05 July 2008

[Digiscrap: Getting them off ...]

While Lu played hockey last night, I spent the evening on the couch sorting through SO many pics on my PC. I'm trying out a new system because I now have Lightroom as well as Photoshop Elements 6.0. Lightroom is the COOLEST program - but I can't Digiscrap on it. SO - I'm now downloading my pics into Lightroom, editing them, then transferring them to Elements. Once they're edited in Lightroom, I back them up. That's been the hard part to figure out - because I'm scared my computer will crash before I get them all edited and *poof* - they'll be gone. BUT I got it all done ... and with the pics on disk, once I do the digipages, they come off my computer. Plus, I got over 500+ pics from New York off my computer. FEELS GOOD. *I'm an odd one, I know.* Now I'm on top of things, have a routine, and am organized. I'm a happy girl.

Here are a few of my recent digi pages, including one I just finished today.


*click image to enlarge*

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devan said...

You backed up, right, Tawn ?