24 February 2009

[baby: Today's Appointment]


We heard the baby's heartbeat today ... and the Doctor thinks that MY dates (being 12 weeks) is correct and the ultrasound dude is not so correct (thinking I'm only 10 weeks). He said if they were right, we wouldn't have been able to hear the heartbeat with his instrument ... but if I was right, we would. And we did.

With every single baby, the ultrasound has been off. Mattias was born at 36.5 weeks (weighing 6.4lbs) and Josiah was born 10 days early (weighing 6.14lb) according to THEIR dates. According to mine, they were early, but not by as much.

I need to be 12 weeks, because my hubby's in a friend's bridal party in London during the dates the ultrasound dude gave me. I'm not worried. Well. Not terribly.

So - here's the poll. The baby's heartbeat was 170 (wow!!!).

What do you think? Boy or girl?


AlisonVeritas said...

ask jacquelyn, she's pretty much always right!

Shawna said...


Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

Girl :)

You're due for a little girl!!!

Candice said...

I say BOY. Rhys needs some little buddies :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Awwwwwwwww......what's better than hearing that precious heartbeat. Happy days... and no more nausea...to you!

170....um....boy?! I never get it right, but I think my boys were high even though the wives' tale says girls are high. 50/50 right?! ;-)

Amanda said...


And I guess this means no London for you. Bummer! BUT you get a new bundle of joy! THAT is a great exchange!

Lisa B. said...


Char said...

GIRL, GIRL, GIRL!!! Says Paige & Char. I am usually wrong but Paige is always right....so lets see!?!

Can't wait to meet you baby. Your Autie Char is going to love and cuddle you tons....

My prayer for you little one, is that you would touch the world in a special way. That even though you are the littlest in your family, you will not be thought of as small, but that you impact would be huge.