01 August 2008

[talk: Not a Loser, But Still a Winner]


Need I say anymore??

So. I lost. Not by much - but I didn't lose enough pounds to win. My husband DID win, though, so I guess that's better than forking out money to those outside of our chequing account *smile*. And he's looking good - so that's a bonus for me *wink*. And I'm feeling pretty proud of myself regardless.


I am so competitive. I wanted bragging rights SO bad *grin*. But, alas, I am NOT the Biggest Loser. We weighed in this morning - and I was almost in TEARS when I realized that I hadn't won.

Now, I only have 5 pounds to go to be "wedding weight" - so I'm not quite finished yet. I have been receiving so many encouraging comments, though. SO great. They make me feel ... well ... pretty. And I haven't felt that way in a long time. So thank you - thank you - thank you for that ...

My husband was saying that he was a teeny bit sad that people haven't been commenting on him the way I've been getting feedback. In fact, everyone I've told are surprised that I didn't win - and more surprised that HE did. I told him that was because he still has another 20lbs to go. And I don't. So I LOOK like I'm "done" ... he doesn't. *evil grin*. So that made me feel better . How cruel of me, I know ...

Now what? Well - as I said - I still have a few more to go, so I will keep on keepin' on. I have a wedding that I'm in in September and a "10-year Anniversary Cruise" in October to be ready for. So - those things will keep me motivated.

But guess what?

My husband treated me to a SPECIAL gift ... a 2nd place prize, if you will. Ooooo - it's SO GOOD!!

Stay tuned to find out what it was ... is ... whatever *grin*.

Off to bed ... so so tired.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on looking so good and losing that weight. I just was wondering .. did you join the biggest loser club online and pay that money for the books???

I thinkin' I may do this now seeing how well you did.

Way to go Tania!!!


Anonymous said...

Tania - you look spectacular!! I'm sorry you didn't win the $$, but really, you MUST feel like a winner because you look so amazing!
Are you going to let us in on what your plan of attack was?
Congrats to you and Lu!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you didn't win and say congrats to Lu but you know what? You look smokin hot and it is obvious you have lost weight!
Pat yourself on the back because you have done amazing!