27 December 2008

[talk: Tuesday - "Nanny & Baba's Christmas Morning"]

Christmas morning at Nanny & Baba's always starts off with the BIGGEST breakfast. And with a little boy asking if it's time to open presents yet. Who are we kidding. There are a few BIG boys asking the same thing ...

No one makes a breakfast like my mom. German pancakes, Land of Nod Cinnamon buns, bacon & sausage, eggs, fruit salad ... need I say more??

Then, after breakfast, it was time to open the presents with the Christmas music in the background and cups of coffee in hand.

My niece read the REAL Christmas story from the book of Luke.

Mattias got a fishtank from Nanny & Baba ... he was CRAZY excited and didn't know what to do with himself.

It was a great, great time. And I can't believe it's over until next year!! But our Christmas was JUST beginning ...

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