15 November 2008

[worship: Let My Words Be Few]

Communication has never been difficult for me. Ever since I can remember, I spoke my mind - sometimes ending with a foot in my mouth *grin*. And as soon as I could print, I used the written word to tell stories and document what I saw, what I felt. I would practice printing for hours, as my gr1 teacher had told me that I would never have nice penmanship because I'm left-handed. So I practiced and practiced, and I quite like my penmanship thank you very much *grin*.

Now, with the computer, my handwriting is kept for grocery lists, birthday cards ... and writing songs. I've written a few, a few are even published, but I cannot write without being inspired. And after the last few weeks of awakenings and emotions you'd think that I would have much to pull from ... the music has come - but not the lyrics. So, I will wait - maybe a day, a week or a month - but until then, this song says it all. I sang it at the wedding today, and thought I'd share it with you.


alisa said...

Tawn - it's always SUCH a blessing to hear you worship. And just for the record, I'm a lefty & I like my handwriting too!

Team Statham said...

I agree with Alisa. You're a great worship leader and both Mike and I love hearing you sing. I'm also a lefty, and I love my handwriting too :D

Be a proud lefty!


Lisa B. said...

I love when you lead worship - it's always straight from the heart!
Usually I end up crying off all my make-up and wonder why I put any on, but hey, at least I know God's workin' on me!

Keep going....can't wait to hear more of your songs!


Unknown said...

Always awesome to hear you play and sing girl. So blessed!

Unknown said...

Oh and I always thought you had the BEST handwriting I ever saw.

CanuckinIdaho said...

I LOVE this song! I sang a duet right along with you - wish I could do it for real =)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so my comment was supposed to come up LISA and not my trip advisor id - whoops!