31 July 2008

[talk: Being A Loser Part Deux]

Will I be able to sleep tonight? Or should I get another workout in?? Another glass of water??? ANYTHING????

Tomorrow morning is the weigh in. The moment I've been working for ... hoping to win the $800 prize money ... and I'm NERVOUS.

I'll be posting tomorrow ... we'll see. *fingers crossed*


Anonymous said...

that is one fierce picture, Tawn. as it's after 1AM your time, i hope you are sleeping like a baby (ha!) and dreaming of what you'll do with the $800.

Nickie said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! you look great in your pic! And just remember - go to the bathroom before weigh in! :)

Laura said...

Either way Tania, you look great! Love the hair :) I look forward to hearing the big news and what you'll do with the $800!

Shawna said...

Come on - don't leave us hanging!?!?

I hope you won, and if you didn't I hope Lu didn't --- you would never live that one down!

Here's to a piece of cake ;)