couch.  Not one scratch.  Does this look like a man who flipped his car in a swamp today???

I think not.


Have a great one :-).


Matt Kennedy said...

That man has the hand of God on his life! I've heard of a few stories like this and I really don't think that it is just a coincidence that they are happening to believers like him! Wishing him the best for what God has in store for him to do, because he obviously doesn't want him to come home yet, he's got work to do! :)

Rebecca said...

Oh my! Glad he's ok!!

Courtney said...

Those pictures are just unbelievable..God is the only one who could save someone from that mess. So happy for that amazing outcome for your dad,Tania! What a day you had

Shelleybean said...

Wow! What a reminder that each day truly is a gift from the Lord for we have such a tenuous hold on this life.

Joanne said...

Rejoicing with you....so thankful that we serve a God who is ever present! We are all witness to God's mighty hand of protection on your Dad....praise GOD!

Diana said...

Your parents are amazing! I still think of your mom falling through the ceiling and how the pin ball machine saved her!


Caroline said...

oops my friend was still logged in to my computer!

Caroline said...

Hi Tawn,
I wondered later if you'd recognize her! Yes my friend is who you think she is.
No, I did not find your blog through her, but did know she was one of your mom's piano students :0)
Thanks for dropping by ;0)


jamiedelaine said...

woah. i got shivers up my spine reading this. praise God.

Tawn said...

thanks so much, everyone!! And for an update? My dad slept super well that night, and hasn't had any symptoms at ALL from the accident.