31 January 2009

[talk: Business Launch]

WELL – the secret is OUT. After much preparation, my new business, “redhanded photography” has been launched. Please consider this your personal invitation to come visit my new website: www.redhandedphotography.com

Over the last few years, my passion for photography and the capturing of candid moments was something that I thought could only be for me and my family. But after taking photos of other events and having requests from those who have seen my images, I have decided to walk through the door of opportunity and make my services available.

The idea of “redhanded” came from the image I had of capturing missed moments – and being “caught redhanded” in those moments J. My desire is to continue to learn and expand, focusing on events that the images tell the story (such as a birthday party, reunion, baby shower etc ...). I will also be offering my services for weddings and candid-style portraits.

So – if something is coming up and you think “hey – it would be nice to have someone else concentrating on the photo taking” or think that offering my services as a present (for a baby shower, bridal shower, child’s first birthday, soccer championships ... the possibilities are endless) would be a special gift, please feel free to contact myself.

All contact can be done through the website under “contact”.

(Man, why am I sweating as I post this????)


Joanne said...

Congrats, Tawn! Wish you every success on your new venture...you will do fab!!

Canadian Kristin said...

WOW Tania, very cool!
I know that you're love of photos and photography have definitely grown in the past few years. I have noticed your view through the lense changing, becoming warmer, more intimate, truly capturing moments redhanded, rather than just 'snapping the shot'!
Your new website is lovely to look through!
This is a great service and I wish you so much success!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on the launch of your new company! It's very exciting! I enjoyed looking at your website. It's beautiful.

Laura said...

Congrats! Tania, what a wonderful idea, putting your creative talents to work. Your website is fabulous - I will definitely be spreading the word :) All the best to you.

devan said...

Tania! Love the new website!!!