28 August 2008

[talk: "Yuck" - and Big Give Reminder]

I debated whether I would blog today ... feeling so yuck. Not sick yuck, just sad, lonely, and all those other negative words that I hate to feel. I've had a short temper with my kids, which makes me feel even more horrible, my "to do" list isn't completed, I don't have much to show for my day ... basically all that I pride myself in making me "me" today, well - it just sucked.

Wah wah wah. I know ... such a change from the happy, motivating posts I try to place - such a pity party for myself. I'll snap out of it ... and then it got me to thinking. I wonder if it has anything to do with losing this last baby, and the due date being next week. Maybe. I've done due-dates before without babies coming, so I'm pretty sure I know what to expect. We'll see.

Anyway ... I DID do some nice things for others - and I hope that you did too, and hope you're able to come back and post them ... it just stunk that this gray cloud covered any joy of doing it for me today. But I guess that's the point. It's not for me, it's for them. *sigh*.

On another note - if you think of it, offer a little prayer up for my bro. He's going in for surgery tonight - appendix. And I've been mocking him the last 2 days, saying it's gas. Ok - so that's kinda mean, but now I'm eating crow because it's legit.

SO I'll be waiting to hear from my sis-in-law ... but while I wait, I'm going to be going out with some old Jr. High friends tonight ... and I plan on devouring yam fries and dessert. Today I don't care if the scale numbers go up. Thhhfffftt. That's right. I don't care.

**breaking a smile** Ok. That made me feel better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tania,
Sorry you are feeling down today and I hope you feel better tomorrow. I think we all get like that here and there. I know I do! Have a fun night out and forget your troubles!
Praying for your bro.

Patti said...

Hey Tania,

Thinking of you and hoping that today is better day.

Memory Dates can often be hard, even if your not totally focused on them...I think that the Mama heart never truley forgets.

Amanda said...

I hope your day gets better Tawn!

Are you devouring yam 'friends' tonight or yam 'fries' because if it's the friends I wouldn't want to be around you! haha! Have a good night!

Tawn said...

**laughing** thanks Amanda ... I changed it :-)