16 July 2008

[talk: SPF My Friends]

Dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin.

I've been blessed with these things that are supposed to help me be safe from the sun's harmful rays. I've been wearing SPF15 on my face ever since I can remember - I won't buy moisturizer without it - and I'm hoping to prolong my "youth" by doing my part against UV rays.

But today I got after a family member. SPF 4 just doesn't cut it, in my books, and I refused to apply it. I offered my 30 and they mocked me (in love *grin*) - I even offered 15 - to which they agreed. See, I wear SPF30, and SPF45 on my face, when outside in the pool and such on a sunny day. And especially since we lost our dear friend, DM, to a small mole that succumbed to the sun's evil - I just don't know why ANYONE would take a risk.

Is having a suntan more important than seeing your children grow up? More important than celebrating anniversaries with your spouse? More important than living? Obviously, no one would say that it is, and yet for a few months out of the year we overdose on vitamin D and call it "healthy".

Well, if you could see me now, you would see dark tan lines and much blonder highlights in my hair. My husband told me I look exotic *grin*. SPF doesn't stop you from tanning - it just helps you from burning.

So, dear ones, put it on - lather it up - and keep yourself safe.

**remember that sunscreen is for infants over a specific age - I believe it's 6 months - but please check. And skin cancer is caused primarily from sunburns as a child - so SPF45 is important ... and reapply often, especially when swimming**

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Anonymous said...

Here Here!!! I too get mocked regularly...but I too am a tanned SPF 15 to 45 daily. Keeps one young, lovely and hopefully cancer free. I tell my darling husband that if he gets skin cancer, I am not going to visit...Janean