27 December 2008

[talk: Monday - "Nanny & Baba's Christmas Eve" ]

Monday night was our annual "Nanny & Baba's Christmas Eve" with my family. We have a fondue, play games and sleep over so that the next morning is "Nanny & Baba's Christmas Morning." This is a great way to take the pressure off of December 24th and 25th of us all being together - which is so complicated with all the different families and in-laws.

Our fondue has become a tradition, with battered mushrooms & cheese, steak, chicken and a host of other foods. It's a great thing to do, as it slows down your night and lets you have good conversation while you're cooking your food.

Josiah knows EXACTLY where the candies are hidden.

We even opened the kids stockings - although my husband was pushing for the adults to open at least one gift. But we all waiting for the next morning.

Baba and the boys put out chocolate milk and cookies for Frosty the Snowman - who conveniently lives in their backyard *smile*.

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