09 December 2008

[digiscrap: Pages and Dreaming Of Highschool ...]

Let's see.

There are difficult times for some homes right now. I have a friend from "long ago" lose her son in her 2nd trimester last week. I have another friend who went through the painful journey of thinking her unborn child would have a chromosome issue - but relieved at the news that their child is going to be alright. We have friends who are walking a difficult road in their marriages. Our family friends are going through the anniversary of their father's passing, while a relative of ours is dealing with the difficulties of Alzheimer's after 50 years of marriage.

So. I tell you - THIS is why we dream of high school.

I used to wonder why my dad always talked about his senior high year - I thought it was a bit weird when I was growing up. But he used to tell me that it was the last time in his life where he had no responsibilities. Life was good. And even if life was hard in high school, it as still less complicated than it is now. And who are we kidding. Memories are always better than the real thing for some reason.

I wasn't the pretty one, or the popular one, in high school. But I had good friends and most of them are still close to me now. And that's a fun thing - when you can relive the GOOD of those days with people you're still in relationship with now.

But I didn't dream of high school last night *smile*. Oh, I had a doozy of a dream that woke me up really exhausted. See, I'm leading worship this Sunday, and I usually have these fears of sleeping in or something. Well - in my dream, all the power went out during the music. A stranger kept wanting to sit beside me on the piano. Our drummer (oh, he'll get a kick out this when I tell him ...) had these coke-bottle glasses ... so thick, he couldn't hit the drums right. It was chaos. Honestly - like "Alice in Wonderland". People were filing in, filing out. Chaos.

So, today I made sure that we're having a practice on Thursday *grin*. And I'll get my list done tonight too ... cross that off my list.

We have some family things lined up over the next few days, and a dinner at friends house on the weekend that I'm SO excited about. They're friends we just don't see enough of ... And then there's Sunday. And being apart of worship. Did you see the spring in my step? It was there - even if you missed it *wink*.

And I've been doing some pages as of late ... hope you enjoy. And hope that life it treating you well ... if not, take a moment and remember the time when things weren't so complicated. It just may
put a smile on your face too.
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Anonymous said...

Darling blog and pages! I love how you have so many photos to a layout and the journaling is fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Yin said...

Oh these are so good, Tawn!! Love how you got so many more photos onto the page!! I'm going to have to make one like that (mental note) hope you don't mind me 'borrowing' your idea, you rock!