10 November 2008

[talk: Scary Times, Thankful Times, Memorable Times]

Before I get onto other things, I wanted so let YOU know about something that hit far too close to home. A young family from our church was moving this past weekend, and upon the truck being filled, GS noticed a pink package on his doorstep. Assuming it was for one of his two young daughters, he went to get it - and decided to take a look inside. Upon doing that, he detonated a bomb *yes, a bomb* and is currently in serious condition after shrapnel made it's way to his liver, along with other wounds and burns. GS works at a local university campus with Campus Crusade for Christ. Motives are unknown, as is whether this was an intentional act on GS and his family - specifically, his little girls since the package was pink. You can read more about what happened here . Not a conceivable thing to happen around here. And it has hit our church and community pretty hard. So if you have a moment, say a prayer for this family. Their journey is far from over.

On a COMPLETELY different note, I was nominated for a BLOG AWARD. Now, I have no clue what this means (Ed McMann didn't show up at my house with a cheque or anything *wink*) but I was pretty honoured. Especially from whom it came from ... Simplyyin is a Digi-guru and actually thinks that my work is worth noting. Superb!! Check out her link here to see my layouts on her site. Blows my mind, it does. I failed art-class *grin* ...

Now - apparently, I'm supposed to list 7 things that I love or am thankful for - kinda an acceptance speech, I guess *laughing*. Here 'goes:

1. GOD. He saves me daily and for that I am so thankful.

2. FAMILY. My parents who raised me, my husband who chose me, my boys who remind me of what's important.

3. OLD FRIENDS. The ones who have seen me at my ugliest and still choose to walk the journey of life with me. They are some of the greatest people who walk the planet.

4. NEW FRIENDS. People who teach me new things about myself and about life in general. New friends are like the different spices that make the same boring dish different every time.

5. CANADA. I love this land that allows me the freedom to worship. It frustrates me, and I don't always feel like my thoughts are the majority - but I love the different cultures, the VAST beauty (come ON, is there anywhere more incredible *grin*) and it's simply "home".

6. MY CHURCH: These people are my family without the genetics *grin*. I trust these people, give my best to them, and support all the different adventures the church goes on.

7. MUSIC: Without music there would be a hole in my soul. Music is what connects me to so many people, and is my red-telephone to God Himself. Losing music would be losing myself.

OK - obviously there is SO MUCH MORE to be thankful for, but I was told to do seven things. I could easily add health, financial stability, my hobbies (digiscrapping, photography, cooking, hostessing) ... did I do alright?? And are you wanting to see some CRUISE pics. Well, here are a few ... you can feel free to weep openly with me at the obvious loss now that it's over.

Naw. I'm not dramatic at ALL ...

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Unknown said...

WOAH about GS. I read the article, that's just sick that someone would do that, esp. in fair lil Langley! Shocked!

I agree w/ you on No7... Music = My Life.

I'm glad I had time to read thru your musings. I was showing my friend your awesome scrapbooking pages as she's just getting into it and you da Scrapbook DIVAH!