26 August 2008

[digiscrap: Some Layouts & Links to FREEBIES

First things first ... I hunt daily for free things on the Internet regarding Digiscrapping. Some stuff is just garbage (um, sorry 'bout that - but it's the truth). So when I find GOOD stuff, I'll be sure to let YOU know ... It won't be much, but hey - it's FREE, right??

birthday kit
preppy boy kit
street spirit (very urban) kit

Now - you may have to be "registered" to the site to be able to download. I have a fake name and address that I use for places I don't visit often *wink*.

And I found
THIS site today ... I LOVE "doodles" and how they look on scrapbooking pages. This artist gives her doodles away for free ... BRING IT ON, I say!! If you go to her site, she needs a "password" to download her stuff - and she gives funny little clues as to what that password is. And go to her "older posts" to download past stuff too ...

But I DO have other things I do during the day *grin*. I went to my church to have a Pastor promise the school that we're applying to, that we're not drug dealers, children smugglers or bank robbers. He obliged - so that was a good thing *grin*. Then, off to mail a disk to a friend who's computer is causing her grief. After that, I dropped off the $$ for Mattias' Music Class he's attending in a couple of weeks (Music for Young Children). And if that wasn't enough, to the mall for some Yogen Fruz and a play time at the playground for the boys.
Now - I'm finishing the laundry, starting to prepare dinner for company, gonna shower and prepare for my HH12 Group tonight ... and clean the upstairs bathrooms.
But before I get my rump off of this chair, here are a few layouts. Just because.
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