29 August 2008

[talk: The Big Give: Ok - Let Us Know!!]


Did you do something?? Wanna share?? We wanna know!! I'm hoping you didn't forget *wink* or are too shy to share *grin*. Come on ... let us in on it!

As for me - here are some of the things that I did, knowing that I'd be accountable. Gotta love positive peer pressure *grin*.

1. I donated to the Costco fund today - it went towards providing meals for a local inner city school who's students often come hungry to class. Here's a side-note, for those of you who know me and where I live: The cashier said our town is the LOWEST GIVING town in our province. She said it's embarrassing. I agree. They only asked for 2 dollars.

2. I watched a neighbour's child for them, and there's a story that goes along with this one - maybe I'll share it soon.

3. My husband and I felt led to give to an organization that is headed up by my aunt. Now - this isn't "doing something for someone you don't know" - but we still gave.

4. I paid for lunch while out with someone.

5. I sent a few encouraging emails to people for no real reason, other than to let them know they're loved.

6. I made an effort to talk with an elderly lady who was sharing a hospital room with my brother today. On a side note: He's doing well (appendix came out last night) - and will come home on Sunday, they think. And the lady? She was 90 years old and had an only daughter who was in a wheelchair with MS. Puts things into perspective, huh. Here I was trying to be a blessing to HER and she so encouraged ME.

SO - that was it. Not super impressive - but to those people, maybe it was. That's how I always think. The $2 to Costco may be a nuisance for us, but ask the child who receives breakfast how they feel about our gift. I bet you they'd be mighty happy someone showed they cared.

While I was preparing for this blog, I found this site: http://www.thebiggive.org.uk/ . Take a look - it's an informative site on charities and how to make YOUR hard earned money go the furthest it can. It's a UK site, but still - really informative.

Ok. So, I'm waiting ... a little scared no one will post and I'll be left on my own. So don't leave me hanging ... *grin*.

Your turn.


Anonymous said...

I loved your posts about the big give, and how you and your friends took the opportunity to bless others! That was such a fantastic idea.
I`ve been away on holidays, and missed your challenge, but oddly enough, at the beginning of August I had challenged myself to do something nice for someone every day, as I have kinda been stuck in a `grumpy rut`. It`s funny how doing something nice for someone else can make you feel better yourself. It`s contageous. My kids liked this one: The other day there was a man standing at a traffic light with a sign saying how he is out of work and hungry. It so happens that I had just bought a chocolate bar (that my hips SO did not need anyways), so I passed it to him. You should have seen his eyes light up. All for a little chocolate bar...
and not-so-oddly, I ended up being the one who felt blessed.

Nickie said...

Hey!!! I think that a lot of us are out giving in small ways, and maybe think that it's too small to even mention. So I'm going to go out on a limb with you Tania and mention a few of the "small" things that I did, that really are small, but hopefully brightened someones day:

- we've been hosting a friend from Germany for the past several weeks
- we had one of my friends from college stay with us, along with one of her friends too
- we hosted brunch for 15 on Sunday
- we took our guests up to Whistler on Monday
- I made a point of talking to some of the new students at school today because I remember how scary and overwhelming the first day of nursing school was. Hopefully some of my "wisdom" will help.

All of them are small things that I would just do, but when you think about it, we can really bless many people with the "small" everyday things.

Tawn said...

LOVE it you two!! Thanks for posting ... and you're right, Nickie - we DO do things every day, it's just nice for us to even recognize that we ARE, in fact, doing something! GREAT!

Anonymous said...

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