28 November 2008

[digiscrap: Everything's Orange]

OOOOOooo ... I got some pages done. AND I've changed my blog header ... a little more "wintery", don't you think? I've been to some really cool blogs who set up fancy-shmancy graphics and such ... but I haven't found anything that I like for my own blog. So, I think I'll just stick with what I've got, and just change my header with the seasons.

What's been going on around here? Well - tonight, we're having company and I'm making a cozy dinner. My hubby's playing hockey tonight too (ooo - that reminds me, gotta make the chocolate chip cookies for that ...), so once the company's gone home, the kids are in bed, the house is tidy and the candles are burning, I think I'll watch "PS I Love You" and digiscrap. *GRIN*. I'm SUCH a sap, I know ... and the movie, as I've been reminded from guy friends, is completely unrealistic ... in fact, one guy friend said something to the effect of him "leaving his manhood behind in the theatre" after watching that. Something like that *grin*. But what can I say ... I love this movie.

I have a FEW pages that I've done ... I want to get onto my 500 pics of the cruise - or 1500 - whatever. And our Phoenix trip, because I want to get these pics OFF of my computer. They're already saved, but I need to scrap them before I take them off. They're taking up too much memory.

And I'm excited to lead worship this Sunday. I haven't lead since AUGUST *what the??*. Well, it was the last Sunday of August, and I was away for most of Sept and Oct ... and now it's the end of November. SO - I'm feeling a little "dusty" but am so excited to be apart of Sunday's service. I'm prayed up and ready to go *grin*!

So ... how 'bout you? I hope you have something fantastic planned - or simple. Whatever makes you happiest *smile*.

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Amanda said...

I know what I will be doing on Sunday!! Celebrating 27 years of being alive and well! Haha! I hope you have a great Sunday too!